42 of the Strongest Video Game Characters

Strongest Video Game Characters

Have you ever wondered about the most powerful video game characters? This question is usually the subject of argument for video game fans, with them arguing that the boss in their favorite game is the strongest.

Well, in almost all video games, there is usually a character(s) that game developers give superhuman capabilities, who wield mighty weapons, or who can sustain an infinite number of hits. It can be a protagonist or a villain.

In this article, I have written about selecting famous strongest video game characters that can help you on your quest to determine the video game characters with the most strengths.

Let’s explore them, shall we?

1. Talion (Shadow of Mordor/War)

As the legend of the Shadow of Mordor series, Talion ranks as the most remarkable character in The Lord of the Rings universe.

As found in the game, Talion is unfading and can be felled in a fight a few times just to reappear more grounded to get payback on the foes that killed him. As far as expertise, he is practically unrivaled, yet his immortality is restricted to finishing his central goal and the ruin of wickedness.

As a ranger of Gondor, Talion is more than equipped to care for himself in a battle (be it a close or ranged battle). With his phantom capacities, he’s ready to pull off a wide range of wild activities. 

His actual power can be intensified, and he can control foes, subtly magically transport them, and even raise the people who have passed to battle for him. He is one of the strongest video game characters.

2. Death (Darksiders 2)

As one of The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Death is the most remarkable character in the Darksiders series.

In the Darksiders comics, Death was the main person fit to overcome War, removing his arm simultaneously. Death is practically insusceptible, and his capacity to resurrect at the level of his powers. He is one of the strongest video game characters.

3. Kaim (Lost Odyssey)

Kaim is the everlasting and fundamental hero of Lost Odyssey. Regardless of his peaceful disposition, he is a strong fighter equipped to overcome armed forces independently and gracefully.

His years as an immortal have desensitized him, genuinely making him a productive executioner in fights. He can endure intense assaults from mages and tank-like battle machines.

All the more curiously, he rose out of a meteor strike that decimated two militaries in the combat zone without having anything as remarkable as a scratch. He is one of the strongest video game characters.

4. Sonic The Hedgehog

The most un-strong of the unique characters in this game is the Sega mascot himself, Sonic the Hedgehog. While he has a fantastic arrangement of abilities, such as super-speed, spin-assaults, etc., he frequently requires outer elements or someone else’s assistance to reach his full potential. He is one of the strongest video game characters.

5. Samus (The Metroid Series)

Samus from the Metroid series is a bounty tracker and the final piece of the Chozo inheritance. She is gifted with a selection of their innovation, specifically her exceptionally advanced suit, which gives her various excellent capabilities.

Despite her being unbelievably athletic and genuinely gifted, Samus is exceptionally subject to the utilization of her Power Suit as her profoundly exceptional Varia Suit includes a thorough number of weapons and capacities, including rockets, laser radiates, bombs, safeguards, and most especially, permitting Samus to roll up into a ball to pass through narrow places. 

Furthermore, the Varia Suit can adjust to various environments, guaranteeing that Samus stays alive while investigating deep space, magma-filled volcanoes, and submerged channels.

Tragically, Samus’ power level and survivability endure a critical shot when she’s out of the suit. She is one of the strongest video game characters.

6. Master Chief (The Halo Series)

The Master Chief is a hereditarily designed super-trooper put through thorough preparation and given advanced armor equipped for enduring a tumble from space. This helps him expertly use any weapon easily, including alien types. He has incredible perseverance, having survived a great deal.

He has a few godlike characteristics and has a dominance of military weaponry and hardware that would, at any rate, permit him to set up some battle against even probably the most grounded video game characters on this rundown.

Oddly, he wouldn’t be so intense without his suit, but since we’ve never seen Master Chief without even a cap, the case has become inseparable from him. He is one of the strongest video game characters.

7. Raiden (Metal Gear Rising)

He is a cyborg who controls how much torment he can feel in a fight, hops from one rocket to another while they are in mid-flight, lift tank-sized machines, slices through anything, and much more. His strength, however, incredibly relies upon technology, and he is still one of the strongest video game characters ever.

8. Delsin Rowe (Infamous: Second Son)

He is equipped for engaging and utilizing other super-fueled creatures’ – known as Conduits – qualities. This makes Delsin an influential person in any universe, and to the extent that superpowers go, he is fit for limitless power, sensibly speaking. He nonetheless has some power reduction in the wake of utilizing his powers. He is, however, still one of the strongest video game characters.

