24 Coolest Guns in Anime

Coolest Guns in Anime

Anime has an abundance of cool firearms and heroes who use them. These are the coolest guns in anime. A wide range of weaponry from different parts of the globe may be found in anime.

In most anime, the protagonists fight with a variety of weapons, including swords, spears, and hand-to-hand fighting, as well as a spiritual energy, magic, and ninja-style strikes.

Guns, however, appeared as the medium acquired from many civilizations. Guns are given a new purpose in anime, making them more than simply a means of defense.

These guns transform into works of art, imbuing their wielders with supernatural powers and allowing them to perform devastating assaults while still looking imposing and ornate.

These weapons, whether for their intended use, the person using them, or both, are certain to attract attention.

1. Dying Will Gun – Reborn!

The dying gun is one of the coolest guns in anime. According to the Reborn! Since Vongola leaders rely on the Dying Will Gun, it carries great weight.

Originally, the gun’s original owner, Vongola Settimo, the least powerful of the Vongola Bosses, kept his Flame in this ammunition.

However, Xanxus, who “borrows” the concept from Vongola Settimo, made a new version of the gun (seen above).

His employment of two firearms, rather than one, is clearly more effective. Xanxus replaces the ammunition in his firearms with the Flame of Wrath, making them even more powerful than usual.

With tricks like Scoppio d’Ira and Boccilo di Fiamma, this rifle is among the most impressive we’ve seen in a long time.

2. P90 – Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online

While Sword Art Online does provide us access to a wide variety of interesting firearms, Llenn’s (or Karen Kohiruimaki’s) rifle stands out as particularly amazing. Because of her submachine gun and general pink aesthetic, Llenn is known as the Pink Devil in the game.

She consistently kills tens of people with the P90. Since Llenn’s first P90 was destroyed in the decisive fight of the inaugural Squad Jam on February 1, 2026, this is her main weapon.

After that, on April 4, 2026, during the climactic fight of the second Squad Jam, she bought a new P90, which was likewise destroyed.

Overall, this pink P90 is a unique and cool pistol that has inspired artists all around the globe and has even been included in CS: GO as a weapon skin. Moreover, it is one of the coolest guns in anime.

3. Requip: The Gunner – Fairy Tail

The anime series Fairy Tail introduced us to various magical techniques and skills, and this one stands out even among the coolest guns in anime.

Caster magic of Gunner’s kind is a combination of Requip Magic and Spatial Magic that may be used to conjure up a wide variety of weaponry.

Because the wielder of this Magic can stash Magic firearms in various pocket dimensions, all they have to do to retrieve one when needed is perform a spell.

The more one’s magical proficiency, the greater one’s arsenal of firearms for summoning and overall might. In Fairy Tail, we witness Bisca use both Magic and weapons, so we know its usage is tied to her unique set of skills.

4. Smith and Wesson Model 19 – Lupin III

A great addition to the list of coolest guns in anime is Smith and Wesson Model 19. In the Lupin III anime, Daisuke Jigen plays a pivotal role as Lupin’s trustworthy sidekick and a cool shot.

 Jigen is a skilled marksman; therefore, he needs both dependable and comfortable weapons. Daisuke has an incredible draw speed and pinpoints accuracy with his Smith & Wesson Model 19 handgun.

In mid-air, he may deflect another bullet. Daisuke is a talented marksman who relies on a.357 Magnum Smith & Wesson Model 19 pistol for its dependability and stopping capability.

5. Gandr Sniper Rifle – Chaika: The Coffin Princess

Chaika, the Coffin Princess, Chaika, is a one-of-a-kind figure. She is a 14-year-old witch who always travels with a coffin.

Her sniper is a prime example of her expertise with high-precision spells; she connects a massive sniper rifle to her power source—typically a crest on her neck—and imbues it with immense destructive force.

Chaika is the most badass goth wizard in the Anime world since she carries her weapons in a specially designed coffin. Her sharpshooter is huge and awesome, too.

6. Stun Gun – Trigun

Milly Thompson appears in the popular anime Trigun as a supporting character. Some may be scared off by her height alone, but add in the Stun Gun she favors, and you had best get out of there.

Under her cloak, she has a powerful concussion weapon, often referred to as a Stun Gun, one of the coolest guns in anime, and its deployment wreaks devastation.

Milly fires shots that seem like x-shaped claws and are so strong that they can knock down vehicles. Milly’s height and frame are a good match for the 98-kilogram (216-pound) rifle.

7. Spirit Gun – YuYu Hakusho

In the anime YuYu Hakusho, Yusuke Urameshi’s go-to movie is the Spirit Gun, one of the coolest guns in anime.

The user’s pent-up energy is released via their fingers as the gun concentrates it in their palm. Koenma taught Yusuke Urameshi how to use his newfound abilities as a Spirit Detective once he had become one.

Spirit Gun may only be true in some sense of the word, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a fun game with an interesting idea.

Imagine giving someone the finger gun salute and then having to call upon Spirit Gun suddenly. A wonderful tool for recognizing others.

