35 Video Game Characters That Start With C

Video Game Characters That Start With C

Do you know any of your favorite video game characters that start with C? Whether you are a gamer of the older generation or the newer one, you have most likely encountered video game characters whose names begin with different letters, including C.

This article will examine some of the notable video game characters that start with C, both of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Let’s dive into learning about them, shall we?

1. Cassandra Carlton Cage (Mortal Kombat)

Cassandra Carlton Cage (otherwise called Cassie Cage) is a fictional character in the Mortal Kombat fighting game series. 

As the daughter of martial arts actor Johnny Cage and Special Forces official Sonya Blade, the ex-Sergeant follows their footprints by becoming the current commander serving in the Special Forces while directing a new generation of heroes in safeguarding Earthrealm.

As a lady of Caucasian heritage, she has blonde hair, blue eyes, and a face and figures the same as her mom’s, while her shades, sharp mind, and cocky attitude suggest her dad. 

She spent her childhood in Los Angeles and was raised in a celebrity-obsessed culture. Her weapons are Hand Guns, Nightsticks, drones, and tasers. This is one of the video game characters that start with C.

2. Craig Marduk (Tekken)

Craig Marduk (otherwise called Brutal Vale Tudo Fighter) is a fictional character from the Tekken fighting game series. 

With a height of 2.43m, Marduk is portrayed as a muscular man with earthy-colored eyes who sports green and purple shorts with logos on them, green knee pads with names on them, and purple and green gloves. 

He has a purple and green neckband and a mixed-colored tattoo on his arm. He is a 28-year-old Australian Pro Wrestler who participates in freestyle wrestling and Vale Tudo, a sport with few rules. This is one of the video game characters that start with C.

3. Cassandra Alexandra (Soulcalibur)

Cassandra Alexandra is a fictional character in the Soulcalibur series of video games. Cassandra, the daughter, and middle child of Achelous Alexander and his better half, Nike, had an elder sister, Sophitia, and a younger brother, Lucius, with whom she ran the family bakery in Athens.

Cassandra has short blonde hair with bangs secured either up or down, fair skin, and dazzling green eyes. 

She is a free-spirited young lady whose strength lies in her faith in herself in securing her decisions and fate. This gives her a resolute viewpoint that doesn’t lack empathy. This is one of the video game characters that start with C.

4. Corvo Attano (Dishonored)

Corvo Attano is a fictional character in Arkane Studios’ Dishonored series. Ex-Royal Protector and secret lover to Empress Jessamine Kaldwin, Corvo is framed for her death, deprived of his title, and detained by the usurper of the Empire’s throne, Lord Regent Hiram Burrows. 

Corvo runs away and turns into a vigilante assassin for the Loyalist Conspiracy, utilizing the powers conceded to him by the Outsider to wipe out Burrows’ confederates, clear his name, vindicate the Empress’ demise and reestablish their abducted daughter Emily on the throne. 

He is from Karnaca, Serkonos, happily married to Jessamine Kaldwin, the mother of his little girl, Emily Kaldwin. This is one of the video game characters that start with C.

5. Chie Satonaka (Persona 4)

Chie Satonaka is a fictional character from the 2008 video game Persona 4. She is an energetic young lady passionate about kung-fu movies, with dyed light brown bowl-shaped hair and earthy-colored eyes. 

As one of the Hero’s colleagues at Yasogami Secondary School, her closest companion Yukiko Amagi abducts her to join the Investigation Team in solving a homicide case where the targets are shipped off the T.V. World to be killed by beings known as Shadows. 

Although she frequently attempts to encourage the group by making jokes about the case, she can be pretty temperamental, particularly with Yosuke, and is slow to withdraw from a challenge. This is one of the video game characters that start with C.

6. Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII)

Cloud Strife is a fictional character and the primary Hero of Square’s (now Square Enix’s) 1997 roleplaying video game Final Fantasy VII, its high-definition remake, and a few sequels and spinoffs. 

