19 Best Golf Games for Android in 2022

Best Golf Games for Android

There are a variety of golf games for Android to choose from. There’s a good chance you don’t live close to a golf course.

While a golf game may not provide the same level of enjoyment as playing golf in real life, some golf games do.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best golf games for Android to help you get the most out of your phone’s golfing experience.

Because the games on the list are not in a particular order, we recommend you play them all before deciding which one to download.

Golf is one of the most popular sports globally, with millions of fans; it began five centuries ago and is today one of the most popular sports worldwide.

Google Play also has several golf games for Android that you can play on your Android phone. This detailed guide will look over the top golf games for Android in 2022.

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1. Golf Star

Golf Star is one of the top golf games for Android. It features stunning graphics and true-to-life golf physics, ensuring you get a genuine golfing experience on your smartphone.

The game also has multiplayer and single-player modes, which you can choose from. Furthermore, Golf Star also includes 15 golf methods that you can use in the game to improve your overall golfing experience.

Also, there’s a World Championship, tournaments, and a Guild to keep you busy for a long time. Moreover, Golf Star is a free game featuring advertisements and in-app purchases.

2. Desert Golf

Desert Golf is one of the finest golf games for Android in 2022. It’s a straightforward arcade golf game with no additional features.

The game has simple controls that make it simple to play, and it also has offline functionality, so you can play it when you’re not connected to the internet.

It has 8-Bit graphics, which are pretty simple and excellent for individuals who enjoy games with a plain appearance. Overall, Desert Golf is a simple golf game that costs $1.99.

3. Golf- King World Tour

Because of the genuine multiplayer golf experience, Golf King, The World Tour is one of the best golf games for Android on our list. It offers a simple shot control system and online combat.

The leaderboards will show you who is the most significant daily and weekly. Furthermore, the game’s control scheme is easy and fluid.

Again, if you can prove your skill in the Coin Rush mode, you will receive unique awards. It will also assist you in rising through the ranks.

The multiplayer mode in this golf game allows you to play with your family and friends. You can also request and send gifts. However, some people say that male awards are lower than female rewards.

4. Golf Battle

How accurate are you when it comes to golf? If you’re wondering, Golf Battle is here to put your skills to the test. The game has a very user-friendly interface as well as a multiplayer mode.

It allows you to compete against actual people worldwide and defeat your friends in 1vs 1 battles.

Furthermore, you’ll also find more than 120 mini-golf courses where you may play golf in the most authentic way possible. The game is, without a doubt, one of the top Golf games for Android.

The game allows players to compete in golf fights with six other players. The classic mode is also available, and the game is suitable for both children and adults.

5. Golf Master 3D

Golf Master 3D will transform you into a real golfer; it is one of the best online golf games on Android, with realistic graphics and cool features that will make you enjoy every second you spend playing Golf Master 3D on your Android device.

Furthermore, it has a smooth control system, allowing you to move your player and hit the golf ball quickly. You can also form a team with your friends and participate in online competitions.

Also, you can choose from various powerups and personalize your golfer to look precisely the way you want him to. Also, Golf Master 3D is one of the most enjoyable golf games for Android.

6. Golf Clash

Golf Clash is one of the best golf games for Android, with online multiplayer where you can play against other players, compete in online tournaments, and even go head to head with some of your Facebook friends.

Also, Golf Clash has many excellent features, and it’s worth playing significantly if your golfer has been completely upgraded.

Golf Clash is one of the best golf games for Android, with many features and a classic golf game.

7. PGA Tour Golf Shootout

The PGA Tour Golf Shootout game allows users to play on real-life golf courses and other fun features. It features daily challenges for which you can earn rewards if you fulfill them.

Those looking for genuine competition can play against other gamers in the versus mode.

Furthermore, as you go through the game, you will be able to unlock cool new golf clubs with their own set of stats and abilities. Furthermore, there is also a single-player mode with challenging TPC courses in this golf game.

8. WGT Golf

WGT Golf is the game to download if you want an authentic and life-like golf game. More than 15 championship golf courses are included in this game, including Pebble Beach and Bandon Dunes.

Furthermore, WGT Golf offers a variety of game modes, including multiplayer, single-player, and top golf. As a result, you can play for a few hours every day without getting bored.

Furthermore, you have complete control of your equipment, including the ability to level it up. A Virtual U.S. Open competition is also available in the game, with the potential to win a free trip to the actual U.S. Open.

9. Desert Golfing

Desert golfing is, in many ways, the polar opposite of WGT golf. The game’s graphics, like the gameplay, are so fundamental that they appear to be from the DOS period. This is one of the best golf games for Android.

However, it is precisely this simplicity that makes Desert Golfing so pleasant and addictive. Instead of spending the first-hour completing numerous tutorials, you can get right into the game’s guts, which revolves around blasting a golf ball over an unending side-scrolling desert with a one-finger swipe.

