12 Best Escape Room Games for VR

Best Escape Room Games For VR

This article discusses some of the best escape room games for VR. The modest escape room puzzle game is maybe one of the most prevalent genres found among the variety of VR games.

Puzzle games are a natural fit for VR because they are an immersive platform with so much interactive potential.

Because puzzle games have become a fixture of all VR platforms, we’ve compiled a list of the greatest puzzle games accessible on each.

Only a few games are exclusive to one platform, and some are available on multiple platforms. Check out some of the best escape room games for VR.

The Gallery – Episode 1: Call of the Star Seed is a puzzle game combining elements of a mystery and an escape room. Your mission in Call of the Star Seed is to locate your missing sister.

Also, you begin on a mysterious island and work through a succession of audio cassette tapes left by your sister. Its creators describe the game as a “built-for-VR game inspired by gloomy ’80s fantasy flicks” by its creators.

With its creepy island-based science lab premise, this game is reminiscent of Lost’s television show. Throughout the book, there are numerous logic puzzles.

One of the reasons HTC Vive chose this game as one of its content bundle picks is the attention to detail in the settings, which produces an incredible sense of immersion.

Furthermore, The entire game appears to be well-thought-out and polished. The virtual reality teleportation features are fantastic, especially for those with limited VR play space. This is a must-have title if you enjoy VR puzzles and adventure games.

The game’s settings are lush and beautiful, and the backpack inventory mechanism is how adventure games should handle inventories in the future.

2. I Expect You To Die

When you were a young kid, did you ever pretend to be James Bond or another renowned secret agent? 007 is constantly thrown in difficult situations that appear to assure his death. Yet, he always manages to escape, thanks to his cleverness.

I Expect You To Die is a virtual reality puzzle game that takes the whole secret agent caught in a trap plot concept and turns it into a fun game.

You take on the role of a telekinetic covert agent. Your goal is to bring down a shady weapons and pharmaceutical company.

In one of the scenarios, you’re in a luxury Bond-style gadget-filled automobile that’s flying. Your mission is to start the car and get it out of the plane to get off the plane. Also, there are rockets involved as a bonus (or spoiler).

This game is for you if you enjoy solving riddles as if your life depended on it. This is one of the best escape room games for VR.

3. Obduction

If you’ve ever wondered what happened to the creators behind Myst, one of the most well-known puzzle adventure games of all time, wonder no longer. Obduction was the project that the team was working on.

Cyan, the studio behind the cult classic Myst, has released another fantastic puzzle game designed just for virtual reality. “The spiritual heir to Myst and Riven,” according to some, is Obduction.

This is a large-scale escape room game with puzzles throughout. You’re not just attempting to get out of a room; you’re trying to return to your home planet.

However, unlike many other puzzle games, Obduction is designed to take more than an hour or two to complete. Some reviewers estimated it took them about two and a half days to finish.

4. Fantastic Contraption

Fantastic Contraption might be right up your alley if you prefer hands-on physics puzzle games that make you feel like an inventor and a pit crew member at the same time.

Also, Fantastic Contraption is a fun puzzle game with many characters and levels to keep you entertained.

The primary principle of the game is to create an invention that will allow you to transfer a puzzle piece from point A to point B.

Between points A and B, the terrain could be an elevation, a flight of stairs, or any other wacky possibilities.

You’ll need to design a simple machine to get your puzzle piece through the terrain obstacle. However, you’re given a variety of machine pieces, some of which work as motors, wheels, or add support to other parts.

When you think you’ve created the ideal machine, test it by pressing the play button. If it does, that’s fantastic; on to the next step. If it doesn’t, you’ll have to go back to the drawing board to fine-tune your machine and try again.

Furthermore, this puzzle game is ideal for people of all ages who enjoy being creative. The developer included a level editor to allow users to create user-generated content.

Users can download and play levels other players create, increasing the game’s replay value. This is one of the best escape room games for VR.

