Top 20 Zombie Games for iOS in 2022

Zombie Games for iOS

Zombie games for iOS have swiftly become one of the most popular and well-liked genres among iPhone and iPad users.

PUBG Mobile, the popular battle royale game, now features a zombie survivor mode. In the event of a zombie apocalypse, only gamers are likely to survive.

Because these zombie survival games taught you a lot of stuff, like where to hunt for loot, how to create a strong defense, what weapon to employ, and, most crucially, who to leave as zombie bait.

1. Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is a video game inspired by popular American TV series and comic books. It reminds me of Dead Trigger, a video game.

On the other hand, this one is more concerned with the plot and the development of the characters.

In addition, The Walking Dead is an action-adventure game in which the characters’ choices influence the outcome.

Furthermore, this time the characters are in your control and will do whatever you choose.

If zombies consume them, you’ll be held responsible. Your choices will determine the game’s progression from episode to episode.

Furthermore, amid a zombie apocalypse, you’ll have to focus on survival with a group of other survivors.

Making important decisions will get you points, which will help you progress to the following episode.

2. Unkilled

Unkilled is one of the top Zombie games for iOS. A big, explosive first-person shooter in which you go to the streets as a heavily armed soldier and inflict havoc on undead hordes.

Is it possible that the undead can feel pain? I have no idea, but they can undoubtedly be blasted to bits, which is precisely what Unkilled is all about.

Therefore it is a meaty, violent piece of zombie slaughter that’s well worth checking out despite the horrible name.

3. WithstandZ- Zombie Survival Game

One of the top zombie games for iOS is WithstandZ Zombie Survival. It’s also a multiplayer or single-player open-world survival game.

It takes place in the Unturned universe. You’ll need to collect materials and equipment while also constructing your own house/base/construction during a typical and epic adventure.

You’ll have to fend for yourself. It also includes a map of an open cosmos in which you control where you go. The artificial intelligence of zombies is superior.

And they’ll only pursue you if you’re in a desperate situation. You have the option of playing alone or with others.

4. Last Day On Earth: Survival

Last Day on Earth is a post-apocalyptic zombie survival MMO whose only goal is to stay alive as long as possible.

This world is devoid of friendship, love, and compassion. Only you can trust yourself.

Additionally, keep an eye on your character’s life stats in the game, such as hunger and thirst, collect necessary resources for crafting, build various weapons and modes of transportation, or use anything you have on hand, such as a bat or a road sign.

5. Zombie Survival: Wasteland

Zombie Survival: Wasteland is centered on a post-apocalyptic zombie epidemic.

A terrible zombie infection broke out, spread over the globe, and converted the majority of humanity into violent zombies.

However, you must first create weapons to defend against nasty zombies and develop a powerful residence and advanced forms of equipment.

You’ll also need to discover collaboration partners and learn to cook. Make a thick cloth to keep you warm and safe from hunger and the cold.

6. Plants vs. Zombie

Plants vs. Zombie is another excellent zombie game For iOS. Plants vs. Zombies is at the top of our list because of its action-packed gameplay. In this universe, plants, not humans, battle undead.

Furthermore, you’ll need to sow plants in your garden or backyard to keep the zombies out of your home. These plants can spit fireballs, eat undead alive, and so on.

Additionally, because the plants are so powerful, so are the zombies. For each type of Zombie, there is a specific herb. Plants VS Zombies is also available in two versions:

Plants VS Zombies and Plants VS Zombies 2. Both are enjoyable and exhilarating, but the latter is more intriguing. In that game, some difficult stages will take some time to complete.

7. Into the Dead 2

There are zombies in every direction, and you must maneuver your way to safety. Because your firearms are limited, remaining one step ahead of the shambling undead is your best bet.

Into the Dead 2 also contains some horrific moments, and the game’s slick controls make it simple to pick up and play.

You’ll die many times, but you’ll get back up and attempt again. Furthermore, when you think about it, that is a beautiful thing to say about a game.

8. Dead Target: Zombie

One of the best Zombie Games For iOS is Dead Target Zombie. The year is 2040, and the story is set in that year.

Everything has gone to hell in a handbasket, and you and Agent M are the only ones who have made it to the front lines of the zombie apocalypse.

It’s up to you to save Agent M and get to the reinforcement site. Keep a watch out for the undead who want to take you on as a member of their ranks.

This free first-person shooter game boasts gorgeous 3D graphics, realistic sound effects and music, and unique weapon systems.

To compete with your friends, complete all of the objectives and milestones. You should put money aside to purchase more powerful weaponry.

9. Death Road to Canada

This is a less action-packed zombie game in which you attempt to cross the border into Canada.

You must also plunder, ditch your companions, stay warm and well-nourished, abandon more companions, and kill anything that comes too close to you to survive.

As a result, you’ll be up against unfathomably enormous hordes of the undead in this one, and overcoming them will require all of your skill and wit.

There’s a lot of replayability in the game, thanks to the randomly generated nature of practically everything.

10. Stupid Zombies 3

In Stupid Zombies 3, you must utilize your geometry skills to save the day from the Stupid Zombies. Slay some zombies with your bank shots.

To cause the most severe damage, send them flying and set off some explosions. An RPG launcher, a flare cannon, a shotgun, and a baseball bomber are also included.