8. Flintlocks – Puella Magi Madoka Magica

In the anime series Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, the main character, Mami Tomoe, uses several impressive firearms.

This Magical girl is employing guns (flintlocks), which have the old 1600s appearance that frightens Mami’s opponents, making it one of the coolest guns in anime.

 We know about Sailor Senshi and their abilities, like tiaras, energies, and Cetera. Her very being serves as a summoning for the Flintlocks.

When fighting, Mami employs both firearms, each of which fires a single bullet with a burning fuse. Mami’s Flintlocks are one of the most impressive firearms we saw in the anime, despite the fact that she often uses them to inflict fatal blows.

9. Cerberus – Gungrave: Aftermath

The Cerberus pistols, a pair owned by Brandon, are another excellent choice among the coolest guns in anime. The user of the Red or White gun has access to special powers.

It has a 60-centimeter barrel and fires 15-millimeter caliber rounds, making it more effective than D-Point against the anime’s version of the undead.

In The Hellbound of Billion, Brandon, one of the protagonists of the Gungreave series, regains his lost firearms.

Biscoe hands Brandon his two pistols, and he spins them between his fingers, clearly glad to have them back. Again, the top firearms in the world merit a spot here.

10. The Thompson Contender – Fate/Zero

In Fate/Zero, the main character, Kiritsugu Emiya, uses this unique weapon, The Thompson Contender, which is also one of the coolest guns in anime.

In 1967, American weapons manufacturer Thompson/Center Arms created the Thompson Contender. It’s a break-open single-shot pistol designed for target practice, but it can fire a wide variety of projectiles with a few tweaks.

The pistol’s rounds are powerful enough to penetrate impenetrable clothing and take down a huge game with a single blast.

Furthermore, the Origin Bullets, which carry a piece of the Kiritsugu’s soul, may incapacitate living beings when fired at, making this weapon a truly unique and powerful tool.

11. Judgment – D.Gray-Man

Anime Crossover with Marian D.Gray-Man is the general of the Black Order and a skilled exorcist. His hallmark weapon, Judgement, an equipment-type Innocence in the shape of a large caliber auto revolver, attests to his prowess as a marksman.

Cross is a superb marksman who can fire off a barrage of shots, frequently depleting an entire magazine in a second.

Judgment’s bullets, arrow, and sin annihilation levels have unique impacts. Without a cool, holy firearm, this list of the coolest guns in anime would be incomplete.

12. Liz & Patty – Soul Eater

We’re compiling a list of the coolest guns in anime, so Liz and Patty from Soul Eater will be included. These two sisters may change form to function as conventional weapons, making them Demon Weapons.

Demon weapons have a human appearance and may take on various features when they transform into weapon forms since their souls are still human.

When combined, Liz and Patty become a Beretta M9 Pistol. They are one of the most formidable weapons in Soul Eater, and their individual qualities make them stand out.

13. Lilynette Gingerbuck – Bleach

Throughout its lengthy run, Bleach introduces several unique weapons and powers, but we highlight Lilynette Gingerbuck’s ability to transform herself into a lethal weapon.

Additionally, since Lillynette and Coyote Starrk have the same Hollows identity — she is an Arrancar and Coyote’s only Fraccion — they may merge into a single entity when he uses his Resurreccion.

Lillynette, after her transformation and fusion with Starrk, becomes Coyote’s weaponry, namely his twin rifles. She may communicate and feel in that shape of her own free choice while firing the pistol.

14. Caster Gun – Outlaw Stars

Caster is used in the Towards Stars Era to describe an obsolete weapon that uses specialized rounds. Wizards who used a kind of natural energy called mana to cast spells were formerly known by the moniker “Caster.”

Casters scrambled to discover a method to harness the power of mana before it fully disappeared from the planets.

This is how spellguns, and most importantly, Caster Guns, were developed; they fire projectiles made of harnessed mana housed in specific cells.

Gene Starwind and Ronald MacDougall, two main characters from the anime series Outlaw Stars, both utilize this sweet firearm, also one of the coolest guns in anime.

15. Sniper Rifle – Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann’s main character uses a sweet weapon. After shooters attacked her community, 14-year-old Yoko Littner swore vengeance.

She’s proficient with a wide variety of weaponry, although she relies on her tried-and-true sniper rifle, one of the coolest guns in anime, a hybrid of Railguns and Barrett M82.

And that’s why it cut: railgun-like characteristics are present even in this rifle. Nevertheless, she can penetrate hostile Gunmen with her sniper since her Spiral Power grants her superhuman skills, including weapon empowerment.

16. Cross Mirage – Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS

This Intelligence was designed for Teana Lanster by Shario Finieno in the anime StrikerS. The gun, one of the coolest guns in anime, is designated XC-03 and may appear in numerous forms, depending on the weapon’s current mode.

For example, standby Mode puts the weapon in a card shape, and Guns Mode boosts Cross Mirage with two laser sights attached.

When activated, Dagger Mode transforms firearms into melee weapons, allowing the user to extend mana blades from the barrels.