With a height of 173cm, he is blond with blue eyes and dwells in Nibelheim, using the Buster Blade as his primary weapon.

Cloud is a courier and mercenary professing to have been a part of SOLDIER, a gathering of world-class supersoldiers utilized by the Shinra Electric Power Company, a megacorporation draining the life out of the planet. 

He joins the resistance group AVALANCHE in the battle against Shinra; driven by a feud with his previous superior, the villain Sephiroth, Cloud makes peace with his past and adjusts to his job as a pioneer. This is one of the video game characters that start with C.

7. Claire Redfield (Resident Evil)

Claire Redfield is a character in the Resident Evil survival horror video game series. As a 19-year-old American undergrad and motorcyclist, she is the younger sister of S.T.A.R.S. member Chris Redfield, another significant person in the series. 

Weighing 52.4kg with a height of 169cm, Claire has long reddish-brown hair styled in a ponytail and blue eyes, fighting with weapons and melee.

She is solid-willed and boyish, having grown up confident with grooming from her more seasoned sibling, Chris. 

Her bond with her sibling is very tight, as we first see her frantically searching for him after he had disappeared from his home in Raccoon City. This is one of the video game characters that start with C.

8. Copernicus Leslie Qwark (Ratchet and Clank)

Copernicus Leslie Qwark (or Chief Qwark) is a fictional character from Insomniac Games’ Ratchet and Clank video game series. He is an intergalactic superstar from Kerwan in the Solana Galaxy. 

He is depicted, promoted, and very popular with the general population as a bold, noble, and strong hero who is courageous, honorable, and solid and has crushed numerous intergalactic enemies. 

However, Qwark is a superhuman who sometimes works with the state’s enemies when it benefits him.

Nonetheless, at the end of the third game, he is mainly changed and devotes himself to compensating for his violations; however, his weak character stays unaltered. 

This is one of the video game characters that start with C. 1. Cortana (Halo) is a fictional artificially intelligent character in the Halo video game series. 

During the game, Cortana gives the story and strategic data to the player, who often assumes the role of Master Chief Petty Officer John-117. 

She had a clever and perky character and a little sense of cryptic humor bound with some sarcasm. Her assertions about her capacities have an objective point of view that people regularly can’t accomplish. 

She got bored frequently; as a matter of fact, it is said that seven seconds of inactivity for an Ai is painful. This is one of the video game characters that start with C.

9. Captain Falcon (F-Zero)

Captain Falcon is a fictional character and the Hero in the racing video game series F-Zero. Inside the series, he is a bounty hunter and a secretive racer among the best on the circuit. 

Originating from Port Town, Captain Falcon’s fighting style comprises a mix between martial arts and street techniques; even though he doesn’t have long-range projectile assaults, his speed allows him to run around the battlefield, making his assaults more remarkable than those of other characters with his speed. 

The “Falcon Punch,” his trademark assault and his most famous phrase, includes a strong punch joined by an enormous fire in the form of a falcon encompassing his fist; while the assault has a long wind-up (which gives his rivals a lot of time to sidestep), it lands with destroying Force. This is one of the video game characters that start with C.

10. Clementine (The Walking Dead)

Clementine (nicknamed Clem) is a fictional character in The Walking Dead episodic adventure video game series and Clementine, a spinoff of the Robert Kirkman comic of a similar name. She is the series’ fundamental Hero and one of the playable characters.

With a height range of 5’3 – 5’4, Clementine is brought into the first season as a little kid, left under the watchful eye of her sitter Sandra while her folks are away toward the beginning of the zombie apocalypse. 

She is found and raised by Lee Everett, another survivor, who attempts to help her track down her folks, and becomes a mentor to her, showing her how to survive. Lee is bitten, and Clementine travels with a different group after a sorrowful farewell. 

After several years, she becomes a guardian for Alvin Jr. (A.J. for short), a kid whose guardians passed on at the end of the world, and comes to raise him as Lee did with her. This is one of the video game characters that start with C.

