31 Best Puzzle Games for PS4 to Play in 2022

Best Puzzle Games for PS4

This article will discuss some of the best PS4 Puzzle games. Puzzle games are a terrific way to have fun while exercising your brain.

The PlayStation 4 may not have many puzzle alternatives, but it compensates with high-quality games.

You can assist a mouse on a vast adventure, explore a puzzle-packed island, and even explore a military facility filled with monochromatic threats. 

Some of the top mind-benders for PlayStation 4 are included below for those willing to test their intelligence, problem-solving skills, reflexes, and wit.

In many situations, puzzles and platformers go hand in hand. Therefore, you’ll find a few of some of the best PS4 puzzle-based games.

Please read on as we discuss some of the best PS4 puzzle games.

The Witness

This game will not disappoint you if you are genuinely passionate about making your neurons operate.

It’s also ideal for backseat gaming, as having another human with you will not only assist you in solving the riddles but will also help you maintain your sanity during your darkest hours.

With Braid, Jonathan Blow turned puzzle games on their heads, and with Furthermore, the Witness on PS4, he’s done it all over again.

It’s a game traveling from point A to point B via countless mazes on a mystery island covered with screens.

The genius of its design is how it teaches you a language of rules and symbols without using words; all you have to do now is apply what you’ve learned.

As you know more, expect countless ah-ha moments and secrets galore. Also, this was a fantastic game.

The Talos Principle

The Talos Principle, possibly the most sophisticated and lengthy title in the category, continues the infinite trend of philosophical puzzlers.

This first-person puzzler by Croteam will take you on a tour of breathtaking ancient civilization ruins. You’ll be tasked with completing progressively tricky riddles to collect “sigils” and uncover the truth about the mysterious virtual universe.

This is one of the best puzzle games for the PS4 that you shouldn’t miss.

Inside+ Limbo

Combining two games into a single submission may appear to be a bit of a cop-out.

Both are punishing side-scrolling games that need you to solve intricate riddles on the fly to avoid being captured by demon-like beings or the authorities of a dystopian society.

Whereas Limbo has one of the most creepy and terrifying atmospheres in the genre, Indie has stunning visuals and intriguing views.

Furthermore, you’ll fail, die, and repeat so many times that it may be considered a gaming mechanic no matter which one you choose.

Also, don’t be too hard on yourself; keep going until you reach the finish line. Then you can move on to the next one!


Carto is a charming puzzle adventure game about a young cartographer returning to her home. The game’s core draw is the ability to open the in-game map, change and shift the terrain’s layout, and then explore the freshly rearranged landscape.

Also, you’ll need to do this to overcome numerous environmental puzzles and assist a cast of endearing characters on their adventures.

This lighthearted game doesn’t linger too long and provides a relaxing puzzle experience. Without a doubt, this is one of the best puzzle games for the PS4.


Inside is set in a universe of dark colors. The environment is dominated by pitch black and blue-gray, with only a few pops of color to add depth.

Inside is a 2D platforming puzzle game that is a follow-up to Limbo. You’ll break into a military base early in the game, and things only become weirder as the adventure progresses.

Furthermore, the game’s mechanics have been pared down to make it as simple as possible. You have one button for jumping, another for interacting with the environment, and one for moving through each stage. Also, You’ll need to use various techniques to solve the riddles you come across.


Here’s an unusual puzzle game for you to play. You play as three separate musical instrument entities in Kine, and it’s your responsibility to guide them through grid-based levels so they can create a band.

The cel-shaded graphics and jazzy soundtrack give this game a distinct look, and the gameplay, while simple at first, quickly becomes incredibly difficult.

The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian’s graphic style immediately transports you to another universe. It’s as magical as hazardous, with soft greys and greens, towering ruins, and decay.

The game’s goal is to escape the ruins with the help of your bird-dog companion, Trico, and the ruins you run through are an essential aspect of the game.

You must solve puzzles and determine which pieces of the environment may be climbed on, jumped across, or destroyed.

Only the child you control and Trico, a massive bird-dog beast trapped inside the ruins, are real characters in this game.

When you first meet him, Trico isn’t in a good mood, and he’s on the verge of becoming a voracious beastie.

However, as you progress through the game, he transforms into your most devoted guardian and companion, and without his assistance, neither of you would be able to leave the ruins.

Furthermore, What The Last Guardian excels at, it excels at. However, several flaws prevent this game from being perfect.

You never have complete control of Trico, which might be an issue because you rely on him to solve many riddles. Knowing how to solve a challenge but being unable to do so because your companion refuses to cooperate is highly aggravating.

Similarly, the camera angles are sometimes wrong, and Trico’s massive feathery frame frequently obstructs the screen.

Untitled Goose Game

For those who play Untitled Goose Game just for the laughs, calling it a “puzzler” may seem weird.

Given the complexity of some of the titular goose’s antics, that’s precisely what it is.

The game, developed by House House, combines puzzle and stealth aspects, then wraps it all up in an attractive graphic style evocative of a children’s book.