9. Alex Mercer (Prototype)

When ultimately fueled up, Mercer is equipped for world annihilating skills. Because of the Blacklight infection that made his powers, he has transformed into an inconceivably creative and horrendous armed force with boundless strength, shapeshifting skills, and godlike speed. He is practically indestructible, thanks to his recovery capabilities.

Mercer’s capacities permit him to take on every kind of enemy, productively battling through floods of foes all at once.

Mercer has a wide cluster of unquestionably flexible capabilities that make him a compelling contender in close quarters and run battle. His ability to shapeshift permits any piece of him to turn into a weapon.

He has various godlike characteristics like making valuable assets with his flexible biomass, consuming all that impedes him, and even enduring monstrous measures of firepower. He is one of the strongest video game characters.

10. Dante (The Devil May Cry Series)

Dante is a paranormal being, able to freeze time, endure assaults from interdimensional elements, and can repel away evil spirits multiple times his size.

He has been known to tear the spirits out of his adversaries without hurting their bodies (which permits him to kill things that can’t die).

Because of his demon half, Dante can take on strong enemies all alone and could transform into an all-out devil, enhancing his powers essentially.

He has a stockpile of ludicrous weapons, most strikingly the Rebellion sword, and his Ebony and Ivory guns.

When things get truly dire, Dante can get to his full powers utilizing his Devil Trigger, which supports his general power, speed, protection, and mending recovery. He is one of the strongest video game characters.

11. Bayonetta (The Bayonetta Series)

Bayonetta is a Bullet Witch with lots of capabilities at her disposal. She is an undying character who quickly goes through space and reenters the atmosphere on this blue planet. She has vast godlike strengths, as shown when she tosses high-rise buildings and tanks like toys.

She’s an expert of the Bullet Arts and is capable of destruction with basically any weapon she gets her hands on. Bayonetta is a deft warrior while additionally having tremendous strength.

Her mysterious capacities give her various benefits like slowing time, assembling demons, and expanding her power dramatically at any time. She is one of the strongest video game characters.

12. Kratos (The God Of War Series)

Kratos, the God of War, has killed such countless divine beings that he nearly cleared out the Greek pantheon. When he was finished with the Greek divine beings, he popped over into Norse folklore and took out most of the celestial beings in that pantheon, too.

He has been to Hell on numerous occasions and killed his way out. The sorcery, size, insight, and strength of his adversaries never appear to stop this character. He has lots of front-line insight and can track down anybody’s flimsy part.

With access to the Blades of Chaos, the Leviathan Ax, and a large group of abilities and instruments taken from similar divinities he kills, Kratos is a relentless power that is not to be dealt with. He, likewise, is one of the strongest video game characters.

13. Asura (Asura’s Wrath)

He’s a demigod and a strict god-executioner as he gets revenge on divine beings and divinities that are the size of urban communities and planets.

The more rankled Asura is, the more impressive his capabilities become. In any event, while going head to head against his sort, Asura is as yet unrivaled.

In the wake of enduring an assault from a demigod in Asura’s Wrath, he’s ready to fight back with two times as much power as his rival.

Any fight Asura is in ends up having a cosmic impact, and his beastly strength permits him to tear through adversaries with practically no kind of methodology or blueprint in place. He is one of the strongest video game characters.

14. The Prince (Katamari Damacy)

The Prince is a being that makes heavenly bodies. To make the heavenly bodies, it uses a tacky ball and moves it as it consumes everything more modest than it, and thus it gets increasingly large and can gather considerably more things. The Katamari ball misses nothing and gobbles up individuals, creatures, beasts, and planets.

With the utilization of Katamari, the Prince can bundle up absolutely everything he goes over. Nobody is resistant to the hold of the Prince’s Katamari, and simply interacting with it implies you can say farewell to the remainder of your life. It is one of the strongest video game characters.

15. Kirby (The Kirby Series)

He can consume a limitless measure of matter and has unlimited strength; he is indestructible. Other than all that, he is amazingly versatile. He can destroy his foes, take their capacities, and get by in any outrageous condition.

Kirby’s capacities are subject to his ability to gobble up his adversaries. There’s absolutely nothing that Kirby can’t essentially breathe in. When he does, he duplicates the knowledge of his victim for personal use, and he frequently does such with more noteworthy effectiveness.

Kirby additionally can freeze time and make due in the vacuum of space. He is one of the strongest video game characters.

