15 Best Enjin NFT Games to Play and Earn in 2022

Best Enjin NFT Games

When developing rare commodities in the form of tokens or other collectibles, these best Enjin NFT games frequently leverage the ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards.  

Because the Ethereum blockchain is unchangeable and open to all, this creates the concept of a “multiverse” in which game items from one game can be utilized in another.

Furthermore, Enjin is a robust blockchain gaming platform that allows you to mint limited-edition items with Ethereum and the Enjin coin.  

Furthermore, Enjin and its ecosystem are likely to experience the next cycle of exponential expansion with the advent of Efinity, which is more akin to the Internet of NFTs.  

Additionally, the native token, $ENJ, has increased by 1200 percent since the start of the year, and the Efinity token, $EFI, has risen by 405 percent since its inception this year.  

Is there any project token on the Enjin ecosystem with such enormous potential? When will they be available? How can you be a part of them?

That and more will be revealed in this post. Here are the best Enjin NFT games to play and earn.  

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1. Kingdom Karnage

Kingdom Karnage is a virtual Trading Card Game in which the game’s assets are tokenized and injected with Enjin Cryptocurrency, with NFTs being able to be withdrawn.  

In addition, the gaming platform transforms the traditional card game into a digital experience. Additionally, this is made feasible by the use of cutting-edge technologies.  

This game appeals to us since it allows you to collect digital cards and exchange them with other players. Characters, Campaigns, Dungeons, PvP, Card Rarities, and platforms are part of Kingdom Karnage’s crucial ecosystem. 

Furthermore, the STEAM platform has over 20 reviews. It is an excellent game that is easy to master and a great NFT game. However, everything will be fine-tuned because the game is still in development. 

2. Space Misfits

Space misfit is one of the best Enjin NFT games to play and earn right now, and it is the second game to mention. Space Misfits is a 3D multiplayer space game powered by Enjin blockchain technology that you may play for free.  

Players can go to new worlds, compete for scarce resources, develop their fleet, and make a fortune in space by exploring new worlds. Additionally, this is a free-to-play game that requires a Windows PC. 

Furthermore, Players can earn BITs (in-game currency) in the marketplace. They can earn BITs by trading or hunting down NPCs. However, they will be able to trade their BITs for ERC 20 tokens that can be sold on an exchange in the future. 

3. 9 Lives Arena

Touchhour, Inc. is working on a one vs. 1 PvP role-playing game called 9 Lives Arena. According to the creator, 9 Lives Arena will have unique elements such as eternal death, account progression, and mobile-controlled crafting assistance.  

It will also include a “blueprint”-crafted in-game equipment. Furthermore, Enjin Coin will back these designs live on a blockchain network.  

Because of the aesthetics in its pre-release gameplay trailer, 9 Lives Arena has earned notoriety in the blockchain gaming world. However, it’s also gotten some attention for Enjin Coin, a prominent gaming cryptocurrency. 

4. Age Of Rust

Age of Rust is a puzzle game set in a gloomy sci-fi future where artificial intelligence has taken over the galaxy. Users can visit various locations, hunt for clues, and solve challenging puzzles to uncover the road forward in this game.  

We enjoy Age of Rust because extraordinary in-game things may be unlocked via cards. Meanwhile, It’s also worth mentioning that this game supports a list of Enjin multiverse tokens. In addition, a “Gold Card” token, which is the last light and origin card, is also included.  

The Origin card is the Age of Rust community founder token, unlocking all future games and game tokens. Furthermore, the gold tokens also give you access to a particular Discord channel where you may see early photos, developer information, and other game-related information. 

5. Hololoot

Next on our list of best Enjin NFT games to play and earn is Hololoot. Because AR NFTs are a new category, Holollot has enormous potential, as producers currently lack a scalable option for creating these types of NFTs.  

According to the company’s whitepaper, Hololoot leverages specialized AR technology to develop a no-code AR NFT generator and marketplace, allowing it to earn massive commissions.  

Furthermore, VeVe, a maker of handcrafted collectibles, is the only company developing AR NFTs. However, replicating Hololoot’s software would be difficult and time-consuming, requiring months.

In addition, the platform will also build its own NFT, which will be linked to the Enjin X marketplace. 

6. Dissolution

Dissolution is a mobile version of the full PC game, emphasizing space mining. Choose your ship, and fly through space while avoiding giant asteroids and harvesting ore. However, keep an eye out for dangerous AI that will attack you if you come too close!  

Put yourself to the test and see how long you can last and how much money you can amass before succumbing to space’s vacuum. In this game, you can utilize your existing Dissolution account.  

Additionally, the money you earn will be credited to your account and can be used to purchase stuff in the PC game.

Furthermore, Ship improvements will be available in the future, so even if you don’t play the PC game, start saving now to be ready when the update comes out. 

7. AlterVerse

AlterVerse is currently in development as a blockchain-based game platform. It comes with Enjin-backed collectible assets, customized game servers, the ACE in-game coin, and the opportunity for server owners to make money by hosting games.  

Limited Edition Game Servers are available for purchase on the AlterVerse platform (LEGS). Furthermore, these are virtual servers, not actual servers. Put another way.  

They aren’t physical computers placed on a rack. Additionally, an AlterVerse “server,” on the other hand, is simply a world built with the AlterVerse world-building tools.

In addition, AlterVerse software placed on PCs or VR systems allows players to connect to these worlds and play games in them. 

8. Containment Corps

Containment Corps is one of the best Enjin NFT Games to play and earn. Nimbus Interactive is working on a team-based first-person shooter and tower defense game called Containment Corps. It includes collectibles backed by Enjin.  

