30 Popular Pink Hair Anime Girls

Pink Hair Anime Girls

Pink hair anime girls have become a popular and iconic trend in anime and manga.

These characters are known for their unique appearance and personalities, often making them stand out from the rest of the cast. 

Over the years, pink-haired anime girls have gained a dedicated following among anime fans and become a genre staple.

From magical girls to fierce warriors, pink-haired anime girls come in all shapes and sizes, and their popularity continues to grow. 

In this article, we will explore the history and appeal of pink-haired anime girls and why they have become such an integral part of the anime culture.

1. Jibril (No Game No Life)

Jibril (No Game No Life)

Ladies and gentlemen, we are getting off to a blazing-fast start here.

Jibril, who seeks any information gleaned from the world, is number one on our list of pink hair anime girls. She was of the Flugel race and had an alluring beauty.

In addition to that, her participation in the concert was outstanding in every way.

Why? Jibril deserves significant credit for making it happen since he is such a big aid to our primary team during the event and because of all they can do.

2. Vanessa Enoteca (Black Clover)

We have another high-voltage hottie here, you weebs, so get excited. The brave example brought to you from the land of Black Clover.

She goes by the name Vanessa Enoteca, one of the most elegant pink hair anime girls.

I won’t sugarcoat it; Vanessa is one of the most important people in her world, and let’s say she’s a hot mess.

Her look, reminiscent of a witch, and her pink hair add great character and individuality to her presentation.

Because she is a member of the Black Bull Brigade, it is easy to see why she possesses such an astonishing array of talents and capacities.

You have no reason to look at her without respecting what she brings. And if you want to do so, you can toss that justification out the door.

3. Mirai Kuriyama (Beyond The Boundary)

In the anime that we know as Beyond The Boundary, Mirai is the most important character.

In addition to this, as the season develops, much more of her individuality and character will be fleshed out for her. Creating characters like her requires a great deal of writing and accuracy. 

Her uniqueness shines even more brightly in the light of the current circumstances.

When you consider all of this, in addition to the fact that she is stunning and possesses a personality filled with a lot of compassion, you will see that she is an exceptionally bright young lady.

As one of the pink hair anime girls, Mirai is an exemplary person who serves as a model for all of us. She is included in our list of anime girls with pink hair.

If you haven’t seen Beyond the Boundary, you should prioritize doing so.

4. Mitsuri Kanroji (Demon Slayer)

One of the main protagonists in the world of Demon Slayer, Mitsuri Kanroji, plays an important role. And we can all concur that she is a bit of a hot mess.

Her pink hair is as noticeable as we expect it to be, and her personality will be quite entertaining throughout the program.

Her television appearances have been limited due to the constraints of the show. On the other hand, she is a memorable character.

Because of all the screen time she has been given, her character has developed a little bit, which is why she is lower on our list of pink hair anime girls than some of the other characters. 

She is now simply a sexy character waiting for her day to shine in the program, but she has a lot of potentials.

On the other hand, when it is finally her time to leave, she will be in complete and utter happiness, and you can be assured of that fact.

5. Meredy (Fairy Tail)

The next person on our list of pink-haired anime girls is not called Meredy because she has a melodious voice.

Well, I am aware that you believed she was. So, contrary to what you would believe, she possesses a significant personality.

Meredy is a character from Fairy Tail who serves in an auxiliary capacity. Nonetheless, it is stated that she possesses two distinct personalities.

One of them is that she frequently displays a face that is composed and tranquil and gives the impression of being emotionless.

The second is a more childlike and carefree side of herself that she reveals in some ways throughout the event.

You are aware of the situation, aren’t you? When one of the characters in the story has such a lovely presentation, you can be sure that she will be worth your time.

6. Morganite (Land Of The Lustrous)

You may need to become more familiar with this particular character.

This is because she comes from an anime that could be more well-known. But I won’t sugarcoat it: You must check out this anime.

The realm of the Lustrous contains a cast of supplementary characters, and Morganite is one of them.

In addition, her outward look and how she was designed as a character are considerably more noticeable than any of you would have expected them to be up to this point.

If you are an attentive viewer, you are aware that Land of the Lustrous is an excellent anime. 

This is because the show is excellent, not just in terms of its content but also in terms of its presentation.

Because of this, the overall design of Morganite is really impressive. It is something that no one can contest.

7. Yui (Angel Beats)

The next female on our list of pink hair anime girls is one that always has a smile on her face.

Hence, make sure that you regard her in a manner that is respectful and admiring.

Yu is an important figure in the story in the realm of Angel Beats. And you have, at the very least, been familiar with the name of this anime.

