15 Best Games Like Roads to Rome

Best Games Like Roads to Rome

There are plenty of enjoyable games like the roads to Rome you should try after roads to Rome. Realore created and released Roads of Rome, a freemium strategy, adventure, and single-player simulation game.  

Additionally, the game is set in an undiscovered area complete with secrets and dangers. In addition, the player’s goal is to develop his road network to the outer reaches of the Roman Empire.  

Furthermore, the game is a fantastic blend of time management and strategy, allowing the player to pursue a romantic love story, explore barbarian regions, and complete a variety of obstacles to win.  

According to the game’s plot, the Victorious, a brave and commanding Roman general, falls in love with Caesar’s daughter and wishes to marry her. On the other hand, Caesar has a very different plan for his daughter. 

The Caesars dispatched Victorius to build a vast road network around barbarian areas, locate new towns, and increase Roman dominance. The player can assume the Victorious character and embark on a quest to win the love of his life.  

Furthermore, the player has a few resources at the start of the game that he can use to expand his area. As the user progresses, they will be able to access more content.  

Additionally, Roads of Rome includes four different mini-games and addicting gameplay, a fascinating tale, and stunning visuals.

Well, some of the best Games like Roads to Rome;

1. Build Roads

Platforms: iOS, Android 

The game plot is about a town in grave danger. The city is in danger! The roads are wrong, and the traffic is horrible. Additionally, the mayor has hired you to construct and maintain all of the city’s roadways! \ 

Take advantage of this opportunity to renovate your company’s headquarters and earn a lot of money! The most basic road-building simulator is now available! 

2. Tower Inc

Platforms: Android, iOS 

The tower is one of the best games Like roads to Rome, you should be playing right now. In this minimalist twist on the tower management construction genre, you’ll create and run your corporate tower.  

Adding services and utilities while balancing finances will satisfy the expectations of corporate tenants and keep them pleased. Additionally, build and manage your skyscraper according to your preferences. 

3. Tropico

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, macOS 

PopTop Software’s Tropico is an Addictive, Strategy, Construction and Management, City Building, Sandbox, and Single-player Simulation. Additionally, the game is a blend of RTS and simulation components with a dash of politics thrown in for good measure.  

However, you can command a city and its inhabitants in this game. Assume the position of the Ruler and fight against corruption, rebels, and poverty to make people happy or boost the strength of the military to defend your city.  

Meanwhile, make your island attractive, collect resources, battle terrorism, and assassinate terrorists to save your people. 

4. Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom

Platforms: Android, iOS, Linux, Microsoft Windows, macOS.  

Majesty is one of the best games like Roads to Rome you should be playing right now. Cyberlore Studios’ Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim is a city-building, real-time strategy, single-player, and multiplayer video game. The player begins with the undeveloped territory.  

Meanwhile, his primary goal is to explore the area to harvest necessary resources (Gold, Stone, and Food) and construct structures units and enlist armed forces.

Additionally, the player can train his army to build towers around his bases to protect his territory from attacking creatures in this game.  

Moreover, it has several stages that feature unique and challenging gameplay. After constructing his area, the game allows the player to expand his territory by attacking other adversaries or players’ castles. 

5. Jewels Of Rome: Diamond

Platforms: iOS, Android.  

Jewels of Rome transports you to Ancient Rome! To be restored to its former splendor, a struggling settlement in a secluded yet lovely region needs your help.  

Additionally, play thousands of match-3 levels, meet intriguing characters, follow the gripping plot, and transform this small village into a gigantic Roman metropolis! Additionally, this game is a one-of-a-kind and epic blend of city-building and match-3, with a plot full of twists and turns,  

Mediterranean culture, and an immersive and lively Ancient Rome backdrop. You’ve been appointed prefect of a complex settlement in the Roman Empire’s farthest reaches. 

6. Blocky Roads

Platforms: Android, IOS 

In this unusual blocky adventure game like roads to Rome, you will hop in your car and explore verdant hills, snowy mountains, and desert sands! Additionally, your farm was ripped up by the tornado and scattered worldwide.  

Collect the missing pieces to bring the farm back to life! Select one of the nine cars or create your own from the ground up!

After track three is completed, the car editor becomes available! “Blocky Roads is a fantastic physics racer with a well-tuned, unexpectedly powerful engine hidden beneath its blocky chassis.” 

7. Roads Of Rome: Portals

Platforms: iOS, Android, macOS, PC 

When a violent storm hits a group of brave Roman soldiers and workmen returning from yet another military expedition, their ship crashes onto the rocky shore of an isolated island.  

However, they rapidly learn that there’s more to the island than meets the eye as they discover a mysterious portal concealed inside an ancient cave, forcing them to choose between certain death on the island and stepping into the unknown.  

