22 Best Chrome Extensions for Gamers

Best Chrome Extensions For Gamers

In the modern world, playing games on your Chrome browser is becoming more and more appealing; that’s why we are bringing this article about some of the best chrome extensions for gamers.

Interestingly, this desirability is related to the work done to make gaming on Chrome browsers simpler, faster, and more enjoyable.

This is a valid justification for introducing and updating several Chrome extensions for gamers. This article will look at several excellent Chrome extensions for gamers that every gamer should have and the benefits they will receive from having them.

The default search engine or third-party applications like Gmail and Google Docs typically come to mind when people think of Google Chrome. Not many people are aware of Google Chrome’s extensive library of no-cost in-browser games.

Without much ado, here are the best chrome extensions for gamers. Please read on.

Table of Contents

  1. 2048
  2. Kingdom Rush Frontiers
  3. Gaming News Feed
  4. Sceencastify
  5. King Of Thieves
  6. Entanglement
  7. Tank Riders
  8. Little Alchemy
  9. Cut The Rope
  10. Mahjong Solitaire
  11. Dark Orbits
  12. SparkChess
  13. Boxel Rebound
  14. Ping Pong Pro
  15. Twitch Previews
  16. Robbers In Town
  17. Pocket Tube
  18. KMineSweeper
  19. Happy Friday
  20. Spelunky HTML5
  21. Free Rider HD
  22. Treasure Arena


The ridiculously well-liked number-matching game has a Chrome extension as well. To add identical numbers together in 2048 and eventually obtain the coveted 2048 tile, you must combine like numbers to prevent your board from becoming crowded and having the game end early.

It’s a simple app, but it’s a lot of fun, and it’s challenging and addictive to predict where each tile will go as you slide the board left, right, up, and down.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers

The Chrome web store wouldn’t be complete if there weren’t your stereotypical mythical tower defense game. The idea is straightforward: Construct a ton of towers to ward off the onslaught of evil forces trying to pillage your beloved kingdom.

Each type of tower and enemy is featured in Kingdom Rush Frontiers with unique strengths and weaknesses.

The gameplay is also well-polished, which should appeal to both genre newcomers and veterans. Also, it appears to be quite adorable. This is one of the best chrome extensions for gamers.

Gaming News Feed

You can quickly search for any game with Gaming News Feed’s custom tab, which replaces the standard new tab page. You can find the most recent updates from the provided search engine, regardless of whether it’s an anime game, fully featured action game, or strategy game.

It displays some well-known websites along with the tiles of some global gaming news. Any news tile has a link that you can click to visit the relevant website and read more on the subject.


Let’s say you want to record a browser-based game you are playing on your computer so you can post the gameplay to YouTube or another website.

You have two choices: use the Screencastify extension or a specialized screen recording app. The second option seems more user-friendly and straightforward because only a browser extension needs to be installed.

However, you can record your browser tab, desktop, webcam, and other things for your information. On the other hand, if you register on the official website, you can edit the recording.

King Of Thieves

King of thieves, which is one of the best chromes extensions for gamers, Simple theft is the only objective. Players control their little thieves and direct them through more than 100 single-player platforming levels and an almost infinite number of levels made by other players.

You should install and play this Chrome app immediately because it has an absurd amount of content for one.

Additionally, players can work together to establish guilds, amass wealth, and design challenging levels full of enemies, traps, and covert locks intended to deter would-be thieves.

Additionally, the game gains some personality thanks to the customizable outfits that become available the more treasure you find.


Entanglement by Gopherwood Studios used to be one of the games that Chrome installed by default. Players rotate and arrange etched tiles into a hexagonal grid or other formation without running into a wall to make the longest path possible.

The game has both single-player and multiplayer modes, online and off, and zen-like music that makes you feel like you should be sipping tea or relaxing in a Japanese garden.

It also has online and offline functionality. Although it is straightforward to understand, the level variation provides enough depth to keep you interested.

Tank Riders

You can play Tank Riders on Google Chrome if you want to play a browser-based game. One of the best action and strategy games available in your browser.

While in a location, you can play and raise the level by destroying other tanks. With each level you gain in the game, more tanks are available.

Also, this game’s graphics are pretty good, and you shouldn’t experience any lag while playing at an advanced level. This is one of the best chrome extensions for gamers.

Little Alchemy

Another browser-based game that you can install on the Google Chrome browser is Little Alchemy. Earth, Air, and Water are your starting materials in the game.

Then you can combine them to uncover three items: spaceships, unicorns, and dinosaurs. After that, you can connect additional items to uncover other objects, and the list keeps going.

To make another item, you must combine two or more existing ones. After that, you will add a new object, and so on.

Cut The Rope

Cut the Rope to give candy to cute little Om Nom because he is hankering after some. The popular physics game, one of the best chrome extensions for gamers, has long been popular on mobile devices and is now playable on Chrome.

As new elements and dangers are consistently incorporated into the gameplay, each level and puzzle become progressively more challenging.

Don’t let the cute (yet attractive) graphics fool you; as you earn stars and follow Om Nom further down the virtual rabbit hole, the game can be brutally difficult and frustrating.

