19 Best Hunting Games You Would Love to Play in 2023

Best Hunting Games

Since Duck Hunt initially hit the arcades in 1984, some best hunting games have gone a long way.

The principles of a successful hunting game haven’t changed much since the first coin-operated machine, but the gameplay experience has dramatically improved.

Although hunting video games aren’t as popular as they were 20 years ago, some excellent hunting games are still being created.

Here are some of the best hunting games to play now. whether on mobile, PC, or home consoles like the PlayStation and Xbox.

1. The Hunter

Platform(s): PC, Xbox, PS, Nintendo Switch

The most realistic and long-awaited online hunting game ever produced is now free to play.

Experience the thrill of the hunt in a broad and open-world setting that ranges from the grandeur of the Australian Alps to the spectacular landscapes and scratches of the Alps.

Nevertheless, As a hunter, you can use everything from crossbows to firearms and always be prepared to be in action, much like the real world.

The graphics of these games are highly realistic and appealing.

Furthermore, This gives you the freedom to roam and hunt as you like. In the game, the player can check the availability of various species.

You can also compete with other gamers for survival, just as you would in the real world.

2. Big Hunter

Platform(s): PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch

Big Hunter is a hunting arcade game. And it is one of the best hunting games.

However, You take on the role of a hunter with various weapons and methods at your disposal. It would help if you effectively stopped massive beasts from chasing you backward.

Meanwhile, This is not a deep or realistic hunting game in any way, so don’t hold your breath. It’s a good time killer for brief play sessions at best.

There is, however, a plot, as well as leader boards and other features.

3. Deer Hunter 2018

Platform(s): PC, PS

Deer Hunter 2018 is a mobile hunting game that can be played online. As players hunt various animals and upgrade weaponry and equipment, fans of the long-running Deer Hunter franchise should find it loyal to those roots.

The game is also free (though there are in-app purchases), so beginners to the hunting genre won’t have to spend anything other than their time trying it out.

4. Pro Deer Hunting 2

Platform(s): PC, PS

This is the most anticipated video, and the graphics and sound effects in this game are incredible. Pro Deer Hunting 2 is a recently released video with a hunting and adventure theme.

This is a deer-based game where you can only hunt deer.

Pro deer Hunting 2 is ideal for those who have a strong desire to pursue it. Furthermore, The renowned heritage of realistic deer hunting simulators continues with Pro Deer Hunting 2.

Graphics improvements, a muzzleloading gun, and a climbing tree stand are among the game’s most recent additions.

5. Hunting Simulator

Platform(s): PC, Xbox, PS, Nintendo Switch

Another good and best hunting game are Hunting Simulator. There are nine maps in total, eight guns, 12 total species to hunt down, plus some extra hunting gear such as a decoy caller in the game.

Additionally, The ballistic calculator and wind shift were two of our favorites. It brings a level of depth to the independent hunting game industry that you don’t often see.

The graphics could be better, and there are a few problems, but it’s not a bad game in this genre.

6. Big Buck Hunter Arcade

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox

With everything the banjos and moonshine your redneck cousin could want, this game plays right into stereotypes.

This campy game is aware of its joke and doesn’t let it get in the way of enjoyable gameplay.

The graphics are acceptable but not exceptional. In addition, It may take some adjusting to get the controls to sync the way you want them to, but once you do, it will seem natural.

Despite its lack of depth and narrative, this game is surprisingly addictive. Minigames that test your speed and accuracy keep things exciting and fun to play again and again.

7. Wild Hunt

Platform(s): PC, Nintendo Switch

One of the most popular and best hunting games is Wild Hunt. This one allows you to hunt a variety of wild species.

There are also different maps in different countries, extra complexity with things like rain and wind, and even social gaming elements in the game.

There is no fiction in this game because it features real locales and natural creatures. As with free-to-play games, you accumulate weapons and upgrade them.

In addition, The PvP is strange, and the free-to-play content grate on your nerves after a while. Aside from that, it’s undoubtedly one of the few films in this genre that reaches the pinnacle.

8. Pokemon Go

Platform(s): PC, PS, Xbox, Nintendo Switch

We’ll confess that this one is a bit of a mental stretch. It is, nevertheless, fundamentally a hunting game.

Pokemon Go encourages players to get out into the real world to capture Pokemon, take over gyms, battle other players, and, of course, hunt down and catch them.

This game encourages you to get out of your chair and into the real world. We understand, however, if you’re frustrated by the lack of firearms.

This is a fun game for the whole family, and there are plenty more like it. It won’t scratch your hunting sim itch, though it may if you have to walk outside into nature.

9. BigFoot

Platform(s): PC, PS, Nintendo Switch

This is another fun hunting game for the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. You will have the option of forming a group of pals or going on a solo adventure.

In this game, you can interact with forest wildlife and feel like actual Bigfoot hunters.

Animals must be hunted in a variety of weather situations. Furthermore, You can also catch wild creatures in traps and then kill them.

However, The gamer will discover the footsteps of a variety of animals and the footprints of Bigfoot.

In this game, one thing to keep in mind is that Bigfoot is the most intelligent and reclusive of mysterious creatures.

10. Remington Super Slam Hunting

Platform(s): PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch

Hardcore gamers will not find it complex enough, but it will appeal to families with young adults. The rifle attachment for the Wii can be tricky to set up at first, but it can be a lot of fun once it is.