11. Cal Kestis (Star Wars)

Cal Kestis is a fictional character in the Star Wars franchise. He is a player character and the principal Hero of the 2019 video game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, an action-adventure game, and its forthcoming sequel, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor (in 2023). 

With a height of 1.82m, he is a human with red hair and green eyes, and he likewise fills in as a Jedi Knight and a scrapper. 

Inside the series, Cal is a former Jedi Padawan who survived the Great Jedi Purge and went into hiding Years after that, he is found utilizing the Force and begins a venture to remake the Jedi Order. This is one of the video game characters that start with C. 

12. Caveira (Rainbow Six Siege)

Caveira (otherwise called Tainá Pereira) is a fictional player who appears in the 2015 game Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, a tactical online first-person shooter. She is 27yearold with a height of 1.77m and a weight of 72kg. 

In Rainbow Six Attack lore, Caveira is an interrogator for Batalhão de Operações Policiais Especiais (B.O.P.E.), the police strategic unit of the Military Police of Rio de Janeiro State (P.M.E.R.J.) in Brazil. 

Originating from a modest community close to São Paulo, Caveira was captured as a burglary suspect at age 16. Her criminal profile permitted her to enter a juvenile reformatory or work with B.O.P.E.

Inside the game, Caveira has access to “Luison,” a custom semi-automatic gun fitted with subsonic ammo that brings down targets instead of killing them. 

While they are down, Caveira can interrogate them, and if practical, the position and personalities of all adversary administrators are uncovered for 9 seconds. 

She likewise can “Silent Step,” permitting her to move prudently across the game’s map. This is one of the video game characters that start with C.

13. Connor (Assassin’s Creed III)

Connor, otherwise called Ratonhnaké:ton, is the primary Hero of Assassin’s Creed III. He is an Anglo-Kanienʼkehá꞉ka assassin who battles to safeguard the Haudenosaunee as he battles with the patriots during the American Revolution sry War. 

He fosters a strong bond with George Washington; however, this goes to pieces after Connor finds out that Washington was behind an assault on his town in his childhood, which brought about his mom’s demise and turned him into a Professional killer. 

After the War, he reconstructed the Colonial Brotherhood of Assassins, which had been essentially destroyed by the Templar a long time earlier, and became its Tutor. 

He weds a lady from a close clan and has three kids, the most youthful of whom, Io꞉nhiòte, has the uncommon ability of Eagle Vision. 

Connor is the child of Haytham Kenway and Kaniehtí꞉io, the grandson of Edward Kenway, and a predecessor of Desmond Miles through the fatherly line. This is one of the video game characters that start with C.

14. Claptrap (BorderLands)

Claptrap is a fictional character that shows up in the Gearbox Software video game series Borderlands. 

He is a CL4P-TP general-purpose robot made by Hyperion and has been customized with an overenthusiastic character. It often gloats yet likewise communicates profound dejection and cowardice.

The J.I.R.A. project-management software created Claptrap from a rough sketch in a low-level task. He is the only robot of its kind that has been assigned a real name, Claptrap P. This is one of the video game characters that start with C.

15. Calypso (Twisted Metal series)

Calypso, assuming the central part in the storyline of the Twisted Metal series, is a playable character in Twisted Metal 4. At the same time, in different games, he shows up just in the opening and finishing cutscenes. 

Before making the Twisted Metal game, Calypso was only an ordinary man who was a family man with a girl and a spouse, and he likewise had an alternate name. 

He had an everyday existence similar to some other resident until one night, he was engaged in an odd mishap that brought about him crashing his vehicle straightforwardly into a block facade. 

This fender bender left him in decimation, killing his significant other (uncovered to be Pam Sparks) and girl (later uncovered to be Krista Sparks) and consuming and distorting his face.

During this time, it has been indicated that Calypso did a couple of things: first, they arranged with Mr. Ash (driver of “Darkside”) to reawaken in return for spirits. 