However, the “adorable” aspect ends there. Furthermore, your feathered criminal is ruthless, creating havoc and spoiling everyone’s day with no regard for ordinary decency.

Bridge Constructor

We never expected the Bridge Constructor series to intersect with Valve’s Portal, but here we are. The combination is surprisingly good, and it has you erecting structures over enormous chasms before deploying the iconic orange and blue gateways.

It transforms into a physics-based puzzler that encourages you to think outside the box with your bridge designs. Furthermore, if you haven’t seen GLaDOS in a while, her humorously insulting commentary will bring a smile to your face.


GNOG is a quirky yet delightful puzzle game. You’re given a monster’s head in each stage, and all you have to do is poke around and see what happens. Each stage isn’t difficult to complete, but they’re all beautifully colored and packed with fun tiny interactions.

It’s too bad it ends abruptly because it’s continuously charming throughout. With PSVR support, you’ll be able to see it from a whole new angle.


We’ll forgive you if you’ve never heard of Roundguard, but it’s worth a shot. It’s an odd combination of Peggle-style gameplay with rogue-like characteristics.

That mix works remarkably well – you pick a character with distinct qualities and progress through a randomly generated dungeon, but the gameplay is eerily similar to the PopCap classic.

This one is addictive and challenging, and it could keep you occupied for a long time.

Unravel 2

Unravel modified the standard physics-based platformer formula by placing you in charge of a spool of yarn.

Yarny was a red bundle that could traverse each level by running, jumping, swinging, and rappelling. With Unravel 2, a second Yarny can now join the shenanigans in blue or other hues.

While You can play the second game alone, it is significantly more enjoyable when played with a friend.

Unravel 2 is a co-op game that requires more than two bodies running across the screen side by side. This is one of the best puzzle games for the PS4.

Although there are no new gameplay elements, the game has been fine-tuned for two players. Both on and off-screen, the puzzles you encounter require actual cooperation.

Because exact timing is necessary to finish problems, you must interact with your companion off-screen.

There is a robust hint system to assist you if you get stuck, but trial and error is the best way to figure out what happens next.

Furthermore, this translates to one player holding yarn while the other rappels, swings, create bridges, etc.

Tricky Towers

In a nutshell, Tricky Towers is a physics-based Tetris game. Of course, there’s more to it, but you can already imagine the turmoil.

When you have to consider weight and balance, building a tower becomes much more difficult, but things quickly get out of hand when you add in additional power-ups and character skills.

Multiplayer is the way to go, but you may also put your abilities to the test in a single player. This is one of the best Puzzle games for PS4.

The Turing Test

The Turing Test presents a gripping story and puts your brain cells to work with its challenging puzzles. It is named after the renowned test established by mathematician Alan Turing to discover intelligent behavior in machines.

Not to mention the strange narrative mysteries that it contains. The game features Ava Turing, an International Space Agency engineer who is awoken from cryo-sleep to solve a crisis at a neighboring research station.

Furthermore, the puzzles revolve around rerouting energy around the facility and clearing “tests” left by an unknown third party.

Peggle 2

Peggle is a modern classic, regardless of who you are, and the PS4 sequel is just as brilliant. Launch a ball into a level loaded with colored pegs and watch it ping-pong about, collecting points and avoiding obstacles.

Also, it’s fulfilling but straightforward, and it’s impossible to be unhappy when a game as joyfully celebrates victory as this one does. Make Peggle 2 a part of your life.


It’s all about perspective in Superliminal. Faraway objects are genuinely within reach – they’re just tiny. It’s a fascinating topic explored throughout the game’s brief levels.

There’s a comical and surprisingly heartwarming story at the center of this game, which Portal influences. But it’s the game’s one-of-a-kind fundamental mechanic that pulls everything together.

Give this one a try if you’re looking for a new take on first-person puzzles. Furthermore, this is one of the best puzzle games for the PS4.

Tetris Effect

You can’t beat a classic now and again, and Tetris Effect is one of the best renditions of this time-honored game.

This fantastic rendition, which is playable on PSVR or your TV, combines the timeless gameplay with absolutely stellar audiovisual feedback.

Tetris has never been more visually appealing than it is now, and the top-notch music makes it a joy to play repeatedly. This is a terrific way to explore this iconic puzzler, with plenty of optional settings to try.


Tequila Games’ puzzle-platformer excels as much for its visually arresting art style as for the heartfelt story it tells.

You’ll be taken around a beautiful island by a fox-like ghost. Solving challenging puzzles as you figure out what’s going on behind the draperies.

Also, it would be a disservice to the game’s story, which is one of its most appealing aspects. If you plan to finish it, I recommend having enough ice cream and Kleenex.


Although the sequel was abandoned when developer Phil Fish retired from game creation entirely, the original indie masterpiece Fez stands as a tribute to his brilliance.

The game’s intricate yet challenging gameplay is the primary selling point. Despite your character’s existence in a two-dimensional plane, you’ll have to rotate the three-dimensional environments to access new platforms and solve various challenges.