However, The standard controller is equally effective. The UI is simple to use, and the tempo is just right for both thrill and relaxation.

11. Bass Pro Shops: The Hunt

Platform(s): PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch

Bass Pro Shops is one of the most prominent hunting merchants in the world, and they bring all of their brand’s knowledge and expertise to The Hunt (side note: seriously, what’s with the horrible names in hunting video games?).

Can’t we come up with something a little more creative than “The Hunt”?!). This is another game that strives for authenticity, with some hunts taking several hours to finish.

While the places are limited to North America, they are incredibly realistic, and there is still enough variation with ten different settings to choose from.

When you add in a satisfyingly wide range of specialty gear – decoys, smell eliminators, and so forth – Bass Pro Shops: The Hunt becomes a solid contender.

12. Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter

Platform(s): PC, iOS, PS

Are you tired of hunting the same bears, deer, and birds year after year? It appears that you will need to pursue a different type of prey.

Let’s see. Dinosaurs! The Carnivores games are renowned in the hunting genre, and Dinosaur Hunter HD, the fifth installment in the series, maybe the best of them all.

Furthermore, You may essentially plan your hunts, including armament, location, time of day, and targets.

However, There are 18 dinosaurs to hunt down, including the T-Rex, Velociraptor, and Gigantoraptor (a genuine dinosaur!).

This could be the perfect remedy if you enjoy hunting games in general but feel they’ve become a touch stale in recent years. Carnivores

13. Monster Hunter: World

Platform(s): PS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC

Now let’s move on to something altogether different! Since its inception in 2004, the Monster Hunter franchise has sold over 45 million copies worldwide.

Monster Hunter: World is the most recent. And probably the best – installment in the series.

While the reality is largely absent here, the core gameplay cycle of a hunting game — discovering your prey, pursuing them, and finally completing a satisfying kill – is there and proper. Monster Hunter:

The world becomes a compelling proposition for hunting game lovers who aren’t scared to stretch out from the same old basics when mixing incredibly engrossing RPG components and an excellent multiplayer.

14. Hunt Cook

Platform(s): PS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC

Hunt Cook is a culinary game with some hunting features thrown in for good measure. It is one of the best hunting games if you love a mix of HuntingHunting and cooking.

The game is centered on the whole process of obtaining food from the wild and placing it on your plate.

As a result, in addition to cooking elements, there are also some hunting mechanics. Players go out into the woods to collect and hunt items, which they then bring back to their restaurant to serve customers.

Due to its energy structure, the game can be a little slow at times, but it’s otherwise a fun way to pass the time.

15. The hunter-Call Of the wild

Platform(s): PS

In this game, you can either hunt independently or form a team with pals and hunt together. The feeling of finding deer or any other animal in the jungle is indescribable.

However, there are different guns in this game and various types of equipment that allow you to determine which is for whatever animal. You can also improve your knowledge by playing this game.

16. Depth hunter 2

Platform(s): PS, Xbox One, PC

This game features 25000 unique and thrilling missions spread across three massive places throughout the world. The game allows players to go underwater and seek many types of fish.

Additionally, The players will also have to practice breath-holding and learn the historic fishing method of spearfishing in this game.

Players will also have to search for undersea treasures and have the opportunity to see the first underwater beauty.

However, Depth Hunter 2 features various images that make it appear like the game is taking place in the real world.

17. Legendary Hunter VR

Platform(s): PS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC

This is a Virtual Reality game that offers a unique perspective. This game is based on the famous old-school duck hunt game.

This game’s graphics are situated on a gorgeous island, and the player will be treated to some breathtaking moments.

However, Duck hunting is just the start of what the player must accomplish to stay alive in the game.

During the day, you will be subjected to the brutal attacks of the crow and will have to hunt and defend yourself.

Furthermore, You can also expect crocodile attacks and attacks from other nasty animals, so make sure you play the game correctly, or you’ll have issues at night.

There are a variety of climatic conditions that alter at random. You can receive the most accurate representation of the day/night cycle.

18. Cabela’s North American Adventures

Platform(s): Xbox, PS, PC

Cabelas North American Adventures is a fantastic hunting simulation game. There are thousands of gun options available, including different receivers, barrels, stocks, and scopes.

The game also incorporates a cameraperson into gameplay, which capitalizes on the popularity of hunting shows and online videos. To get compelling footage, hunters must be at their best!

Additionally, on Xbox 360 and PS 5, many people can hunt together online simultaneously. In addition, As a result, it’s a fantastic game to play with a bunch of friends on Playstation.

This is also a great game that provides a tremendous real-world experience.

19. Don’t Starve

Platform(s): Xbox, PS, Nintendo Switch, PC

Don’t Starve is also one of the best hunting games. Don’t Starve is a survival game with a variety of fun gameplay elements. You find yourself stranded in an unfamiliar location and must survive at any cost.

A crafting and farming system are among the many features available. Animals, on the other hand, can be hunted in this game. You can do so by laying traps or actively attacking.

Hunting for food is a crucial mechanic because the premise isn’t to starve to death. Furthermore, Other survival games have dabbled in this, but we like Don’t Starve’s approach.

Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked, the second game in the series, is also quite lovely.

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