19 of the Best Android TV Games

best Android TV Games

The arrival of Android TV games was amazing. There was a platform that was more solid than Google TV, and the developer community reacted favorably by creating some amazing content for it.

Although the adoption rate isn’t quite there yet, the apps and games available for Android TV have only become better over time.

Here are the finest Android TV games available right now! For all of them, you’ll need a hardware controller or, at the very least, your Android TV remote! 

It’s also worth mentioning that most games that require controllers will operate on Android TV if the box is compatible.

So, whether you’re in the market for a new Android TV or already own one, here are some of the best android TV games.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

One of the people’s favorite mobile games is Asphalt 8. Also, it’s a lot of fun to play, and there’s even a multiplayer mode to add to the pleasure.

The game is available in the Play Store for Android TV and works well on Mi Box. The frame rate, however, is not very smooth.

When you attach a Bluetooth controller to your Android TV, Asphalt will recognize it and inform you how to use it.

While You can use a set-top box controller to play a game, it makes the game “less thrilling.” However, if you add a Bluetooth controller, you’ll have a lot of fun racing on your living room’s big screen.

Crossy Road

Crossy Road is an entertaining game that will keep you entertained for hours. The principle is straightforward: you must cross the roads while avoiding being hit by a car and prevent straying beyond the screen while the camera pans forward, and you must stay ahead of it. It isn’t easy to get through the traffic.

Furthermore, the game’s graphics are intentionally low in quality, yet it contributes to its appeal. Moreover, the game’s quick speed and simple control mechanism are highly thrilling. It’s worth noting that using an Android TV rather than a gamepad is recommended.

Bridge Constructor Portal

The popular Bridge Constructor games are combined with Portal in Bridge Constructor Portal. The majority of the mechanics are Bridge Constructor-style.

To get to the end, you’ll need to build a bridge. The obstacles, characters, and theme, on the other hand, are all Portal.

As a result, the main obstacles you must avoid are the scary bots that fire at you when they see you. However, there are 60 stages in the game, many witty Portal comedy, Google Play Games achievements, and more.

It’s a terrific value for the money and one of our favorites from the year it debuted. If you have Google Play Pass, this one is also free.


Crashlands is one of the most popular Android games and one of the greatest Android TV games. You crash land on a distant world and must find a means to escape.

The game features a large open environment, plenty of things to do and craft, and a plot to keep things going. There are various extras, such as a self-organizing inventory.

This one has cloud saving and cross-platform play for PC and iOS, allowing you to play it on several platforms using the same save file.

Those who enjoy open-world games should give this one a shot. Like Bridge Constructor Portal, this one is free with Google Play Pass.

Horizon Chase

Horizon Chase is a classic racing game for Android TV that is one of the best. The game has over 100 tracks to play with various cars, tournaments, and other features.

Although we admire the level of refinement with this one, you get classic racing mechanics throughout. It’s like playing an old Nintendo 64 racing game with better visuals and controls.

You also included nine new songs, two new cards, and some new collectibles in the World Tour update. This is one of the best Android TV Games.

Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2 is a first-person survival shooter. If you assume this is another zombie apocalypse game, you’re correct.

The “kind” of open-world maps and the game’s graphic quality, on the other hand, make for an intriguing game concept. You can explore the map, complete activities, and more.

The game requires a controller, which You must customize before beginning playing. Even though it takes some time to set up the controls, I appreciate the idea of knowing exactly how to play the game and complete the objectives before you.

Into The Game

Into the Dead is another game I enjoyed playing on my Android phone, and it’s wonderful to see that it’s now available on the big screen.

The game also creates a deeper perspective on the big screen, producing actual dread. With a controller, this game is simple to play.

All you have control over is turning left or right to escape zombies (as well as obstacles like trees and abandoned automobiles) and shooting with weapons you can pick up from boxes tossed at random.

Furthermore, to avoid colliding with zombies and dying, you must have quick reflexes and turn around at the appropriate times.


Badland, a critically acclaimed game, is another entertaining game you may play on your Android TV. The game has gotten over 1 million ratings, with a 4.5/5 average.

On television, the minimal graphics look great, and the colors pop. The game is similar to Flappy Bird in that You can play it with a gamepad or an Android TV remote control.

Unless you get stuck in them and die, you can strike walls and obstacles as many as you like in Badland. The goal is to complete the level while avoiding obstacles and collecting bonuses. As the levels progress, the game becomes more challenging. This is one of the best Android TV games.

Zombie Age 2

The Zombie Age 2 is a good-looking side-scrolling shooter. The game starts with a review of your basic motions and shooting patterns.

Then you dash into the field, prepared to defend yourself with little more than a baseball bat and a rifle. The first few levels are manageable, but as you unlock the weapon and start feeling unstoppable, you’ll reach a story that seems nearly impossible to complete.

Furthermore, this game is a lot of fun to play, and if you like shooters where you don’t take yourself too seriously, zombie Age 2 is a great way to kill some time while watching TV.

Fast Like Fox

Someone took all of the foxes’ valuables in the game, and you must find and return them all. That’s not all; you must also be as quick as possible.