Mahjong Solitaire

Similar to traditional solitaire, mahjong solitaire substitutes mahjong tiles for the cards. The solo puzzle game is still essentially the same, despite having undergone minor refinements since it was first created for the computer in the early 1980s.

To remove matching sets of tiles from the stack and finish the puzzle, players must click on matching sets of tiles. Furthermore, the Chrome version shakes things up with various stacking arrangements, tile variations, and possibly sleep-inducing music. Although it’s not particularly difficult, racing against time makes it more difficult.

Dark Orbits

Even though there are many MMOs, dark Orbit is one of the few non-fantasy MMOs that Chrome offers. Also, players take on the role of a space pilot drifting in DarkOrbit rather than a knight, mage, or archer.

The game lets you travel across a sizable portion of space as you search the cosmos for raw materials to upgrade and customize your spaceship.

Also, you can cooperate with other players to complete quests and objectives if you act civilly. Otherwise, you can engage in interstellar combat with your new adversaries in a particular player-versus-player system with excessive strafing and endless firepower.

Take note: Sometimes, being in space can feel a little lonely. This is one of the best chrome extensions for gamers.


Chess has been played for over six centuries as it is now, but its history dates back almost 1,500 years. It’s a test of cunning, cunning, and patience, and now you can play it conveniently in your browser thanks to Chrome’s version of the old game.

For those who want to play against another player, SparkChess 9 includes a multiplayer mode, built-in AI, and quick, fluid animations. It even has Facebook integration and some helpful tips for those who are new to the game.

Boxel Rebound

Due to recent updates that made the final levels even more unbearable, Boxel Rebound is unquestionably one of Chrome’s most impressive auto-runners.

Boxel Rebound is a Chrome-based game with tons of content, including 50 levels, 8 player skins, and even a level editor.

Furthermore, this game’s ability for users to make and share their levels justifies comparisons to Super Mario Maker Lite. Due to the abundance of options and the difficulty level, you’ll alternate between enjoying yourself and becoming frustrated.

Ping Pong Pro

Another browser-based game you can play on your computer is Ping Pong Pro. You can download it as a single-player ping pong game for the Google Chrome browser. You will play against an AI on the right side of the screen, while the left side will be yours. The first person wins the game with five points between you and the AI.

Twitch Previews

One of the most well-known websites for streaming gameplay is Twitch. The absence of a live preview of the video on this website is the only issue, though. To understand what is happening in the video, users must play it.

However, installing the Twitch Preview extension allows you to view what other users are streaming without opening or starting the video. One can obtain an image and a video preview using this extension.

Robbers In Town

The mainstays of the free-to-play browser game market are auto-running platformers, but with just one small change, you can improve these games.

In the video game Robbers in Town, you take control of two different criminals who are trying to flee from a nearby bank while carrying a stash of cash.

Directional arrows must control the first and second robbers to avoid obstacles and steal more money. This is one of the best chrome extensions for gamers.

Pocket Tube

You can add the YouTube extension PocketTube to the Google Chrome browser. It performs several tasks related to YouTube so that you can better manage the playlist and subscribers.

For instance, you can remove the playlist link in TV mode and hide grouped channels from the sidebar of the subscriptions list on YouTube. Also, to use this extension, you must first open the website.


KMineSweeper is among your best options if you enjoy playing simple, vintage games. Although KMineSweeper appears straightforward, playing it online requires some prior experience. To complete a level and win the game, just like in the classic Microsoft XP version of MineSweeper, you must click on the blocks that don’t contain any mines.

Happy Friday

An orange monster creature is chased by red monster creatures while eating donuts in Happy Friday. It’s a quick-paced, free game with simple controls that anyone can play.

Although this game doesn’t require much strategy, to progress through the levels and battle the red monsters, you will need to avoid obstacles and learn how to use your surroundings.

You have two options: stay upright so you can jump or turn into a ball to move faster and fit through tubes and pipes. This is one of the best chrome extensions for gamers.

Spelunky HTML5

You can find an 8-bit Indiana Jones adventure complete with bullwhips, snakes, and more in the cult classic Spelunky HTML5.

In essence, you assist Spelunky, a cave diver, in his quest to find gold and his long-lost girlfriend while avoiding booby traps and lethal creatures. The controls are straightforward.

Furthermore, if you lose the game, you don’t start over from the beginning. Instead, the game creates a fresh set of random levels to prevent you from feeling like you are going backward.

Free Rider HD

Free Rider HD is the best ragdoll-based racing game available in the Google Chrome store. The game offers a lot of obstacles to get past, with 80 distinct levels, numerous vehicle types, and a ton of achievements to unlock.

However, the game’s active user base is its best feature. Players in Free Rider HD can also design their own intricate 2D racing courses.

At this time, players have created more than 50,000 custom levels that you can use to compete with your friends or on the global leaderboards. Free Rider HD offers a surprising amount of content, especially since you can play it directly in your Chrome browser.

Treasure Arena

With Treasure Arena, up to four friends can engage in a grudge match in the style of vintage arcade games from the past.

Every level is filled with adversaries you and your friends must eliminate while competing to collect the most coins. You can loot treasure chests as you defeat enemies to acquire better tools and gear, giving you a competitive edge over your friends.

This is one of the most fully realized Google Chrome games; few compromises were made when creating Treasure Arena for the accessible platform.

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