This is a fantastic presentation that incorporates a variety of motifs, including music. And Yui is a music enthusiast, like many of the other characters in the program.

Her pink hair is one of the many charming details contributing to her overall appearance, which is already endearing.

In addition, Yui is a huge fan of playing the guitar, which is an admirable quality in someone interested in music.

Because of this, we have included her in our list of Pink hair anime females.

8. Kyoko Kirigiri (Danganronpa)

Inside the world of Danganronpa, Kyoko is a girl who exudes charisma.

That said, this is the impression you would receive from watching the show’s first few episodes.

We shall better understand her realistic nature later on as the story develops over the series.

The allure of this clever and refined young lady lies in the tsundere manner in which she conducts herself.

Within the context of the anime, she upholds many highly significant principles that cannot be compared to one another. 

In addition, her insights brought about a significant shift in the program’s course.

Consequently, if you are not a fan of hers, it is highly recommended that you watch the program more than once.

9. Machi (Hunter X Hunter)

An anime series, Hunter x Hunter, is prominent among the world’s most impressive works.

One of the most gorgeous looking pink hair anime girls, Machi is a stunning character that lives in the Hunter x Hunter universe.

She is one of the main protagonists. She plays a role in the show as one of the supplementary characters. And the presence that she possesses is quite astounding.

She has a small frame and gives the impression of being diminutive in height. Her braids are pink but have a particularly lovely tone of color.

Her hair is unkempt and somewhat long, reaching almost to the middle of her back.

She has a few blue eyes and a self-assured, smug look, which contributes to her personality being so much more noticeable.

10. Virgo (Fairy Tail)

In the anime series Fairy Tail, one of the supporting characters is Virgo.

In addition, her part in the show is distinct from any other character’s. She is not a wizard in the same sense as Natsu or Lucy.

Instead, she works as a maid and goes by the name Maid Spirit Virgo. Because of this, you know that her look resembles a housekeeper’s.

Because Lucy plays such an important role in Virgo’s life, she is afforded a respectable amount of screen time for the audience’s viewing pleasure.

Thus, if you are a fan of Fairy Tail, you must make it a point to pay attention to the Virgo of our pink hair anime girls.

11. Tetora (Log Horizon)

Log Horizon. This program is among the greatest examples of the Isekai subgenre. Nevertheless, the more important issue is why I am bringing up Log Horizon now. 

Tetora, a character from Log Horizon, has made it onto our list of pink hair anime girls, and here is why.

In the second season, we saw her first appearance, which was in a supporting role. 

Nonetheless, her total contribution to the event was far more substantial than that.

Her primary class is Cleric, while her Idol is her secondary class.

And you can tell this simply by looking at how happy she always seems to be—a character who is one of the adorable pink-haired gals and also happens to be rather amusing.

12. Megumi (Beautiful Cure)

Our next entry on this list of pink hair anime girls is a character from the Beautiful Cure series.

And I know that most of you still need to view it. So there is no need to be concerned because Megumi will inspire you to the point that you will make time to see it this weekend. 

She is a girl who is merry, happy, and full of delight, and she always wears a grin on her face.

The color pink permeates every aspect of her appearance, contributing to her being a brilliant protagonist in the series in which she appears. 

In addition, due to her enthusiasm and commitment, watching her perform on film is a delight that every audience member would be thrilled to experience and appreciate.

The greatest thing is that the story she upholds is also fantastic, which is a plus.

13. Princess Euphemia (Code Geass)

Princess Euphemia, often known as Euphy, Princess Massacre, is also known as Euphemia.

Code Geass has several supplementary characters, including one named Li Britannia.

And all of us can agree that despite her disheveled appearance, she is extremely endearing. 

Given the show’s context, she has a charismatic personality that cannot be matched.

The fact that she had pink hair, like the other characters in the competition, gave her the required advantage.

14. Lunar Edomae (My Bride Is A Mermaid)

The next lady on our list of pink hair anime is an interesting character. She is a character from the anime series known as My Bride Is a Mermaid.

You already know that this program is fantastic simply by reading the title. And so is the Moon.

She is a prominent character in the program and plays the role of Sun’s adversary throughout the episode.

She is one of the most captivating characters in the program, as evidenced by the fact that she has the most endearing laugh and the most adorable face.

As a result of the fact that her eyes appear to be the same color as her hair, Lunar has become one of the most well-liked characters thanks to the pink aesthetic that is going on with her.

15. Megumi Sakura (Date A Live)

She is a beloved instructor from a well-known anime that everybody who watches it enjoys.