Furthermore, he got by Guile or from the actual arrangement the utilization of abilities (be it through an evil presence or not) to offer a wish in return for killing and winning his challenge.

This is where the main Wound Metal game comes in. This is one of the video game characters that start with C.

16. Cark McRae (Dead zone)

Cark McRae is the Hero of the Dead zone. Cark McRae concentrated on Space Designing at Jupiter’s Second College, having some expertise in Space Physical science (known as the Theory of Relativity in the twentieth century). 

He was likewise very handy, as exhibited by his formation of a custom-made robot, Carry. At 27 years of age, McRae worked in the Earth Federation’s Space Development Agency. 

He was making a trip to meet his life partner Mary; however, because of the Lions project, he was up to speed in an insane experience. This is one of the video game characters that start with C.

17. Charlotta (Dragon Star Varnir),

A secretive witch who professes to be a horrendous witch of legend. Per her, she is the one behind the Carnival of Death, in which she ended the existence of more than 100 witches ten years prior. 

At first, she has numerous insider facts, yet as the story advances, more becomes clear. She tries to make reasonable up-and-comer witches turn into the following Dragon Star. 

She battles with a Scythe (Cut type) and has the Fire Mythical serpent Cut – Eat up Expertise. This is one of the video game characters that start with C.

18. Charmy Bee (Hedgehog franchise)

Charmy Bee is a Character from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. As a bee, Charmy is equipped for flight. Yet, unlike Tails or Cream, Charmy never wears out from flying. Alongside different characters, he is fit for moving at super speed while passing. 

He can move quickly enough to make adequately strong vortexes to work as stages. He has high gymnastic abilities and skills, performing astute moves in midair and drudgery on rails to stay aware of his colleagues at an equivalent speed. 

He could use his stinger to cause harm to his rivals. This is one of the video game characters that start with C.

19. Chezni (Paladin’s Quest)

Chezni is the primary Hero of the first Paladin’s Quest. Chezni is a 13-year-old kid who was sent from his home in Reiyold to learn at The Magic School when it was understood that he had a gift in mysticism. 

At some point, in the wake of going to his illustrations, his classmates challenge him to climb the demolished pinnacle, which sits on the eastern edge of the grounds. One more schoolmate, Duke, offers to go with him, and the two continue climbing the pinnacle. 

At the top, Chezni places his Hand into a hand-formed gadget, accidentally arousing the old machine Dal Gren and bringing forth the beast Kamat. Chezni is taken out and gets up sometime later to find his school obliterated and every one of the understudies killed.

Superintendent Daicant shows up without further ado and tells Chezni of the prediction foretelling the recovery of Dal Gren and how he is presently the one in particular who can stop it. 

He meets Midia in Ratsurk, who follows him throughout his process across Naskuot and Saskuot. En route, they get familiar with their own set of experiences, that the two are Raigans, relatives of Incredible Gabnid. 

They additionally find and prevent one more relative from the southern landmass, the tyrant Zaygos who has made his beast from Dal Gren.

At last, Chezni acquires every one of the spirits and can project the mighty Spirit spell, empowering him to overcome Kaimat and stop Dal Gren. 

He utilizes swords, blades, and blasters, yet his definitive weapon is the Gomutai Blade/Wind Sword. This is one of the video game characters that start with C.

20. Chica The Chicken (Five Nights At Freddy’s)

Chica is one of the four main antagonists in Five Nights at Freddy’s. She is a robotic kid’s performer housed at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza alongside Freddy Fazbear and Bonnie the Bunny. She is the backup artist in the Fazbear band. 

During the night, alongside the other animatronics, she attempts to drive any human or endoskeleton she sees into an animatronic suit. Chica is a dazzling yellow animatronic chicken with a round head, orange mouth, magenta eyes, and dark eyebrows. 

She wears a white chin-wiper that says “L.E.T.’S E.A.T.!!!” in yellow bubble letters, illustrated in purple. The tucker is spotted with tri-shaded triangles in patterns of three and minuscule-styled pizza cuts. 