16. The Demi-Fiend (Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne)

The Demi-Fiend is the principal hero from Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne. He has transcendent power and can sufficiently battle the God of all creation, giving him control over all multiverses. Assuming the Demi-Fiend follows the way of the True Demon, he closes the pattern of Death and Rebirth, the universe, and removes the whole idea of time.

17. The Living Tribunal (Marvel Comics)

The power fight among Marvel’s astronomical characters can get pretty extreme, and no person exemplifies this better than the Living Tribunal.

Dating as far as possible back to 1967, the Living Tribunal is one of the most established and most fascinating characters in the Marvel universe.

This character is the element in charge of the equilibrium of the Marvel Multiverse. In some cases, the Living Tribunal has been named as the actual epitome of the Multiverse itself, implying that its powers amount to that of the whole Marvel universe.

18. The Presence (D.C. Comics)

The Presence is the D.C. form of the Judeo-Christian idea of God. He sits over any remaining pantheons and unnatural substances, making him one of the most remarkable imaginary characters in the D.C. universe. He is one of the strongest video game characters.

19. The One Above All (Marvel Comics)

As his name suggests, The One Above All is a definitive being in the Marvel Multiverse. He’s one of a handful of the elements superior to the Living Tribunal, and his all-knowingness likewise transforms him into the Marvel Comics rendition of the Judeo-Christian God.

In all reasonableness, the power levels of the One Above All and the Presence are very nearly a tie, yet the One Above All is, all thing, above all fictional characters. He is one of the strongest video game characters.

20. Doomguy (Doom Series)

Doomguy is staggeringly gymnastic and light-footed, making exploring a combat zone quite simple. Doomguy is entrusted with a feared mission: independently tackling the forces of Hell on Mars.

He needn’t bother with any assistance overcoming hellish powers; Doomguy can brush the heads off even the most renowned demons with his bare hands. 

Doomguy is a capable super-trooper who draws power from his advanced body armor and stockpile of crazy weapons.

His suit’s features incorporate super-speed, diminished damage from falls, expanded weapon limit, and enough ability to punch a demon to Death. 

While we suspect he wouldn’t fare too well without his body armor, any endeavor to take it off will probably see you on the less-than-desirable end of a chainsaw. He is one of the strongest video game characters.

21. Galen Marek (Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Series)

In addition to being one of the most outstanding lightsaber duelists in any Star Wars video game, he can likewise grasp different Force powers. 

He can throw Stormtroopers around like rags dolls, shoot Force Lightning, and haul a whole Star Destroyer out of the sky, crashing it onto a planet utilizing his Force controls alone.

He is adequately strong to take on both Darth Vader and Darth Sidious concurrently and is one of the strongest video game characters. 

22. Senator Armstrong (Metal Gear Series)

A monumental figure, Senator Armstrong is a terrifying person without the nanomachine mixture. Armstrong is adept at short proximity battles, and his colossal build makes him extreme to battle one-on-one.

With the nanomachines, he’s an entirely unexpected beast. Solidifying his skin, reattaching appendages, and the capacity to produce blazes and integrate them into his assaults, are only a portion of his beefed-up abilities. 

Senator Armstrong is perhaps of the most preposterous, strangely hardened, fundamental reprobate we’ve found in a video game at any point. He’s a lousy legislator keeping in mind the desire to become the next U.S. President and transform the whole country into a militarized nightmare.

Having the ‘natural selection’ attitude, Armstrong will take the necessary steps to get into power. His rap sheet incorporates playing secondary school football, serving in the Navy, and exploring different avenues regarding capacity-upgrading innovation. He is one of the strongest video game characters.

23. Cole MacGrath (inFAMOUS Series)

MacGrath’s incredible athletic capacity, combined with his powers, made him a dexterous powerhouse. Cole’s capabilities rotate around electrokinesis, which lets him control electricity. A flexible ability enables him to influence floods of enemies while helping him choose to recuperate himself during a fight.

24. Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII)

Sephiroth’s capacities are unparalleled by his companions, exceptionally respected individuals from the SOLDIER program. He is solid and fast and is gifted in warring against his opponents. 

He is broadly acknowledged as the most impressive person in Final Fantasy VII and the most unmistakable antagonist of the whole series. What elevates him is his dominance over a wide variety of Materia, permitting him to project spells and use capabilities numerous others can’t. He is one of the strongest video game characters.