You can use the transition button to jump over obstacles and chase and grab coins and gems suspended in mid-air.

However, sprinting isn’t enough in this game; you’ll need to slow down at just the right moment to grab all of the treasure on the level.

Also, each level has a diamond at the end that you must contact (or go through it if you run too fast). Surprisingly, if you leap over the diamond too quickly, the level will not end, and you will have to restart.


BombSquad is a game that can be played with a keyboard but not a gamepad. If you connect the keyboard to your Android TV, you’ll quickly fall in love with BombSquad.

There are numerous game modes available, including single/cooperative and multiplayer. When you play in multiplayer mode, the game is a lot of fun; all you have to do is connect two (or more) controllers to your Android TV, and you’re ready to go.

The only purpose of BombSquad is to murder all of your friends’ characters by hitting them, picking them up and throwing them over the platform (thus killing them), or throwing bombs at them.

Does Not Commute

The game Does Not Commute is an entirely different game style, and while it may appear perplexing at first, the game’s aim becomes evident rather quickly.

The game tells the story of various distinct people, each of whom is transported somewhere, and you must ensure that they all arrive on time and without colliding with other vehicles.

Furthermore, the game is entertaining, and the graphics are excellent. It’s amusing to read brief descriptions of people in cars and what they’re doing.

I would only recommend this game if you have the time and energy to think about it a little. This is one of the top Android TV Games.

Mars: Mars

Mars: Mars On your Android TV, Mars is a pleasant way to pass the time. Even after jumping over around 70 pads, the aim of the game is not immediately apparent.

You’ve been dispatched to Mars as an astronaut. Your only objective on the barren red planet is to jump from pad to pad utilizing engines in a spacesuit to control flight and land carefully and safely.

Furthermore, the game is highly addictive, and you’ll find yourself playing for hours just waiting to see what happens next.

There are numerous obstacles in the game, and there is always something to keep you playing. This is one of the best Android TV games.

Dam The Man – Action Platformer

Dan The Man is a Super Mario-styled action platformer. The gameplay is highly similar to Mario, as is the game’s overall plot. I liked playing this game, even though the soundtrack did not quite match the game’s tone.

Just as in Super Mario, you must overcome numerous obstacles and kill simple foes to complete the level. Also, you can break up various vases scattered throughout the level for coins, weapons, and ammunition by punching and kicking them.

Beach Buggy Racing

Beach Buggy Racing is a terrific racing game you can play on your Android TV if you like racing. However, the most excellent aspect of this game is that the beach buggy is simple to control.

The control method is simple, although the game lacks ultra-precise mechanics, which can irritate casual play. The game begins with you learning to drive and improving your vehicle.

You can collect various bonuses that offer you multiple forms of force during the races, such as rockets, speed boosters, etc.

You can also purchase a shield from missiles and bombs launched by your opponents. Furthermore, the game is fun, partially because of the fluid gameplay and partly because it doesn’t try to be too complicated and keeps the controls simple and pleasant.

Crush Your Enemies

Crush Your Enemies was one of my favorite iOS games, and I was delighted to discover that it also worked nicely on Android TV.

One of those games proves that aesthetics alone aren’t enough to make a good game. The graphics are highly similar to those found in 8-bit games.

Crush Your Enemies blends enthralling gameplay with a plot so cleverly crafted that it’s nearly impossible to take your eyes off it.

The game necessitates a strong strategy, especially as you progress to higher levels. Also, crush Your Enemies is a terrific game for folks who generally enjoy strategic games.

Leo’s Fortune

Fortune is an intriguing platforming game that you’ll love. Thanks to meticulously planned levels. Thanks to its fluid gameplay and “simple to comprehend, difficult to master” controls, the game is guaranteed to catch you.

You play as Leopold, a mustachioed hero who hunts down the robber who stole his money in Leo’s Fortune.

The game features almost 24 levels, plus a few bonus levels, so You’ll entertain yourself for quite some time. Furthermore, you may play this game with a controller or the Android TV remote control, thanks to a simple control scheme.

GTA: Liberty City Stories

GTA: Liberty City Stories delivers all the splendor of Liberty City to Android TV. While the game’s original look has been retained, the gameplay has been tailored for Android TV.

You portray Tony Cipriani; a former Leone family trusted wise person. You went into hiding after killing a guy, and now you’ve returned to find Liberty City in shambles as competing families vie for dominance as the city begins to crumble.

Your mission is to reclaim control of the city from the Leone family to prevent organized crime and maintain peace. Furthermore, you will have to approach politicians, mafia lords, and business moguls to attain your objectives.

GTA: Liberty City Stories is an excellent game that you will enjoy playing with a controller. This is one of the best Android TV Games.


Orbia is a popular Android game that I enjoy playing, and the good news is that it also works well on Android TV. The game is relatively straightforward.

Moreover, all you have to do now is push and race to the next circle without colliding with any foes. Despite its simplicity, the game becomes relatively quick as the levels progress, and what makes the game fascinating is the minimum level, vivid images, and a fantastic soundtrack.

Furthermore, the game features multiple different worlds and characters that You can unlock as the game goes.

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