In front of an audience, she carries a pink cupcake with no covering and two enormous eyes. Like all of the other animatronics at Freddy’s, she has an awkward arrangement of blocky teeth standing up from her lower beak.

Chica is the second least dynamic animatronic during the early nights, and she has a second arrangement of teeth toward the rear of her mouth. Chica is the only animatronic with ears who gazes at the player through the window rather than the entryway. 

She is one of two animatronics that doesn’t show up during the Hallucinations, the other being Foxy. This is one of the video game characters that start with C. 

21. Clown (Play With Me)

The Clown is the primary Adversary of the 2016 horror video game Play With Me. He is a horrendous clown that torments Nathan in his bad dream. 

The Clown is by all accounts crazy because he continuously has a massive smile on his face and will play with Nathan. 

The Clown is introduced when Nathan exits his room (he can be seen either in the passage or the piano room).

He can magically transport wherever in the house, following and jumping, scaring Nathan; when Nathan gets every one of the candles and the key and arrives at the front entryway, the Comedian stops him and jumpscares him one final time (probably killing him).

22. Clown With The Tear-Away Face (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

The Clown with the Tear-Away Face is one of the minor heroes in Tim Burton’s video game series The Nightmare Before Christmas. 

He is an obese jokester who can tear off his face. He usually wears a polka-dot suit and a beanie with a propeller.

He wears a red and orange propeller beanie and has blue skin and lips, yellow eyes, a primary red nose, and extraordinarily sharp teeth. 

The Clown likewise wears a yellow and gray polka dot shirt with orange and maroon striped sleeves and shorts. He wears a tool belt with a silver star clasp, holding an elastic chicken, a yo-yo, and a whoopie pad. 

His unicycle is silver, and his colossal shoes are brown. He seems to act sprightly and maniacal and appreciates partaking in Halloween Town’s events. This is one of the video game characters that start with C.

23. Coach Oleander (Psychonauts)

Coach Morceau Oleander is the auxiliary Adversary of the 2005 video game Psychonauts.

He is the coach of the psycadets camp who was subtly plotting to take the minds of his campers to drive his clairvoyant tanks and use them to assume control over the world. This is one of the video game characters that start with C.

24. Cong (Sugar Tales)

Cong is a gold sugar-eating beast, one of the unlockable characters expected to be bought through “Sugar Shop” in Sugar Tales. 

It has a power-up of having three super cakes, to begin with after entering a level. Cong looks like a youngster variant of Mike Wazowski and is the only beast in the series to have one eye. This is one of the video game characters that start with C.

25. Connie (MeiQ: Labyrinth of Death)

Connie is one of the five handpicked Machina Mages. She works in Wood-component Machina Magic. However dimwitted and guiltless, her energetic extravagance frequently establishes the vibe for Estra and the gathering. 

Connie is very gifted in Blue Magic apparatus. Moreover, she uses wood-component Machine magic. This is one of the video game characters that start with C.

26. Corberia (Dragon Star Varnir)

Corberia is a character of the Dragon Star Varner and a natural hero. She is dedicated to the Empire and Zephy’s previous commander as the leader of the Knights of Requiem. However unequivocal as she seems brutal, she delights in the torment of witches. 

At the emperor’s order, she attempted to deceive Zephy by offering him back his position in the positions of the Knights of Requiem, yet just at the expense of giving up the location of the witches’ lair. This is one of the video game characters that start with C.

27. Crazy Hand (Melee, Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, And Brawl)

Crazy Hand is a renovated glove that was previously Motzand in the Banjo Kazooie. He showed up in Super Smash Bros. Melee, Kirby & the Amazing Mirror, and Super Smash Bros. 

Brawl as Master Hand’s left-hand colleague to assist Master Hand in becoming a player. He shows up on the off chance that Master Hand’s well-being is diminished in Classic modes on Super Smash Bros. 