There are currently 130 levels available, with more on the way, and your progress may be saved to the cloud.

Also, see who can get the most kills by challenging your buddies.

It’s just bad you can’t remove advertisements as rapidly as zombies can. You may score combinations with bank shots as well.

You can Work on your geometry skills. With four weapons, you can take out zombies. There are 130 levels.

11. Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Tsunami is an endless runner that you will never be able to finish. To survive as a zombie, you’ll have to conquer obstacles along the way.

Furthermore, one of the most enticing aspects of The Zombie Tsunami is that you do not have to kill zombies to survive.

Instead, you must defend the zombies against obstacles, collect money, and trap bystanders to turn them into zombies.

By collecting coins in the game, you can unlock a range of rewards.

Furthermore, regardless of the device you’re using, the soundtracks will keep you engaged.

So, if you like zombie games but don’t want to kill or fight zombies, Zombie Tsunami is for you.

12. Dead Venture

Another zombie game for iOS is The Dead Venture. Zombies have overrun the world, and there are only a few survivors.

The only way to stay alive is to squish anything that gets in your way while driving a giant vehicle around.

Furthermore, the comical excitement of the murder in Dead Venture is accentuated by the amateurish Minecraft-style graphics. That isn’t to imply you won’t be subjected to a test.

Dead Venture is a challenging game, and I want to win. Your zombie car will need to be improved.

The good news is that you’ll almost probably want to win so that Dead Venture can spend some time on your phone or tablet.

13. Last Shelter: Survival

Last Shelter is a real-time post-apocalyptic Nation vs. Nation strategic war game set in a post-apocalyptic world.

You take control of a bit of settlement on a planet that the zombie apocalypse has decimated.

Furthermore, even if humanity is lost, build your desolate empire, train your soldiers, employ famous warriors, and join your allies in the never-ending struggle.

Everything in the game, from the troops to the terrain to the heroes, appears to be quite realistic, and it has a post-apocalyptic feel to it.

14. Bridge Constructor: The walking Dead

It’s a mash-up of franchises that nobody realized they wanted until they got it.

Additionally, construct bridges to fend off zombies, interact with characters from the TV show, and have a great time while doing so.

Furthermore, the components of this composition interact in a way that defies description.

It’s enough to state that everything works in unusual and unique ways, expanding the appeal of both series in new and exciting ways. It’s also a lot of fun.

15. Gun Master 3

Furthermore, you will succeed and get admitted to the appropriate unit if you make split-second decisions, stay calm, and work hard.

Again, once you arrive, you will have to fight the undead. Real-life police and military weapons include SMGs, machine guns, rifles, and pistols.

A nine-part gun upgrading system allows you to customize your arsenal. There are two game modes and two maps to explore in this game. Download gun master 3

16. Basketball Vs. Zombies

Zombies vs. Basketball Although it lacks the grandeur of some of the other games on this list, it does provide enough fast-paced arcade action.

Swing your weapon around, slay the undead, and earn some points.

Furthermore, this is the type of zombie-slaying experience that works well in mobile gaming bursts. On the other hand, bus rides will fly by like the undead’s skulls and brains shooting for the hoop.

17. Zombie Assault 4

In SAS: Zombie Assault 4, civilization is threatened by a virus epidemic on a distant planet. It is one of the best zombie games for iOS.

Due to their abilities and weapons, the SAS are the only ones who can fight back.

Create the ideal zombie-killing hero by selecting three different character classes and hundreds of weapons and armor items.

You can play in single-player mode or cooperative multiplayer mode with up to four other players; the zombie action is ferocious in both cases.

There are also 17 different zombie varieties, each with its personality and set of skills.

Boss zombies attack just when you think you’ve killed them all.

18. Zombicide: Tactics and Shotguns

You fight zombies in turn-based combat to the death in this board game adaptation.

Furthermore, while it isn’t profound, it does create a surprising amount of tension as the dice are rolled and the bloodbath begins.

On the other hand, this story includes intriguing surprises, such as a wide variety of zombies, survivors, and a weaponry arsenal that would make any gun fan grin.

19. Infectonator 3: Apocalypse

Do you believe that the zombie apocalypse has gone too far? Do you wish to combat the rotting, reanimated corpses alongside us?

Infectonator 3 is the game for you if that’s the case. You’re patient zero, and your goal is to spread the zombie apocalypse over the world.

It’s a brilliant twist, though, and it provides for some thrilling gaming. Beautiful pixel-art graphics and fast-paced tactical gameplay are featured in the game.

It’s a lot of fun, a lot of effort, and a lot of fun all at the same time.

20. Mini DayZ

Mini DayZ comes in last on our list of iOS zombie games. It’s similar to DayZ, but on a smaller scale.

The zombie survival classic has been pixelized and squashed down. Explore a large map, gathering everything you can, and trying to remain alive as long as you can.

In addition, you’ll find crafting, other survivors, and a lot more here. Don’t be misled by the gorgeous graphics; staying alive in this adorable post-apocalyptic future will require all of your wits.

If you want to survive a zombie apocalypse, check out our list of the best zombie apocalypse games.

  1. Amazing! These ideas are really great. I did play Planets vs Zombie and it was one of the best zombie games. I was looking for more such games and this list is just perfect. Thank you so much foe the suggestions. Keep posting more.

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