17 Best Escape Room Games for Nintendo Switch

Best Escape Room Games For Nintendo Switch

If you love puzzle games, this article on the best escape room games for Nintendo Switch is for you. We all enjoy a good mystery, whether solving riddles or trying to figure out whodunnit.

There are many games to tickle the itch for individuals who enjoy a game of wits and conundrums.

Those who enjoy visiting escape rooms are in luck. As there has been a slew of new releases based on you being trapped inside a room, building, Or even a weird new planet where solving riddles.

And unlocking the mystery is your only way out. Here are some of the best for individuals looking for their next epic escape that will have you screaming frantically in anger or clawing at the door in terror.

Escape room puzzle games are excellent for strengthening your mental muscles and increasing your memory, logical reasoning, and problem-solving abilities.

Some escape room games have a story to make them feel more like first-person adventure games. While others include movement-based puzzles to make them feel like puzzle platformers.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best escape room puzzle games for Nintendo Switch to play.

1. Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery

Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery is another one-of-a-kind point-and-click escape game in which players must journey through a rural town blocked by puzzles.

Furthermore, to proceed, you must examine every structure and each of its rooms. Finding hidden objects and secrets about the enigmatic ghost town.

Furthermore, the game distinguishes itself from others in the genre by allowing players to explore the entire area and attack each room in the order they see fit.

Between Time is an escape room puzzle game in which your character travels through space and time to recover rare artifacts from unknown locales throughout history.

After stealing a time machine, you’re taken to one of five chambers depicting various periods in human history. You must solve logic-based puzzles to receive your reward and escape.

The challenges range from deciphering secret codes to finding hidden objects spread around the landscape.

2. Oneiros

Oneiros is a classic adventure game with colorful aesthetics that combines escape room action with weird puzzle ideas and crafting features.

Players assume the character of Liam, who wakes up to find his room fully shut, his laptop hacked, his phone damaged, and other strange occurrences.

As you strive to understand the mystery behind the game’s tale. You’ll encounter fully voiced characters, vivid environments, and several escape room puzzles to complete.

3. Monument Valley

Monument Valley is a beautiful mobile indie puzzle game in which players control protagonist Ida as she attempts to solve bizarre mazes and riddles to reach the level’s exit.

Furthermore, Monument Valley has grown in popularity since its recent sequel. Now giving short one-off escape-room style puzzles on the go and breathtaking graphics that adapt wonderfully to the mobile gaming market. Also, this is one of the best escape room games for Nintendo switch.

4. I Expect You To Die

I Expect You To Die casts you as a secret spy who finds himself in perilous scenarios that will demand quick thinking to escape.

You are stationary in these virtual reality games, but you can interact with most elements in the surroundings to solve the problem of your imminent fate.

There is only one correct method to complete each assignment, although there are numerous ways to perish. 

After all, it’s what they’re used to. Once you’ve been ripped to ribbons by lasers or triggered by deadly gas. You’re expected to avoid whatever caused it and discover the next step on your route to success.

You’ll succeed and escape your almost certain death through trial and error. Some superb espionage work, and maybe a little luck.

5. The Witness

Outside of the riddles, you must solve to go from one region to the next. The Witness is an enjoyable and relaxing game. The game is particularly good at concealing puzzles. Half of the game’s difficulty comes from locating the riddles.

However, the puzzles’ general scope remains constant. It’s a game of connecting the dots gone wrong. When you solve the riddles correctly.

You’ll usually be able to open a door, start a generator, or get the equipment you need to keep on. Also, it’s more of an escaping atmosphere than an escape room, though the fantastic art style is worth investigating.

6. Superliminal

Look no further than Superliminal if you’re looking for a puzzle game that will mess with your head and make you rethink the fundamental rules of the universe.

In it, you’re faced with clearing a series of test rooms that demand you to modify things by changing their size, distance, and orientation using the power of perspective.

The puzzles become more profound and intricate as you progress, forcing you to mix multiple actions, and use physics. And do a little platforming. This is one of the best escape room games for Nintendo Switch.

7. The Saw

The Saw series features the most brutal and lethal gameplay in the escape room genre. You’ll be spending your time-solving Jigsaw’s masochistic puzzles. Whether you’re escaping traps and rooms yourself or assisting others in their quest for freedom.

Moreover, you can be found bashing up other Jigsaw victims, avoiding shotgun-infested doorways. And wondering until you find the next trip when you’re not sticking your arm into unclean. Needle-infested toilet water to retrieve keys. If you like the previous film, you’ll enjoy Saw 2: Flesh & Blood.