Melee; On the fight form, he shows up alongside Master Hand after the player shows up at the last stage quickly or less with the trouble level set to Hard, Very Hard, or Intense. 

His moves are unpredictable and much more challenging than Master Hand’s assaults. This is one of the video game characters that start with C.

28. Croco (Super Mario Rpg: Legend Of The Seven Stars)

Croco is a crocodile miscreant in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. He is a minor manager that shows up all through the game. Croco is purple, seems to wear garments, and wears a formal red hat on his head. 

The first encounter with Croco is at the Mushroom Kingdom in Bandit’s Way. He takes a Frog Coin from Mallow and Mario, and Mallow pursues him through the edges of town. 

Afterward, they fight Croco to recover Mallow’s Frog Coin. At the point when Mario and Mallow defeat him, he expresses that the coin is dumb.

Croco is re-experienced at Moleville Mines, where he takes Mario coins and goes around in a square. Mario recaptures his cash, and Croco can likewise be seen once and for all in Bowser’s Keep. 

He helps Mario and his group this time by selling them things and stuff. Croco, before long, leaves just after Mario has brought things from him and leaves the room. 

Croco likewise makes an appearance in the procession toward the game’s finish. This is one of the video game characters that start with C.

29. Carth Onasi (Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic)

Carth Onasi is a fictional character and party part in the 2003 activity pretending to roleplay the video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, created by BioWare and distributed by LucasArts. 

A gifted pilot and highly decorated war legend of the Cosmic Republic who served in the Mandalorian Wars, a significant foundation struggle to the Knights of the Old Republic series. 

Carth assumes a critical part in the conflict between the Jedi-backed Galactic Republic and Sith Forces during the Jedi Civil War portrayed in Knights of the Old Republic and its continuation, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II.

The Sith Lords. He is likewise a sentiment choice for female characters. This is one of the video game characters that start with C.

30. Cayde-6 (Destiny)

Cayde-6 is a character from Bungie’s Destiny video game series. He is introduced into the 2014 video game Destiny as a supporting non-player character with a leading position inside the player-adjusted Gatekeepers, defenders of Earth’s last protected city against different outsider dangers. 

Cayde-6 is an Exo, a profoundly progressed robot with the brain of a living Person transferred into its cognizance. 

Like the rest of the Gatekeepers, Cayde-6 is joined by a drifting mechanical friend called a Phantom and employs a supernatural power called Light, conceded by the mysterious Explorer, the forebear of the Apparitions.

Initially introduced as a merchant and periodic quest giver, Cayde-6 is given a conspicuous job in the series’ story, starting with the 2015 extension Destiny: The Taken King. 

Cayde-6 kept showing up as a significant person inside the series legend until he was killed off in the 2018 development for Destiny 2, Forsaken. 

Cayde-6 was voiced by Nathan Fillion for most of his appearances and by Nolan North for the person’s last sequential appearance in Forsaken. This is one of the video game characters that start with C.

31. Charlie Nash (Street Fighter)

Charlie Nash is a fictional character in the Street Fighter video game series. He showed up as a playable fighter in 1995’s Street Fighter Alpha: Warrior’s Dreams He is portrayed as a member of the U.S. Air Force accused of seeing as M. Bison and annihilating his organization Shadaloo. 

As a playable character, his battling style is like Guile’s, sharing a portion of his unique, exceptional moves, for example, the Sonic Blast and the Somersault Kick (otherwise known as Justice Shell (S.F.V.) or Somersault Shell). This is one of the video game characters that start with C.

32. Chrom (Fire Emblem Awakening)

Chrom is a fictional character in the video game Fire Emblem Awakening and its connected Fire Emblem franchise. Chrom is the Prince of the Kingdom of Ylisse and the descendant of Marth. 

He is the sibling of Lissa and Emmeryn and the dad of Lucina. He is responsible for the state-supported local army force known as The Shepherds, who are researching an adversary state’s activities, and is the fabled Falchion’s wielder. 