25. Albert Wesker (Resident Evil Series)

A clever maniac, Albert Wesker was sick well before his exposure to the prototype infection. An individual from Project W, Wesker is a fit leader with virtuoso level knowledge who can overcome his enemies with his brain and upgraded physical capabilities. He is one of the strongest video game characters.

26. Alma Wade (F.E.A.R. Series)

A strong, clairvoyant, and vindictive phantom, Wade isn’t a foe you can focus on battling head-on, making her such an imposing rival.

Instead of taking somebody on with savage power, she can break them from the inside. In any case, it is not necessarily the case that she can’t fight it out in a battle, and you certainly don’t have any desire to go one-on-one with her as she can manage most adversaries without any problem. She is one of the strongest video game characters.

27. Jack Of Blades (Fable Series)

Never seen without his mask, Jack of Blades is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, perhaps the most notable and acknowledged character in the Fable franchise.

Jack is an old being who utilizes the mask to accomplish new hosts, subsequently living on until the end of time.

Besides his human structure, Jack has a dragon form also. Jack can take rivals on in one or the other state and fare well notwithstanding – however, the dragon form most certainly gives an impressive lift in strength. He is one of the strongest video game characters.

28. Ciri (The Witcher Series)

Ciri has proven that she can deal with a sword and stay aware of most foes; notwithstanding, her capacity to magically transport and travel through universes truly makes her stick out.

The last option has considerably more practical use when fighting than the previous, yet her utilization of both makes her so hazardous. She is one of the strongest video game characters

29. Ganondorf (Legend Of Zelda Series)

A strong Gerudo, Ganon has shown that he is a gifted and predominant magician with enormous strength and the capacity to change his form too.

He uses his natural strategic attitude to enslave every one of the people who encompass him. Notwithstanding, with the Triforce, he becomes near immortal, equipped for projecting all the more impressive spells, and, at a certain point, even has Zelda’s body to battle Link.

30. Xehanort (Kingdom Hearts Series)

Xehanort has not just set up a good reputation for himself as a power of nature in the Kingdom Hearts series; he can magically transport himself out of precarious circumstances; however, that doesn’t imply that he can’t fight it out in a battle. He’s extraordinarily talented with a Keyblade and is genuinely intense.

Besides composing an intricate underhanded arrangement spanning over ten years, he’s an expert at coercing his casualties at will to inspire them to do his bidding.

More unusual is how he can change his appearance, have different characters, and even take their powers. He is one of the strongest video game characters.

31. Alucard (Castlevania Series)

Half-vampire and half-human, Alucard certainly looks like the former contrasted with the latter concerning his skills.

His mysterious capacities probably won’t be comparable to his dad’s. However, as yet, something makes him outstanding. He’s a great fighter and has incredible speed, strength, and faculties that most couldn’t practically expect to contend with.

What’s truly extraordinary is how he utilizes dark sorcery, and he is one of the strongest video game characters.

32. Shao Kahn (Mortal Kombat Series)

Shao Kahn is an imposing monster that can back up any tension he strikes into you. A considerable champion, Shao Kahn gets the best of the two universes as he’s truly gifted and can wield sorcery. This makes battling him head-on an overwhelming undertaking.

Flaunting both physical and mysterious power, Shao Kahn has wielded a wide cluster of moves and procedures that incorporates the capacity to blend domains, resurrect the dead, move spirits starting with one body then onto the next, and make mystical safeguards.

At the point when all else fails, his handy dandy Hammer fills in as the ideal apparatus for crushing foes into obscurity. He is one of the strongest video game characters.

33. Ludger (Tales Of Series)

Stories of Xillia 2’s Ludger is capable of employing double swords and guns and could use hammers. Yet, his chromatic capacity truly separates him. He gets huge lifts in his strength and perseverance when he figures out how to involve it in fights.

He can likewise send foes to an alternate dimension, which sounds creepy for anybody on the contradicting end. He is one of the strongest video game characters.

34. Kefka Palazzo (Final Fantasy VI)

However solid and crazy as he may be, Kefka Palazzo is presumably the scariest antagonist in Final Fantasy history. Kefka gets more grounded as VI’s story unfurls, and as his powers develop, he arrives at godhood in the long run.

In the long run, he turns out to be vital to such an extent that he can clear out various espers immediately, twist reality, and even destroy whole towns.

He could make his military. However, he doesn’t require one to overcome a battle. He is one of the strongest video game characters.