Containment Corps is a strategy game in the manner of “tower defense.” In addition, the player characters are employees of The Corporation, a space exploration organization that is attempting to mine extraterrestrial worlds for minerals.  

Unfortunately for them, the aliens who inhabit this world have different intentions. Furthermore, Aliens will attack the Corporation outpost when the game begins. Invasion forces the players to defend their station. 

9. Forest Knight

Chrono Games is working on Forest Knight, a turn-based RPG strategy game. The developer intends to include Enjin-backed items in the game once released. As a result, it has attracted some interest from the blockchain gaming community.  

Additionally, Forest Knight is a character about whom little is known. Details have been scant, both on the developer’s website and in interviews.  

In addition, Forest Knight is being developed by Chrono Games, a one-person development studio headed by Behfar Iranmanesh. Furthermore, Iranmanesh studied Computer Science at the University of Hamburg, where he learned to program in C#, Java, and Unity 3D. 

10. Lost Relics

Cliff Cawley’s Lost Relics (LR) is a dungeon exploration and battle game. Furthermore, it is currently described as a “pre-alpha” release. However, even at this stage, it is a completely playable game. Enjin Coin backs dungeon loot in Lost Relics.  

Additionally, any blockchain items gathered via FA dungeons can be saved or traded with other players over time.

We’ve played the game a few times over the last few months, and we’re here to share our findings. A free-to-play Explore Mode in Lost Relics does not require an Enjin wallet.  

However, the player will not be able to gain any Enjin-backed loot in this mode. You’ll need to connect an Enjin wallet to the game to acquire collectibles. However, to enter dungeons in Adventurer Mode, you’ll also need some Adventurer Stones. 

11. The 6 Dragons

The six dragons are next on our list of best Enjin NFT games to play and learn. The Six Dragons is a blockchain-based open-world role-playing game currently in development.  

It has a fantasy setting with six wicked dragons (thus the name) that have ruined the Earth and transformed parts of it into dark, ghostly worlds.

Furthermore, the Six Dragons alpha is set to launch in December of this year. The developer has posted a gameplay trailer.

It has the appearance of a typical 3D RPG, with a menu interface and health symbol similar to Guild Wars 2. In the trailer, the game is displayed in first-person.  

However, a later version of the game may allow for third-person play. Furthermore, a lush forest and a marsh are shown in the trailer, and several log cabins are nearby.

Additionally, the player character enters a teleporter that appears similar to the “wayshrines” found in GW2 or Elder Scrolls: Online. 

12. Shield Of Shalwend

Enigma Games’ Shield of Shalwend, an Enjin-backed action RPG, has a new trailer showing the game’s gameplay. Furthermore, a medieval figure fights waves of monsters while equipping equipment from a menu in the latest trailer.

The game is billed as “a story of bravery, adventure, and humor in the trailer.” It has a single-player mode and a “local PvP” mode.  

Shalwend, Brightblayde, and Danjirus are the three playable characters in Shield of Shalwend. Following the selection of a character, the player is attacked by waves of elf assailants.

As the player defeats each wave, he is rewarded with ranks that increase his respect among the Norse gods.  

Additionally, Players can equip weapons and armor in between waves that provide particular perks when “charged” by killing foes.

Furthermore, for example, the Piraeus War Shield may be charged by slaying 50 elves and can call war gods. 

13. War Of Crypta

War of Crypta is also one of the best Ejin NFT games to Earn and play. It is a real-time fighting game with collectible characters from ENJ.

War of Crypto is another name for it as it was once known. Furthermore, War of Crypta is now available for iOS for beta testing and coming soon for Android.  

In addition, Heroes are the names given to the War of Crypta characters. There are six different types of heroes: common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, and unique. There are ten distinct types of heroes to choose from.  

Each class is particularly effective against one of the others while being particularly ineffective against the other.

Furthermore, a Sun-type Hero, for example, will do half damage to an Ocean or Stone-type Hero. However, twice as much as a Frost, Mech, or Nature-type Hero. 

14. Wavelings

Wavelings was set in a hypothetical future society in which blockchain technology has cured disease and famine.

Furthermore, Wavelings users can acquire or purchase land parcels in the game world. Within the Ethereum network, these land plots are fully tradeable tokens.  

Meanwhile, Players will be able to use their land to farm resources, advertise real-world products, and distribute NFTs. 

Each participant in Wavelings will begin the game by selecting a big organization to join. This choice will impact the player character’s friends and enemies.  

Although the game world is essentially a utopia, players will discover that humanity has found a method to conflict with one another. Furthermore, each player character will be a cybernetically upgraded monster linked to a valuable network.  

However, players will use complicated and unusual mechanisms like jetpacks, nano-tech mending kits, hoverboards, stress indices, and arena robot combat to travel this world and gain collectible goods.  

15. Azure Heroes

Last on our list of best Enjin NFT games to play and earn is the Azure Heroes. In order to honor the 6th International Day of Women and Girls in Science, the little mini-game involves researching and learning about female scientists and some technical documentation from Microsoft’s knowledge library.  

The activities are straightforward, and once completed, they illustrate the Enjin Beam airdrop functionality. After scanning a QR code with the Enjin Wallet, we were rewarded with a Learn Badger in a space outfit.  

Players will be able to unlock a new “mission” within the MyMetaverse Minecraft server if they collect enough NFTs while playing the game. The EnjinCraft plugin in the popular game allows users to spawn Microsoft Azure heroes. 

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