Return Of The Obra Dinn

A typical murder investigation involves only one victim, but what if you were given the duty of investigating the deaths of 60 people? This is exactly what you’ll be doing in this fantastic title.

You board the titular Obra Dinn with nothing but a record book and a time-traveling pocket watch, and you must use visual clues and freeze frames.

And bits of speech to figure out what happened to the entire crew. It’s an intriguing game that tells a tragic story piece by piece in a graphical style reminiscent of old Mac games. This is one of the best Puzzle games for PS4.


Statik is one of the best puzzle games for PS4. You’ll find yourself chained to a chair with your hands stuck within a series of mystery boxes inside a terrifying research laboratory.

Furthermore, it’s up to you to figure out how to solve each challenge by experimenting with your DualShock 4 controller and looking at the virtual area. Unfortunately, it’s a fantastic puzzler that comes to an end far too soon.


QUBE 2 is another game influenced by Portal, yet it manages to forge its path with its gameplay mechanisms.

To clear each chamber, you’ll need to control various cubes by altering their colors, providing them with multiple properties.

It’s one of those games that manages to do a lot with a little, taking a basic notion and layering on more and more ideas. Also, if you’re experiencing Portal withdrawal symptoms, look no further.

The Sexy Brutale

This game has a strange name for an uncommon game, but don’t overlook it. The Sexy Brutale uses a Groundhog Day-style framework in which you must solve a sequence of murders while the same day repeats itself.

That may sound cliched, but it’s somewhat intelligent. You can carefully piece together each mystery by anticipating when and where things happen, and it’s accomplished masterfully. If you’re searching for something unusual, you should check this out.

Human: Fall Flat

If the previous puzzler is too grim for you, I recommend No Brakes Games’ Human: Fall Flat, which will make you laugh out loud.

You’ve almost certainly seen footage of this game, thanks to its popularity among notable YouTubers.

It puts you and your buddies in charge of boneless blob-people and asks you to solve a series of environmental puzzles together.

Furthermore, these riddles appear to be relatively straightforward at first look. However, the odd controls and the characters’ jelly-like quality will have you failing miserably(and hilariously) at even the most basic tasks.

The Swapper

Every character and feature in this award-winning puzzle platformer appears to have been molded in clay.

The result is stunning, with stunning visual effects and lighting. The game’s mechanics concentrate on creating clones of yourself and transferring your consciousness back and forth to solve various complex problems ranging from simple to “I-need-to-Google-this.”

Also, this gaming mechanic is at the heart of the tale, which is peppered with psychological and moral dilemmas.

Keep Talking, and Nobody Explode

One player controls a virtual reality bomb while others watch a complicated instruction manual on the TV in this clever PSVR game.

Because they can’t see the explosive and you can’t see the information, you’ll have to work together to solve these dangerous puzzle boxes. It’s a fantastic concept, a great example of PSVR multiplayer, and one of the best puzzle games for the PS4.


Amanita Design, the creators of Machinarium, made a triumphant return to PlayStation with Creaks, and the wait was well worth it.

This 2D puzzler is simple in that it only allows for a few interactions, yet what it achieves with those features rapidly becomes the centerpiece of a unique experience.

Stunning visuals and auditory clues give the strange and lovely world underneath the protagonist’s bedroom weight.

At the same time, the puzzles themselves are clever and committed to innovating every chance they get. When it comes to PS4 brain teasers, you won’t do much better than Creaks.

Puyo Puyo Tetris 2

Two of the best arcade puzzle games ever mashed together? Although it shouldn’t work, Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 brilliantly blends the two games in this mash-up sequel.

There are various ways to play both games in this snappy game, but when it combines Puyo Puyo and Tetris, things become insane—trying to make Puyo chains while making lines of blocks?

It’s a brilliant work of art that puzzle fans will enjoy. Furthermore, this is one of the best puzzle games for the PS4.

Puyo Puyo Champion

Puyo Puyo Champions is a puzzle game for genuine puzzle fans. SEGA’s arcade puzzle classic returns in this straightforward release, allowing players to indulge in blob-dropping and Puyo-chaining fun. This is a challenging puzzle game for mega-fans.

With several rulesets from the series’ history to master and super-competitive online multiplayer to master.

Outer Wilds

Outer Wilds can make this list because it’s essentially one giant puzzle for you to solve. You’ll experience the same 20-odd minutes repeatedly in a star system caught in a time loop.

Slowly putting together what’s going on and how to avoid a world-ending calamity. It’s an inventive, well-designed game that will make you appear like the Always Sunny Pepe Silvia meme in the most significant way possible.

Manifold Garden

Manifold Garden is a psychedelic experience with some mind-blowing sights, but it’s a first-person puzzler at its core. While the whimsical presentation will pique your interest, the gravity-based puzzles.

You must carry cubes to specified doors to proceed, which makes this a game. Also, it’s not difficult, but it’s a delightful, short-but-sweet experience.

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