Top 4 Fastest Trucks in GTA 5

Fastest Trucks in GTA 5

GTA 5 is known for its realistic physics and graphics. In addition, the game offers a wide range of vehicles, weapons, and other accessories.

If you want to get the most out of your driving experience, then getting a truck that can handle all kinds of terrain will be essential. But what are the fastest trucks in GTA 5?

Before getting into that, note that trucks usually have low acceleration and don’t go very fast.

But what they lack in speed, they make up for with their massive size. Plus, they’re very durable alongside military vehicles like tanks or APCs.

So, which one is the fastest truck in GTA 5?

Bravado Sasquatch Is the Fastest Trucks in GTA 5

Bravado Sasquatch

The Bravado Sasquatch, the fastest GTA 5 truck, has a greater peak speed and faster velocity, reaching 121.25 kilometers per hour.

For a truck of this size, braking is also excellent. It needs only a few seconds to pull to a complete stop. However, it cannot force other trucks out of the path without decelerating. 

While intending to run over smaller cars at more incredible speeds, it will frequently fling itself into the air, flip over randomly, and spin, making a recovery difficult.

Placing a blast weapon may minimize the likelihood of a crash, but it may affect how the vehicle deals with uneven roads and impediments upfront. 

The Sasquatch may be an ideal aim, and its poor acceleration and control may allow machines like the Deathbike to outmaneuver it.

However, its enormous tires may seriously wreck any lesser truck caught between them on one side.

This makes it an excellent option for Carnage or Tag Team settings, although spectators should exercise caution when using drones or guided missiles.

The Sasquatch has a high-output V8 engine mated to a 3-speed transmission in a mid-engine, all-wheel-drive arrangement. 

Both jump and shunt modifications may equip the truck. Jump modifications come in three efficiency stages, and the horn key may start them.

It will catapult the truck into the atmosphere when triggered. The car may now swerve to the side thanks to the Shunt improvements. 

You may add turbo enhancements to the truck to improve its performance significantly.

How Do You Get Sasquatch in GTA 5?

Since the Sasquatch is part of the arena war update, you can purchase it from Arena Workshop for $1,530,875.

The Sasquatch is a customized vehicle, so you can’t simply buy it as a standard vehicle.

You need to first own the standard version of the Rat-Truck before requesting an upgrade to a custom variant, including Apocalypse, Future Shock, or Nightmare. You can do all these at the Arena Workshop.

Other Fastest Trucks in GTA 5

Besides the Bravado Sasquatch, several other great trucks are available in the game. Here’s a list of some of them:

1. Vagrant


Vagrant is one of GTA Online’s most recognizable off-road vehicles. The vehicle’s looks alone will drive off-road enthusiasts to make a hasty decision to purchase it. 

With rapid performance and high speed, the Vagrant is a formidable challenger in its category.

The vehicle’s peak speed of 122.50 mph is one of the fastest in its field, letting it contend with other swift off-road trucks.

It has a sensitive controlling system that allows it to make quick turns.

The vehicle has an exceptional grip, enabling it to ride on the road. The braking mechanism also works effectively, and coming to a complete halt only requires a little time.

2. Kamacho


The Kamacho is another one of the fast trucks in GTA 5, capable of high speed and turnovers.

It can handle even the most difficult terrain, thanks to its 50/50 power ratio, which gives it an edge on bumpy roads.

The reliability is decent, and it may be even better with the installation of bullbars.   

The Kamacho boasts excellent peak velocity, torque, and firm control with no symptoms of zig-zagging.

Owing to its size and speed, it has a very hefty steering system, yet it can still easily handle curves.

They equip the truck with a single-cam V8 turbine with two air filtration systems, which drive all four tires through a 5-speed transmission. The engine sound is like that of cars like the Granger.

3. Ramp Buggy

Ramp Buggy

The Ramp Buggy is one of the fastest trucks in GTA 5 and costs $3,192,000, and you can get it at the Vehicle Warehouse (Special).

Los Santos Customs can make it your own. You may also change a truck workshop within one of your private residences. 

You may order the Ramp Buggy from the Interaction Menu – Special Vehicles once you’ve got it.

The BF Ramp Buggy’s layout is inspired by an actual Flip Car shown in Fast and Furious, and its highest speed is 113.00 mph (181.86 km/h).

Ramp buggy is one of the fastest trucks in Grand Theft Auto 5. There are undoubtedly more fast trucks in GTA 5, but the ones listed above are the top four.

Nevertheless, it’s one thing to purchase a truck based on its specifications, and it’s quite another to buy one solely on its appearance.

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