8. Amnesia: The Dark Crescent

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is a well-known first-person survival horror game. The protagonist, Daniel, wakes up stuck in a lonely castle with no knowledge of how he got there and is plagued by unsettling recollections of what he has done despite having no memory of it.

Furthermore, This game is regarded as one of the most challenging horror games available. To arrange your escape, you’ll need to explore the castle’s spooky halls and rooms.

Avoid adversaries at all costs by fleeing and using your wits to hide and survive. Find clues, solve puzzles, and explore the castle to uncover your own terrible memories and, hopefully, a way out of this nightmare. This is one of the best escape room games for Nintendo Switch.

9. Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors

If you’re looking for something darker, try the original DS game 999. A tense and scary game in which nine players wake up after being kidnapped by the mysterious ‘Zero’ and abandoned together in an unknown place.

When you’re forced to play a life-or-death game, you have to decide who you can trust with your life. Also, tensions rise as you try to solve riddles, and uncover clues. And escape with your life while trying to understand the secrets of your location.

10. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

Consider picking up Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc if you want a little visual novel presentation with your escape room gameplay.

It depicts a group of kids trapped and forced to engage in a frightening game at the behest of an evil pink bear. Also, it is considered one of the best entries in the detective puzzle series.

Before you can flee, you’ll need to gather evidence, interview crucial witnesses, and create a case against your main suspects.

11. Portal 2

Even though the Portal games are puzzle platformers with room-based levels rather than full-fledged escape room experiences, they are worth including on this list.

With humorous dialogue, and dramatic landscapes. And hard puzzles that You can handle solo or with a companion in co-op. Portal 2 does a fantastic job of demonstrating Valve’s creative abilities.

If you haven’t played Portal before and have a Nintendo Switch. We recommend picking up the Portal: Companion Collection, which includes both games. In addition, this is one of the best escape room games for Nintendo Switch.

12. Tick-Tock: A Tale For Two

Tick Tock: A Tale for Two is an escape room game built exclusively for two players. In which both players must work together to solve the mystery and escape simultaneously.

You’ve both awoken in an unsettling universe created by renowned clockmaker Amalie Ravn. And your objective is to find a way out.

Also, you must explore several locations within a spooky village while solving tricky riddles and uncovering clues. With a story and design influenced by Scandinavian folk tales.

Also, it contains easy-to-learn gaming mechanics and a one-off plot that You can quickly turn into an evening for you and a companion.

13. Silent Hill 4: The Room

Silent Hill 4: The Room was a spin-off for the game. Including a shift in the storyline to one of isolation. With protagonist Henry Townsend finds himself trapped in his locked-in apartment, which he tries to escape.

Henry must figure out why he’s been trapped and the identities of the ominous and perplexing presences he continues confronting inside the flat, except for a jump through the wall to an alternate reality.

14. We Were Here

The We Were Here series is a thriller-escape series in which you and a partner are separated from each other. And your only means of communication is a walkie-talkie.

However, you must work together to solve riddles and locate information that will let you meet up and arrange your escape from the building you’ve been confined in.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent and real-life escape rooms were both strongly influenced. This is one of the best escape room games for Nintendo Switch.

15. The Room

The Room is a series of games where you must work out and unlock a succession of intricate and interconnected puzzle boxes to escape. It is one of the greatest mobile escape-room games on the market.

Also, you’ll be invited to an abandoned attic in the first game before being greeted with a massive iron safe with enigmatic writings.

If you can pry it open, a note on top promises something ancient and incredible. It’s a simple escape-room puzzle game that has spawned a critically acclaimed virtual reality game.

Furthermore, the Room is one of the most popular and well-known escape room series. Spanning numerous volumes in which you solve puzzles utilizing innovative contraptions and clues.

There’s a greater emphasis on playing with mechanical artifacts like clocks, and music boxes. And projectors then merge objects throughout an entire space.

In addition, as the series went on, the locations grew more atmospheric and scary, to the point that you felt like you were trapped in a classic horror film.

16. The House Of Da Vinci

Another notable escape room puzzle series with beautiful architecture and beautifully crafted puzzle rooms is The House of Da Vinci.

In it, you play Leonardo Da Vinci’s top apprentice as they try to find their mentor after he inexplicably disappears.

Also, by sleuthing out secret clues and notes left behind in Da Vinci’s workshop. You’ll be able to unlock additional chambers and get closer to discovering the truth.

17. Resident Evil

Resident Evil is the first game in the award-winning Resident Evil genre. In which you must work your way out of a decaying mansion full of terrifying horrors and eerie mysteries.

Furthermore, the first part takes place almost entirely within the mansion’s walls as you search for clues and make some blood-curdling discoveries in your attempt to escape the premises and figure out what is going on with the Umbrella Corporation.

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