35. Arceus (Pokemon Series)

Arceus demonstrates that not all Pokémon should be as charming and cuddly as, say, a Pikachu, based on the legendary one-horned monster the Qilin.

Supposed to be answerable for the creation of the whole Pokémon universe, Arceus’ power outperforms the consolidated strength of the three legendaries Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina. 

As though that weren’t sufficient, it’s the only known Pokémon to have the capacity Multitype, which permits the player to switch types relying upon the weapon it’s holding in a fight. It is one of the strongest video game characters

36. Nyx (Persona Series)

The Persona series has had a few essential reprobates, from bad guys like Adachi and Shido to every strong God, divinities, and the lowlife Nyc.

Supposed to be the exemplification of the afterlife, Nyx battles through its avatar, which is moderately strong. It is said that Nyx lives outside the natural world and looks like a heavenly body in size.

Showing up as a tall and thin animal with a bunch of wings, a long dark cape, a crown on its head, and a monstrous sword, Nyx has a terrifying presence, and it is one of the strongest video game characters.

37. Giygas (Mother Series)

Barely any video game character rouses the sort of apprehension that Giygas does. A being that exists exclusively to dispose of the natural world and send it into limitless murkiness, anyone or thing that desires to destroy it must be gigantically strong.

Giygas is an enormous danger to whoever is taking it on. It has many war machines backing it up and could control people.

It makes anything around it savage and upset, prompting absolute panic. Giygas is one of the strongest video game characters regarding powers and capacities.

38. Deathwing (World Of Warcraft)

While there are plenty of ludicrously overwhelmed creatures in World of Warcraft legend, Deathwing stands apart for its colossal size and crazy, crude power.

This dragon behemoth isn’t just enormous and robust, and it’s a tremendous agony to attempt to bring down because of its whole body being canvassed in defensive armor-plating.

Deathwing can order the skies, land, and, surprisingly, liquid magma, which power a more significant part of its assaults. It is one of the strongest video game characters.

39. Oddjob GoldenEye 007

Any individual who’s played the N64 classic GoldenEye 007 once upon a time will know all about Oddjob, a lethal professional killer who extraordinarily profits by being the most limited playable person in the game. This is because GoldenEye 007’s auto-point features are intended to focus above the adversary’s head.

This implies any player who picks Oddjob has the upper hand, as they can fire first mostly. The interactivity doesn’t allow simple aiming, so it takes a staggeringly gifted player to get the best of Oddjob in many matches.

Because of his short height, Oddjob can evade approaching fire without much of a stretch and mostly winds up winning a shootout. He is one of the strongest video game characters.

40. Jackie Estacado (The Darkness)

Because of Jackie Estacado’s very convenient ownership of the Darkness, he can call forward devilish elements that do his bidding – moving an article or clearing out swarms of miscreants. 

The Darkness makes Jackie relentless, and there isn’t a power on Earth equivalent to his, making him too O.P. for any other person in the game.

It doesn’t simply permit him to overcome adversaries handily; it can likewise keep him alive or return him to life when he perishes. He is one of the strongest video game characters.

41. Steve (Minecraft)

Setting aside Creative Mode and how he’s undying and will respawn assuming he perishes, Steve can break nearly anything with his hands if the player shows restraint enough. With a common tree, he can create a workbench, instruments, and whatever else he wants.

Give him some time, and he will assemble in a real sense anything possible, outfit himself with charming armor, and take on legendary animals, including the Ender Dragon.

He’s ready to overcome all foes in the game if the player is prepared and understands what they are doing. He is one of the strongest video game characters.

42. Amaterasu (Okami)

If you have played the game Okami, you realize firsthand how overwhelmed the Sun Goddess Amaterasu genuinely is.

Appearing as a white canine, she can change the climate, make objects out of nowhere, use supernatural power, slice anything from structures to trees and stone, and, surprisingly, slow time speedily.

Amaterasu’s power likewise stretches out to the ability to revive, with the goddess having the option to resurrect dead plants and trees immediately.

She can make everything voluntarily, including stars, ice, lightning, climate, trees, wind, fire, water, bombs, and anything one can envision.

Her definitive weapon and assurance that makes her ready to overcome other video game characters are how she can make anything. The force of creation gifts Amaterasu with godlike powers that have no restriction.


If you’re a big fan of playing games with solid characters, this list will help you make your choice of preference from the-strongest video game characters that have been featured in video games.

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