22 Games Like Subnautica to Play Right Now

Games Like Subnautica

This article discusses some of the best games like subnautica. 2018 saw the release of Unknown Worlds Entertainment’s Subnautica.

It is an open-world survival exploration game with a straightforward plot but plenty of challenges, such as building cutting-edge bases and solving an alien mystery while trying to figure out how to get back to the surface.

The game barely deviates from the norm for survival games. As you travel across an alien ocean world, a beam weapon collides with your ship, the Aurora, and causes it to crash.

Your goal is to explore the entire planet, repair your ship, and stay alive. The world’s geography is inaccessible, in contrast to other survival games. It doesn’t have random seeds.

Your ship may crash in a different location, but you will still find yourself in the same alien world as every other game player.

The game’s distinguishing characteristic from other survival games is that players are not expected to make up their own stories as they progress through the game.

The game has a storyline that players can follow as they advance from level to level and reach the game’s conclusion.

Furthermore, the survival game Subnautica combines a story, an expedition, the gathering of resources, and blood-curdling fights. The game’s ocean world is populated with tentacled monsters that give the impression that it will never end.

Without further ado, let’s discuss some of the games like subnautica.

Table of Contents

  1. Stranded Deep
  2. The Forest
  3. FarSky
  4. Osiris: New Dawn
  5. Astroneer
  6. Vallheim
  7. No Man’s Sky
  8. Rust
  9. The Long Dark
  10. Firewatch
  11. Out Of Reach
  12. Escape The Pacific
  13. Minecraft
  14. Miasmata
  15. Space Engineers
  16. Starbound
  17. Satisfactory
  18. ABZU
  19. The Soul’s Project
  20. Green Hell
  21. Raft
  22. ARK: Survival Evolved

Stranded Deep

You can take on the role of a character in The Stranded Deep who survives a plane crash in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Since the game’s world is created using specific steps, no two plays will be the same.

This game offers many exploration opportunities, such as reefs, islands, and ocean trenches. As you attempt to endure the elements, the objective is to gather resources and supplies.

You cannot live on this bleak patch of land. You can discover new islands, learn about sunken ships, and fortify yourself against sea monsters.

You’ll need to gather supplies and resources to build the tool that will enable you to survive in the environment to ensure your survival.

The Forest

Consider playing the popular game The Forest, which is similar to Subnautica. You can also take the role of the lone survivor of a plane crash.

Unfortunately, the people who live there are mutant cannibals who would constantly fight against you. Your goal is to locate your son as soon as the natives take him away from you by any means necessary.

Your focus would be on constructing a base, camps, houses, and defenses, gathering food, and putting in a lot of effort to survive.

To survive, you would have to fight the mutant cannibals. You can use a very impromptu building protocol to construct anything you want.

The day-and-night sequence contains the game’s main idea. You would spend the day mostly gathering resources and food.

Furthermore, Your attempt to survive gains an entirely new level of urgency thanks to this gameplay feature. The game is currently playable on PS4 and PC.

The horrific fresh-hunting mutants in this game give it a horror-movie vibe similar to the sea monsters in Subnautica. This is one of the different games like subnautica.


The PC can access FarSky. You will assume the role of Nathan, who became lost in the middle of a sizable ocean after his submarine crashed.

Your mission is to fix your submarine and swim or sail back to safety while stranded on the ocean floor with no way to reach the water’s surface.

It is strikingly similar to Subnautica. Also, there are a few noticeable differences, though, like more oxygen readily available for use as you travel until you reach safety.

Furthermore, as in most survival games, you will need to gather resources to build shelters and camps to survive in harsh environments. Also, you’ll discover how to hunt and fish for food.

Osiris: New Dawn

The Earth’s resources were completely depleted in Osiris: New Dawn. You would be playing as a member of the second colonization, which was charged with exploring planets that might be habitable.

Similar to other survival games, something went wrong, and your spacecraft crashed on Proteus 2’s surface. You will spend most of the game with you designing tools, equipment, and other necessities.

The gaming environment is usually highly hazardous because you will be battling dangerous wildlife and adverse weather.

Also, the gameplay in Osiris is enhanced as you exert a lot of effort to solve the puzzles surrounding why the first colonization attempt failed.

It also has a well-developed multiplayer mode that lets you freely play with other players as you try to survive. This is one of the games like subnautica.


The base building feature in Astroneer, a cutesy exploratory game, gives it astounding depth. In essence, it is a hybrid of Subnautica and No-Sky. It includes No Man’s Sky’s planet and space exploration features.

Although it features the same intriguing and lifelike survival graphics as Subnautica, it is undoubtedly less sophisticated. System Era Softworks initially made the game available on February 6, 2019. It is available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Intending to construct bases, build vehicles, build generators, solar panels, and oxygen tanks, explore, gather resources, and ultimately survive, you play as a space explorer in the game Astroneer.

Furthermore, You have the ability and power to reshape terrain thanks to the game’s innovative features. The game’s 4-multiplayer mode makes this wise, exploratory section compelling and enjoyable.