Furthermore, in this fast-paced Time Management game, it’s up to you to help the heroic Romans find their way home by creating settlements, clearing paths, and conquering their adversaries for the glory of Rome!

Furthermore, this is a particular Collector’s Edition release with goodies you won’t find in the standard edition. 

8. Total War

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS 

Total War: SHOGUN 2 is a single and multiplayer Real-Time Strategy, Turn-based Tactics computer game developed by Feral Interactive and published by Sega. It is also one of the best games you should check out on roads to Rome.  

Furthermore, It’s the next edition in the Total War series, set in the ancient land of Japan around the 16th century. The player can take on the roles of protagonist, clan head, and campaign general.

Additionally, the game allows the player to build military units, govern his land and troops, and fight formidable enemy creatures to dominate the globe. 

9. 12 Labour of Hercules XIII: Wonder-Ful Builder

Platforms: iOS, Android 

With 12 Labours of Hercules XVIII: Wonder-ful Builder, Jetdogs Studios introduces an exciting new chapter in the Hercules mythology! When the residents of Rhodes require assistance, who can they turn to? Of course, Hercules!  

After all, no one doubted Hercules’ strength to construct a statue large enough to honor Helios, but no one expected him to be such a skilled craftsman.

Additionally, Join Hercules on his new journey to construct the Seven Wonders of the World, but beware of Hades, Charon, and the Minotaur.  

They all have their motives for wanting to stop Hercules and destroy everything he’s built! Can you assist Hercules in completing the Seven Wonders of the World, overcoming the challenges, and defeating his foes? 

10. City Island 4

Platforms: PC, macOS 

City island 4 is also one of the best games like Roads to Rome. Creativity developed and published City Island 4, a Free-to-Play, 3D Fantasy-based, Real-time Strategy, City-Building, and Single-player video game.  

The player’s primary goal is to turn a small village into a multi-island megacity. Furthermore, the player takes control of the town’s mayor and attempts to make his citizens happy.  

It will allow the player to explore a new island, expand his city, manage resources, build various structures, and fulfill a variety of tasks to create a beautiful virtual environment. However, it gives the player a wealth of materials to aid him in his gameplay and more stuff to unlock. 

11. Forge of Empire

Platforms: PC, macOS 

InnoGames’ Forge of Empires is a fantastic browser-based, turn-based strategy, city-building, and online multiplayer video game. It is set in a fantasy world and has gameplay similar to Clash of Clans and SimCity.  

Furthermore, the player’s primary goal is to construct and extend his city by adding new structures and upgrading existing ones. Additionally, the user can personalize his town with various objects and decorations.  

The player must build and train soldiers during the game to defend his city and fight off adversaries. By defeating other cities and looting their resources, you can receive rewards. 

12. Cartoon Wars Blade

Platforms: Android, iOS 

Cartoon Wars Blade is a game that blends aspects of arcade, action, fast-paced, and combat games, and it takes ten years after the end of the cartoon war. In this sport, the player can take on the role of a brave army protagonist.  

Furthermore, the player can begin his journey around the planet searching for a remote land. The player must fight a slew of opponents with his weapons and ruin the world to ward off dangerous evil factions during the game.

Additionally, the gameplay consists of various stages, and each level offers a range of challenges to complete.  

After finishing the number of levels, the player can use his experience points to enhance his weaponry. It is also one of the best games like Roads to Rome.  

13. Fury Roads: Survivor

Platforms: Android, iOS 

Select your POST-APOCALYPTIC modified vehicle and drive it through the wastelands’ desolate ruins, avoiding the motorized oil-cultist SCAVENGERS who are hunting for your FUEL… and your flesh! It can only be done by a lunatic! Are you sufficiently enraged? BE CRAZY OR DIE! 

14. Oregon Road Traffic

Platforms: iOS, Android 

Oregon, especially Portland, has live traffic reports and cameras. Make a list of your favorite cameras for easy access. Additionally, a  winter road conditions option and a new dark mode are included in the February 2020 version. 

15. Total War: Napoleon-Definitive Edition

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, macOS 

Total War: Napoleon-Definitive Edition is also one of the best Roads to Rome to play. Total War: NAPOLEON – Definitive Edition is a Feral Interactive turn-based, real-time strategy, military-themed, single-player, and multiplayer simulation game.

It takes place in the North African, European, and Middle Eastern ancient realms.  

The player can take on the character of Napoleon Bonaparte in this game. Additionally, a turn-based geopolitical campaign and real-time tactical warfare are two types of gameplay available in the game.

The player can construct multiple structures, manufacture units, build his armed forces, and develop new technologies in the turn-based geopolitical campaign. 

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