Desert Golfing was initially released for Android and iOS in 2014, and it has subsequently been adapted to Windows and macOS. You can get it for $1.99 and never be asked for extra money.

10. Flick Golf Extreme

Flick Golf Extreme is one of the top Android golf games. Also, Flick Golf Extreme, like Desert Golf, provides an arcade golfing experience on your Android smartphone.

The game’s overall gameplay is similar to other arcade golf games. To hit the ball, you’ll flick your finger, and the intensity of the flick will decide the ball’s distance.

It also includes several maps as well as average visuals. You can’t go wrong with Flick Golf Extreme if you’re seeking the ultimate arcade golf game.

11. Mini Golf 3D City Stars Arcade.

One of the top golf games for Android is Mini Golf 3D. The game includes a simple 1v1 multiplayer Golf Clash tournament in which you will compete against some of the top golfers on the planet.

It also has a simple chat tool that allows you to communicate with your opponents. A range of legendary and wicked mini-golf courses is also available, a great touch.

Furthermore, the game is available for free, including advertisements and in-app purchases.

12. Ok Golf

In 2022, OK Golf will be one of the essential golf apps on Android. It’s a whole game with basic graphics and mechanics, but it still has some great features that make it enjoyable.

You’ll find a variety of Golf Courses, multiplayer functionality, and secret spots in the game.

Tournaments and the club system are not included in the game, which may be a deal-breaker for some. However, if you’re looking for a simple yet effective golf game, OK Golf is the way to go.

13. Golf GPS Rangefinder: Golf Pad

Golf GPS Rangefinder is a helpful golf app developed by Golf Pad GPS for your Android device. It’s like an all-in-one program that allows you to get the most out of your golf game.

This software has courses that will assist you in learning to play golf, mainly if you are a novice. Furthermore, it will also help you understand all of the terms and rules of golf. Aside from that, this software will come with a slew of useful features.

14. Golfshot Golf GPS Scorecard and Shot Tracker

The name of the golf app, I’m sure, says it all. Golfshot Golf GPS Scorecard & Shot Tracker will help you save time, money, and strokes.

This program includes up to 45,000 courses from across the world and shot tracking and detailed scoring. It’s the only golf software compliant with the new World Handicap System and works with it. You can also obtain club recommendations.

15. Golf Rival

Golf Rival is another beautiful option if you seek a golf game with a real golfing strategy. Orcha Studios created this game to allow golf enthusiasts to practice electronically.

Throwing is as simple as swiping your finger. It may appear simple at first, but it becomes pretty tricky if you don’t get the information through precisely.

It also has a great deal to offer. This is one of the best golf games for Android. Furthermore, you can participate in the REAL-TIME 1v1 competition with no requirements.

In addition, you will be provided with a plethora of professional and realistic golfing equipment to use during the competition. However, in multiplayer mode, the game sometimes assigns you to an opponent who is no match for you.

16. Golf Championship

Golf Championship is one of the golf games on Android that provides real-time entertainment; it is highly addicting and features stunning 3D visuals; if you are looking for some challenging moments in a golf game, you should play Golf Championship.

Also, you may play Golf Championship in around three distinct game modes, and you can customize your golfer’s appearance however you wish.

Furthermore, Golf Championship offers beautiful surroundings and realistic visuals, and it’s one of the best golf games you can play on your Android device.

17. Super Stickman Golf 3

Super Stickman Golf 3 is a one-of-a-kind golf game for Android. It’s a simple arcade golf game with plain visuals. The game comes with many golf courses to choose from, totaling over 20.

It also includes turn-based, real-time multiplayer modes, ensuring that you get the most out of your golfing experience.

The program also has over 40 beautiful ball trails and 35 distinct characters. Super Stickman Golf 3 is available for free, and however, it includes advertisements and in-app purchases.

18. Golf GPS and Scorecard by SwingU

SwingU’s Golf GPS & Scorecard is an unrivaled golf app for Android that you can get for free. One of the best scorecard statistics for your golf game is provided by it.

With real-time integration, this software uses GPS to present different statistics precisely. Smartwatches are supported for easy access from your wrist.

This program has information on practically every golf course in the globe, as well as a GPS rangefinder. With this software, your golf adventures will be easier and more pleasurable.

The app’s user interface is quick and fluid. It also offers daily professional advice and guidance from top-level trainers. However, certain users reported that the app had some operational flaws.

19. GolfNow: Tee Time Deals at Golf Courses

GolfNow is a viable option that is not inferior to other options. This app runs smoothly on both Android phones and tablets and has no issues with support.

The app’s rewards system for numerous golf sessions is one of the most appealing features. Users can also earn points by unlocking other offers that are already available.

Furthermore, this app runs without a hitch and has a stunning yet simple user interface. Also, This software is available for download for free, with in-app purchases available for an additional fee.

Users can bookmark their favorite golf courses in the quick access menu to book them immediately. However, during random usage, some users reported data loss.

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