Also, it produces a tranquil space adventure with the impression of forwarding movement.


It’s simple to put Valheim at the top of the list. Additionally, it’s one of the most played games on Steam and may be the most common game in its genre. Additionally, it allows you to play by yourself or in a group of up to ten people.

You play through procedurally generated Viking scenarios on Valheim. Also, you play as a Guardian for Odin while in Valhalla, the otherworld of Norse mythology.

You engage in combat with a variety of mythological creatures to prove yourself. But aside from the narrative, Valheim offers excellent open-world survival and adventure gameplay. It also has a brutal combat system similar to Souls-style video games.

You can block, parry, attack with ranged weapons, use light and heavy attacks, and dodge. Also, the mechanics are harsh, satisfying, and well-executed.

The enemies are also diverse and extremely attractive. Furthermore, the craftsmanship is equally outstanding.

The system is extensive and lets you scavenge and craft various items. These consist of tools like weapons, shields, armor, and buildings. This is one of the best games like subnautica.

No Man’s Sky

After a mediocre start, No Man’s Sky emerged as a superb game. In a sense, it “disappointed” fans because it didn’t live up to its promise of an endless galaxy to explore.

Though coming from a small indie studio, fans only had to wait until they finally got their systems correct.

They did, too. The best sci-fi sandbox adventure you can play is No Man’s Sky, which has excellent developer support and a devoted fan base. There are thousands of procedurally generated planets in its galaxy, which you can explore.

Thus, there is a ton of gameplay. You board your ship, leave the planet, travel through space, and land on a different planet. There, you can gather materials for crafting.


Facepunch Studios created and released the survival video game Rust, which is only intended for multiplayer play. After leaving Early Access, it was formally released in February 2018.

Another open-world PC survival game in Rust, in which you must contend with other online players and hunger, thirst, and the cold.

Compared to Subnautica’s single journey feature, Rust has many more social titles. Despite this, it contains many components of a typical survival game.

Also, it has a well-tuned production feature and a deep and expansive design. It’s essential to keep in mind that Rust is a challenging game.

Furthermore, you would frequently perish at the hands of others (or yourself), forcing you to start over and move up the food chain once more.

The Long Dark

Open-world survival game The Long Dark is set in a frozen Canadian winter on the fictitious Big Bear Island. Hinterland Studios created and released the game.

Also, take on the role of bush pilot Will Mackenzie as he accompanies Dr. Astrid Greenwood to Big Bear Island.

When their aircraft crashes, Will is left to look for Astrid. Alternately, complete one of the game’s numerous challenges or devise your survival scenario.

Furthermore, you can take on the role of a pilot who lost control of his aircraft during a global catastrophe in the video game Long Dark.

The Long Dark is a critically acclaimed survival game that immerses you in a world of fantasy where winter never ends.

Furthermore, the game has no mythical foes like monsters, zombies, mutants, or other players. You are the only one struggling to survive the hostile environment. Your goal is to endure as much of the harsh environment as possible.


The game Firewatch is almost the exact opposite of Subnautica. It is a story-on-rails game that almost puts you in danger. If you are a fan of Subnautica, it is an excellent game to try out. It is available on the PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch.

Although it lacks a thorough exploration mode, the captivating storytelling will keep you searching every drawer for notes. It shares a beautiful world and a fantastic sense of the environment with Subnautica.

While playing Firewatch, you become almost entirely disoriented in the world. It evokes the same emotion as the conclusion of a “walking sim” game, leaving you with exquisite and lovely images that are difficult to forget.

Out Of Reach

You start the game in exile and in the middle of nowhere. You’d have to start looking for supplies and food right away, just like in most games like Subnautica.

While moving through a vast network of islands, you would create tools, build shelters, and engage in combat with pirates and other aggressive native behaviors.

Furthermore, You will also have to fight off storms. You’ll have to navigate dangerous weather conditions and ships while also cleaning and preserving a ton of loot for yourself.

Out of Reach isn’t as well-polished as some of the games on this list, in all honesty. However, this PC game is an excellent fit if you enjoy Robinson Crusoe-style survival games.

Escape The Pacific

You play a lone explorer lost in the middle of the Pacific Ocean in the video game Escape The Pacific. The course-planning and raft construction systems, both equally well-developed, give the survival game its beauty.

You must have the courage to face the problematic weather conditions that resemble the Pacific region’s actual weather!

A remarkable latitude mechanic also affects your chances of survival based on shifting locations. To build ever-more complex proposals, you’ll also need to gather resources.

Generally speaking, the elaborate storyline of Escape The Pacific should be your primary focus while playing. Anyone who enjoys realistic survival games without zombies and aliens will find the game intriguing.


Another prominent option is Minecraft, and players of Subnautica may also enjoy similar games. In essence, it’s a constantly expanding block builder with an endless list of locations to explore, crafts to make, and activities to do.