Hence, you can be sure that she contributes a lot of value to the story as a character.

Megumi Sakura is one of the main characters in Date A Live, and she is just the cutest thing ever.

In anime, we tend to view female characters through a lens heavily influenced by gender stereotypes.

When it comes to Megumi, on the other hand, things take on an entirely different tone.

She is adorable, and everyone in the show thinks extremely highly of her. And even though they may disregard her, their love for one another in their hearts is rather powerful.

16. Lucy (Elfen Lied)

Oh my, it’s Lucy. She is an important figure in Elfen Lied, and we can all agree that she played a significant role in altering the show’s path on more than one occasion.

Because of her tremendous contributions to the overall show’s development, we have an even greater capacity to value her presence and the relevance of what she brings.

Love and adoration are inevitable outcomes whenever a character is as skillfully crafted as Lucy. She is also one of the iconic pink hair anime girls. 

17. Ram (Re: Zero)

When she refers to you as Thanajohn, even if your name is Jonathan, you can be sure she is the one in question.

One of the most important characters and pink hair anime girls in the plot of Re: Zero is named Ram.

Yet, the fact that she is a part of the program gives her such a unique quality.

In the anime, she is depicted as having a considerably more lively personality than her renowned younger sister.

Because of this, she was able to amass a sizable number of supporters throughout her career.

Her tsundere personality is a perfect complement to her girly appearance, which includes pink hair. 

Ram is nothing short of a godsend to us, with the talents and abilities she has demonstrated in the anime and her total contribution.

18. Uranai Baba (Dragon Ball Z)

In the world of Dragon Ball Z, Baba is considered one of the original characters.

Hence, you can be sure that she has a lot of fans. To clarify, she was indeed well-known back in the day.

But her magnificence is fading away at this point. Let’s try to bring it back to life.

In an event that none of you are aware of, Uranai Baba is an important figure in a program that goes by the name Dragon Ball Z. 

Indeed, she was a wonderful human being. But, even before she was brought into the plot, she had a few key things to contribute to the narrative.

Because of this, she is an exceptionally wonderful person. If you have been a fan of Dragon Ball from the beginning, then you have a lot of respect for Baba, one of the stand-out pink hair anime girls you can find in Dragon Ball Z.

19. Melascula (The Seven Deadly Sins)

The next character on our list of pink hair anime girls is Melascula from The Seven Deadly Sins.

She has a mysterious and terrifying look, and she is the next character on our list.

The program features many fantastic female characters that everyone can identify with, like, and even adore.

Melascula, on the other hand, presents a particularly intriguing scenario given that she was a Demon Clan fighter.

In addition, she worked directly under their commander, which is another aspect to consider.

You could be wondering, “Who is her leader?” Now we’re talking with the Demon King himself! Because of this, you know that her presence’s value has increased significantly. 

Melascula is included on our list due to this same reason. Any person interested in The Seven Deadly Sins should only bother to look in this direction.

20. Shuna (Slime Isekai)

Howdy, howdy, do you practice self-control? If not, you may count on our young lady Shuna to look after you.

She plays a pivotal role in the manga and anime that we collectively call the Slime Isekai. And I love Slime Isekai.

Thus it is no surprise that I also enjoy Shuna. She is a charming Princess who makes excellent use of the resources.

And during the most recent season, we could also see her transforming into a vicious beast while engaged in combat.

I won’t get into the specifics with you, but let’s say that if you loved Shuna before that fight, you would like her after it.

21. Nurse Joy (Pokemon)

If I compiled a list of characters from anime and did not have Nurse Joy on it, a good number of you would feel slighted by the omission. Because of this, you now have her here. 

In the presence of these distinguished guests, I would like to present the lovely Nurse, who, although lacking the ability to form friendships with other Pokemon, can cure all of them.

She is a supporting character for the entirety of the franchise, and she is perhaps the anime character that comes the closest to being a supporting character in ANY anime.

Can you think of a character from an anime that occasionally lends a hand to the main character? Nurse Joy, one of the most amazing pink hair anime girls, is such a character.

22. Mine (Akame Ga Kill)

My buddy, you shouldn’t let her outward appearance deceive you. She is far more harmful to you than you give her credit for being.

When you understand that she is from the anime we name Akame Ga Kill, you will have an even stronger conviction that the information is true.

One of the most well-known and well-received action anime series of all time is Akame Ga Kill, and Mine is an important character in the program you’re talking about. 

Hence, you know that a significant amount of screen time has already been allocated to her.