5. A Fisherman’s Tale

Innerspace has created a brief yet immensely charming puzzle game called A Fisherman’s Tale. While it’s on the shorter side, the clever puzzles will have you racking your brains until you finally reach that rewarding ‘a-ha’ moment.

A Fisherman’s Tale was nominated for Best PSVR Game/Experience, Best Quest Game/Experience, Best PC VR Game/Experience, and Overall Best VR Of 2019 in our Best of VR 2019 Awards.

6. The Room VR: A Dark Matter

The Room’s most recent edition is also the first in virtual reality. This isn’t a smartphone or PC port; The Room VR: A Dark Matter was built from the bottom up for virtual reality.

Fireproof hasn’t lost its penchant for exceptionally creative and imaginative challenges in the change. This is one of the best escape room games for VR.

7. Conductor

The conductor is made by the same people who made Abode, another puzzle game on this list. A conductor is more of a puzzle-adventure game than Abode, which is a good but short escape room game.

A conductor is a game with numerous destinations and a unique playing mechanic that involves driving a train to the following location.

A gravity cannon, which you can use to move items around or grab onto things and bash them into walls to disable them, is also included in the game.

Instead of showy photorealism, Conductor uses lo-fi graphics. Also, the decision is logical because it allows you to concentrate on the puzzle tasks and provides a less resource-intensive game.

8. Statik

Take the popular fidget cubes and turn them into intricate puzzles, then throw in a portal-style lab atmosphere, and you’ve got Statik for PS VR.

This game is only available on PS VR, and for a good reason: it was built to utilize nearly every button on the DualShock 4 controller.

In Statik, you play as a test subject in a lab, tasked with solving problems tied to your hands. You can rotate the problem to almost any angle to see puzzle elements on both sides. Also, you must solve the puzzle by trial and error and rely on clues you can find in your surroundings.

Furthermore, The game adds a touch of tension and distraction in the guise of scientists who appear to be scrutinizing your every move and recording notes on their clipboards as you try to solve the challenge.

You have no idea what they’re looking for or what the experiments are for, but the whole thing makes you feel like a guinea pig and a little paranoid.

9. Abode

Abode is a character-driven indie puzzle game. Although it is a short title with only one chamber to escape from, the pricing reflects this.

Also, the abode is a well-known escape room game. Solve several riddles to uncover keys and other items that will help you solve different puzzles until you receive a code that will allow you to escape the room. Most riddles aren’t tricky, but they’re entertaining and need some thought.

Although the graphics are low-res, the game is primarily about the puzzles, which Abode excels at. The game is a brief yet enjoyable experience. This is one of the best escape room games for VR.

10. Nevrosa: Prelude

If you enjoy puzzle games with a healthy dosage of horror, Nevrosa: Prelude is a must-play. Nevrosa is so frightening that it doesn’t need to use cheap jumpscares. This game gives you a creepy feeling.

While most escape room puzzle games do not place you in any simulated physical peril, Nevrosa: Prelude introduces the aspect of this puzzle-could-actually-hurt-me to its escape room game. It reminds me of the Saw films.

Nevrosa: Prelude is an entirely free game. As the title implies, this is an intro, not a full-fledged game. The free trial is meant to pique your interest in the entire game. If you dare, download Nevrosa: Prelude.

11. Belko VR: An Escape Room Experiment

Movie tie-in games are notoriously bad. Surprisingly, The Belko VR game is quite good for a movie tie-in game.

It’s not a game for youngsters, and given the idea, it’s unlikely that adults will find it enticing, but it’s an intriguing escape room game that links in neatly with the notion of the film The Belko Experiment, for which it’s titled.

A 15-minute timer is included in this escape room game. Also, You’ll die if you don’t finish the goal in that time. The timer adds to the tension by instilling a sense of urgency and turning the game into a puzzle/escape room that gets your heart racing.

12. The Curious Tale Of The Stolen Pets

The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets is like a charming puzzle game that makes you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. It’s one of the newer puzzle games on the list.

In a puzzle game that “makes you giggle, makes you grin, and at times makes you feel brilliant and creative,” you’ll travel through little diorama-style environments.

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