It’s armed with a number of spikes, making it seem like a giant Mark I trench knife. Finally, Cross Mirage may switch to Blazer Mode and use a bigger, long-range pistol. Cross Mirage is a must-see for its sleek design, versatile use, and raw power.

17. Hades – Black Cat

The anime Black Cat gave us one of the coolest guns in anime as far as this list is concerned, and it easily cut number 10.

Train Heartnet was given the ornate pistol Hades, the thirteenth member of the Chronos Numbers, since it was deemed more suitable for a member of the Chronos family. It’s crafted from Orichalcum, the hardest metal in the Black Cat’s cosmos.

Even if you’re on the other side of Hades, you should be scared of this revolver because of its speed and fast fire, not to mention its cool, customized gold engravings.

It has a wide variety of bullets at its disposal, including the Burst Bullet, Freeze Bullet, and Crying Bullet, among othcosmo

18. Double Machine Gun – Hunter X Hunter

Throughout the popular anime and manga series Hunter x Hunter, Franklin Bordeau is the Phantom Troupe’s eighth member.

Double Machine Gun is an appropriate moniker since he never deviates from his goal of killing or seriously wounding his foes. Furthermore, it is… rather unusual. Franklin’s fingers turn into a double-barreled machine gun.

Anime is the only medium where originality of this kind is displayed. However, Double Machine Gun justifiably occupies a high position on this list due to Franklin’s singularity and sheer physical might.

19. Pumpkin: Akame ga Kill!

Kill! Akame ga! These highly powerful relics are exceedingly uncommon and utilized exclusively by the most powerful persons in the anime. They are only one of many mysteries found in the anime world.

It’s a gun-style Teigu that can be customized with various add-ons and is quite potent; its name comes from the pumpkin shape it takes when carved. Mine uses spirit energy as ammo, so this weapon is highly powerful in anime.

It can kill anything in its path, regardless of distance, and it possesses both long-range and close-range capabilities. Unfortunately, the gun was lost during a battle with Budo in the anime.

20. The Punisher – Trigun

While Trigun’s arsenal is impressive enough to warrant its list, we decided to focus on The Punisher instead. At least 10 Punishers exist, although the ones featured in the anime belong to Nicholas D. Wolfwood of the elite organization Eye of MicTrigu.

The Punisher is equipped with both a machine gun and a rocket launcher. It is effective, versatile, and much too cool to ignore. Once Wolfwood passes away, Vash will become the new owner of the firearms.

21. The AGL Arms.45 Long Colt Trigun, Number Four

Vash with Knives uses his trademark weapon, the AGL Arms, in addition to the Cross Punisher he got from Wolfwood.

The 45 Long Colt. Its ammunition is superior to that of a.44 magnums, and its design synthesizes firearms from around the globe.

Both firearms are made entirely of knives, making them one-of-a-kind, and they have two distinct firing modes: the standard revolver and the Angel Arm.

Each revolver has unique characteristics, and when fired, the weapon merges with the user’s arm, becoming a high-yield energy weapon capable of massive damage. A weapon that ranks among the most impressive in the history of anime.

22. Jericho 941 R – Cowboy Bebop

Spike Spiegel is one of the most recognizable characters in anime, and he also happens to have a great pistol, one of the coolest guns in anime.

His go-to weapon is a 9x19mm Jericho 941 R he had specially made for him. Despite his lack of regular usage, Spike has modified his rifle by adding laser sights and unique grips on the right side.

Jericho may seem unremarkable, but thanks to Spike’s tweaks—including a decrease in recoil and an increase in firing rate—it is now a weapon to be feared.

So naturally, an Exiled Hitman of the merciless Red Dragon Syndicate requires a solid, trustworthy weapon, and Jericho 941 R is the finest option for Spike Spiegel.

23. The Dominator – Psycho-Pass

In the anime Psycho-Pass, the Public Safety Bureau officers’ trademark weapon is the Dominator Portable Psychological Diagnosis and Suppression System, or simply the Dominator.

Some of the Dominator’s many characteristics include its ability to read minds and its need for connection to the Bureau’s database in order to function.

The Dominator is one of the most powerful and coolest guns in anime history, thanks to its ability to determine the status of the targeted person (physically, mentally, and potentially dangerously), fire a wide variety of bullets (including the Non-Lethal Paralyzer, Lethal Eliminator, Destroy Decomposer, and many more), and have very few weaknesses.

24. Casull and Jackal – Hellsing

Casull and Jackal, carried by the most lethal member of the Hellsing Organization, Alucard, must come first on this list. He fights vampires and other supernatural evils.

It would be an understatement to say that his superhuman power rivals that of certain comic book characters. Because of this, regular people can’t use his go-to guns, the Casull and the Jackal.

Despite the fact that each revolver is capable of its own unique attacks, when used together, they become one of the most potent weapons in the Hellsing canon. In addition, Casull and Jackal are excellent choices for Alucard, and they also happen to be the finest firearms you have to see.

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