Tomokazu Sugita voices him in Japanese and Matthew Mercer in English. Chrom performs Awakening, a custom that gives him Naga’s power, by consolidating the Fire Emblem with five supernatural jewels split among the countries. 

Even though Chrom currently can stop Grima, Naga divulges that she has sufficient ability to make Grima sleep for an additional thousand years. 

Naga said that the only way to obliterate Grima is to have him annihilate himself through the Avatar, which could come at the cost of the Avatar’s life. 

In the last fight, the Shepherds figure out how to debilitate Grima, and Chrom, vehemently against the penance of the Avatar, offers to convey the final catastrophe for the fallen dragon. This is one of the video game characters that start with C.

33. Conker The Squirrel (Bad Fur Day)

Conker the Squirrel is a fictional anthropomorphic squirrel featured in different video games, essentially known for highlighting in Conker’s Bad Fur Day. 

He showed up close by Diddy Kong in Rareware’s Diddy Kong Racing. Conker is voiced by Chris Seavor in his appearances as a whole, and when Conker was presented in Diddy Kong Racing, he had no gloves, a shirt that was blue toward the front and yellow on the back, blue and yellow shoes, and flat tail. 

This appearance was additionally found in Pocket Tales. In Bad Fur Day, Conker was given white gloves and a blue zipper hoodie, and the white circle was taken off from his shoes to diminish their similarity to Chat shoes. 

In Live and Reloaded, the gloves were eliminated, his fur was scruffier, his blue hoodie outfit was more itemized with yellow patches and more zippers, and most prominently, he was currently sporting green and yellow shorts. 

In Project Spark, Conker’s appearance depends on Conker’s Bad Fur Day, though significantly more detailed. This is one of the video game characters that start with C.

34. Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)

Lara Croft is a fictional character and the primary Hero of the video game franchise Tomb Raider. She is introduced as an exceptionally wise and athletic English excavator who wanders into old burial places and risky remnants all over the planet. 

Made by a group at English engineer Core Design that included Toby Gard, the person who first showed up in the video game Tomb Raider in 1996.

Lara Croft is portrayed as an athletic lady with earthy-colored eyes and auburn-colored hair, often kept in a plait or braid. 

The person’s unique outfit is a turquoise leotard, light brown shorts, calf-high boots, and tall white socks. Extras include fingerless gloves, a rucksack, and a tool belt with holsters on one side or two guns. 

In the later games, Croft wears a tank top, camouflage pants, and dark or light brown shorts. While investigating, she frequently conveys two guns yet utilizes other weaponry throughout the series.

She is conversant in several dialects. This is one of the video game characters that start with C.

35. Soma Cruz (Castlevania)

Soma Cruz is a fictional character and the Hero of Konami’s activity-adventure games Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow and Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow, part of Konami’s Castlevania video game series.

In Aria of Sorrow, Soma is an 18-year-old transfer student in Japan (or essentially a Japanese secondary school understudy in the Japanese rendition), where he ends up in the palace of Dracula, the main villain of the Castlevania series. 

Soma finds his “force of predominance,” or his capacity to guarantee the spirits and abilities of the beasts, he overcomes as his own.

As the game’s story advances, Soma learns of Dracula’s end and that he is his rebirth and bound to become Dracula once more (a position Graham Jones wanted for himself before Soma killed him). 

He didn’t become the next dark lord because of Alucard’s endeavors, utilizing the pen name Genya Arikado. Soma finally emerges victorious from the mayhem going through the palace, barely missing his possible demise on account of Julius Belmont. 

Dawn of Sorrow highlights Soma battling the endeavors of a cult to kill him and make another dark lord when one didn’t surface during the events of Aria of Sorrow.


If you are a regular gamer, you’ve undoubtedly encountered some of the names on this list, such as Clod Strife, Claptrap, Captain Falcon, etc. I hope this list is an excellent guide for you if you want to know about some of the video game characters that start with C.

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