But apart from that, she is incredibly gorgeous in terms of presence and has a personality that can be rather daunting at first; she is also one of the most adorable pink-haired anime girls despite her violent nature.

23. Nonon Jakuzure (Kill A Kill)

Much like Akame Ga Kill, Kill a Kill features a significant amount in its narrative.

Nonon Jakuzure, one of the most talented pupils in the show, is a direct descendant of that murder.

I understand that she is in charge of the Non-Athletic Committee and is one of the supporting characters in the anime.

In addition, she is one of the four elite members, which means that you may be guaranteed your success against her.

Nonetheless, as the program goes on, we have more and more opportunities to witness her outstanding performance as a character, which is one of the reasons why she stays in our memory.

24. Lisbeth (Sword Art Online)

An additional supporting character from one of the most incredible anime ever.

A feast will be served to all of you, ladies and gentlemen. And everyone is free to take as much pleasure in it as they like. 

The character Lisbeth, also known as Rika Shinozaki, is a supporting cast member in the anime series named Sword Art Online.

Are you familiar with this program? If you have, however, let me tell you more about Lisbeth in particular.

She was an Aincard resident who wielded a mace and had a blacksmith shop there. In addition to that, she has crafted some incredible arms for everyone, including Asuna.

25. Inori Yuzuriha (Guilty Crown)

At long last, the protagonist has made their appearance. It has been quite some time since I last had one of the most crucial ones on our list.

Nonetheless, because she is here now, let us talk about her. One of the most important protagonists and pink hair anime girls in The Guilty Crown is Inori Yuzuriha.

Because of how she conducts herself on the internet, she is also known as Egoist Inorin.

That is one of the many facets of this complex and multifaceted character. 

In addition to that, that is also one of the reasons why her name is included on this list.

In our list of Pink hair anime girls, Inori is a fantastic character that exemplifies both pride and bravery.

26. Mei Hatsume (My Hero Academia)

What do you say we take a look at that? Mei Hatsume is here, ladies and gentlemen. I hope that you’ve brought your mechanical expertise to the table.

Yet, I am aware that they will not be sufficient to compete with her. Her brilliance is very astounding, and she is one of the main characters in the My Hero Academia anime series.

After all, she is a brilliant innovator and creator. In addition, given that she is constantly there to lend a hand to the primary cast of characters, she exemplifies the very definition of a supporting character.

And it is precisely what gives her such a unique and desirable quality. Like wow. Finding folks willing to muster the fortitude to conduct the supporting job is unusual.

27. Minori Kushieda (Toradora)

Toradora is a name that, if you work in the animation industry, there is a strong possibility that you are familiar with.

If that’s the case, you should also be familiar with Minori, one of the pink hair anime girls, because she’s the only one of her kind.

She is one of the lead characters in the series, and no other character in the show is quite as entertaining as she is.

You will understand why she is so incredible after only observing her on the screen, to put it another way.

She is a positive thinker who is aware of the harsh realities of life. On the other hand, if you watch enough anime episodes, you will understand why she is so lifelike.

28. Sakura Haruno (Naruto)

If I were to say that Sakura is the most well-known pink-haired anime girl of all time, I wouldn’t be making a mistake.

After all, when you are a member of the main cast of a wildly successful anime, you are practically certain to become as renowned as the gods themselves.

The young woman Sakura Haruno is one of the most important players in the Naruto universe. And she is a member of the most important team, Team 7. 

The audience welcomed her appearance in the most recent entries in the franchise, so people look up to her with a sense of pride.

Thus, Sakura Haruno is included on our list for this same reason. The most important element is her level of fame.

29. Yuri Nakamura (Angel Beats)

Yuri Nakamura is probably a name that doesn’t ring a bell for most of you. On the other hand, Yurippe is a name that quite a few of you could recognize. 

She is one of the key characters in Angel Beats, and you wouldn’t believe it if I told you she wasn’t incredible.

Her personality is just as genuine as you could anticipate, which is one of the reasons why watching her is such a joy.

30. Yuno Gasai (Future Diary)

If you give it some thought, you’ll see that she also has pink hair, which makes her one of the most popular characters overall.

Yuno Gasai, also known as the Queen of Yandere, is our next subject. 

She is one of the main characters in the anime series Future Diary, and I doubt that a single member of this anime community could look at her without laughing out loud.

The fact that she is a weirdo willing to kill anyone for the love of her life sets her apart from other people.

On television, Yuno has a charming appearance but also exudes a chilling aura.

Because of this, she is now positioned here on this list of pink hair anime girls. My impression is that she is one of a kind.

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