Of course, the crafting system also includes farms, supplies, weapons, armor, and other things. You can play in either of Minecraft’s two primary game modes.

There is survival, where you have a finite amount of HP to begin with, and must endure monsters at night.

Furthermore, finding unique items is necessary to increase HP, and gathering materials to construct bases is necessary to avoid being eaten by monsters.

Then there is the creative mode, which offers infinite resources and free-building gameplay. This is one of the best games like subnautica.


In Miasmata, you play a plague-stricken scientist frantically looking for a cure. You move inland through a dense forest and begin your exploration on the shores of a mysterious island.

Unfortunately, you find out that a strange creature is actively looking for you in the same area. You would have to fight for your life while looking for places to hide from the terrifying creature.

You’ll be thirsty, hungry, and in imminent danger of death. The main components of the Miasmata game are adventure and fundamental building blocks. Also, you’ll primarily combine plants and fungi to create a medicine that can save lives.

Space Engineers

The Keen Software House created and released Space Engineers on October 23, 2013. Both the PC and Xbox One platforms offer access to it. Assume the position of a space engineer.

Both single-player and multiplayer modes are functional. The game’s emphasis is more on exploration than on the survival aspect of Subnautica. Additionally, it lacks Subnautica’s plot and its compelling feature.

Furthermore, as a space engineer, you could build ships and bases while also building planetary garrisons or do whatever you wanted. Similar to Minecraft, you can destroy almost every resource or material. This is one of the best games like subnautica.


The PC game Starbound features a sizable building system and a vast selection of exploratory planets. If you enjoy survival sandbox games, you’ll be interested in this. It’s essentially sci-fi Terraria with a stronger narrative emphasis.

You will gather resources as you travel from one planet to the next to level up and advance your tool. You will advance from swords to machine guns, from wearing boots to jetpacks, and from using teleportation techniques.

Furthermore, the game’s various planets each have unique biomes routinely created for maximum variety. You might be sneaking through a dense jungle one moment and flying through a puddle of magma the next.


The initial release of Satisfactory took place in March 2019. Coffee Stain Studios created it, and Coffee Stain Publishing released it. You can access it on Microsoft Windows.

An incredibly entertaining first-person, open-world factory construction game is called Satisfactory. It has Epic exclusivity, which restricts the range of options.

Moreover, the game puts players in the role of an employee tasked with setting up a factory to gather, use, and create different resources from the planet’s natural resources.

Furthermore, the game transports you to an alien world where you must conduct research into novel technologies, repel invasions from outsiders, and construct the automated construction kingdom of your dreams.


Giant Squid began working on and releasing ABZU on August 2nd, 2016. It is available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch, and the focus is much more on exploration than on base building or survival.

It is an ocean adventure game with a fantastic design that offers several hours of dependable gameplay in a beautiful setting.

You can finish the game in just three hours. Also, you take on the role of a diver exploring the ocean’s depths to learn its secrets. You would interact with various marine life and be exposed to the dangers of the deep.

Moreover, the game mission is not challenging to finish. The main goal is to fully immerse yourself in the oceanic ambiance, Austin Wintory’s music, and the water’s natural ambiance.

The Soul’s Project

On June 7, 2016, The Solus Project was initially made available. It is playable on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows and was created and released by Teotl Studios.

It comes with a fantastic visual and a survival feature, but it also has a well-stocked alien world, making it simple for you to find food and water. Although the game has a fantastic storyline, be ready for some horror-focused experiences.

You would assume the role of a scout searching for a planet to colonize. Your ship was the Merced, and you ended up being the only survivor of the collision, just like in other top games like Subnautica.

Nevertheless, you found yourself on a lavish alien planet home to numerous camps well-stocked with resources.

Green Hell

You’d be trying to get away from the Pacific in Green Hell. You arrive in a rainforest where many creatures are vying for your life. You must make a weapon to defend yourself from predators and hostile tribal soldiers.

A physical struggle will also be part of your struggle to survive. In the depths of the Amazon, you would struggle to maintain your composure but experience loneliness and fear.

However, to stay alive while searching for the forest’s secrets, you must travel through the Amazon Rainforest.


Raft offers graphics that are more upbeat and artistic. As you set out into the ocean with tons of trash, you would start on a small raft with no arms other than a hook attached to a rope.

Your task is to use the hook to fasten and collect as much trash as you can carry and much more to expand and improve your naval base.

Sharks would be attacking your base and trying to destroy the newly built section of the raft you had just built. As you built your floating paradise, you would also be traveling to beautiful islands. This is one of the best games like subnautica.

ARK: Survival Evolved

You would be playing in a future world where you could tame dinosaurs and use them to your advantage in Survival Evolved. As you try to establish yourself in the prehistoric world, you can create tools and construct a hut for yourself.

You can tame a raptor as you advance through the game and ride it while fighting or being a badass.

The game has a vast world with many dangers that you must avoid, such as working with a Megalodon and calling a gigantic titan to make the killing. To combat more difficult threats, you can also work together with friends.

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