15 Best Boxing Games for Android

Best Boxing Games for Android

There are many boxing games for Android available that you can play on your mobile Android for fun.

Boxing is a combat sport in which two players compete in a boxing ring while wearing gloves and throwing punches at each other for a defined amount of time.

These games are based on hand-to-hand combat, in which two players compete against one other by using their fighting skills to eliminate the other from the ring.

A boxing battle can last up to three minutes every round, for nine to twelve rounds.

Furthermore, boxing games are played in a 3D environment and feature professional fighters from whom the player must choose his favorite with the finest attributes.

Also, Three judges can award points to the player based on elbow and punches that connect, knockdowns, defense, hugging, and other factors. 

Please continue reading this article to learn about some of the best boxing games for Android. 

Table of Contents

1. Boxing Fight: Real Fist

ZeroDeny Racing Game’s Boxing Fight: Real Fist is action-packed fighting, sports, and single-player, being one of the boxing video games for Android. More than twenty world-famous boxers are available to help you. You must first choose your preferred character before entering the ring, where you can perform lethal special techniques and boosts to defeat your opponents. You can customize your character’s appearance by doing customization jobs at first. 

Furthermore, the game features a five-part upgrading system with up to five different sorts of improvements, including strength, endurance, defense, health, and speed. It features up to 95 sets of fashionable suits when customizing your boxer. However, the goal is to defeat all tough boxers and climb the rankings to become the champion. 3D Environment, Offline Mode, Unique Character Upgrade System, and more are all included in Boxing Fight: Real Fist. You’ll enjoy it if you give it a try.

2. Title Bout Championship Boxing

P.I.S.D. Ltd. designed and published Title Bout Championship Boxing (abbreviated TBCB), a Sports, Fighting, Boxing, and Single-player Text-based Simulation. The game features fictional and historical plays and is based on Trunzo’s classic Tabletop game, launched in 1979. Also, It is set in a boxing ring with strong boxers, a cheering crowd, and entertaining blow-by-blow text. And ring card girls who flash up between rounds. There are around 6,660 boxers to choose from, and the player can participate in matches with one of them to show off his boxing skills. In one-on-one battles, the player can take on an AI-controlled character and defeat him for incredible rewards.

3. Street Boxing Kung Fu Fighters

ArcadeFighting’s Street Boxing Kung Fu Fighter is an action, fighting, and single-player side-scroll video game for the Android platform. This is one of the best boxing games for Android. The game focuses on classic arcade fighting action and allows the user to choose his character. And compete in various matches against other players. Furthermore, it features addicting controls and immerses the player in the unique experience of Street Boxing Kungfu for them to become champions. Each level has a unique premise, and the game includes genuine battle sounds. Also, the player must use brilliant and dominating boxing abilities to win the competition, create combos by combining different actions, and reduce the opponent’s health to zero.

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In addition, the player can navigate the world using a side-scroller and combat a variety of creatures to gain experience and boost his rank. Brilliant Skill Upgrades System, Special Skills, Range Combo System, and more are all included in Street Boxing Kung Fu Fighter. You’ll enjoy it if you give it a try.

4. Boxing Knockout

Playfox Games World’s Boxing Knockout is a Sports, Fighting, and Single-player Boxing Simulation. This video game is one of the best Boxing games for Android. The game takes place in a 3D setting and allows the player to choose from various combatants before entering the ring to battle dangerous opponents. Also, It can be used both online and offline. The player can perform strong combos to take out a competitor and advance to the next round using basic controls. 

Furthermore, each fighter in the game has talents, skills, and playstyle. The player can immerse himself in a realistic boxing gameplay experience and amaze his buddies by demonstrating his fighting skills. Each level has a unique situation, and both warriors have a limited amount of time to defeat each other. Also, the player’s primary goal is to complete all levels by defeating all fierce opponents and becoming the boxing champion. Additionally, boxing Knockout offers core features such as an Extraordinary Boxing Experience, Several Boxing Skins, Offline Mode, Quick Gameplay, etc.

5. MMA Fighting Clash

Imperium Multimedia Games’ MMA Fighting Clash is a Sports, Boxing, Single-player, and Multiplayer Fighting Simulation for Android and iOS. Those who enjoy dynamic fighting games will enjoy the game’s addictive gameplay. It features over fifty famous warriors, each with unique blocking, kicking, and more abilities. Furthermore, At the start of the game, the player must choose his favorite character with the best traits, enter a contest against an opponent and use his kicking and punching talents to defeat him. 

In multiplayer mode, the player can compete with his friends and beat them to demonstrate his abilities. Also, the player can customize his character by choosing from various uniforms, accessories, and other items. However, During the combat, the player has over a hundred moves at his disposal to overcome his opponents in several matches. Career Mode, Multiplayer Matches, Quick Fights, Tournaments, Missions, Challenges, Sixty Looks, and more are included in MMA Fighting Clash.

6. Boxing Champion Real Punch Fist

Champion boxer Real Punch Fist is an Android game developed by Real Action that combines action, fighting, and single-player boxing. This is one of the best Boxing games for Android. The game is set in a gorgeous boxing environment, and it allows you to train your fighter to establish your strength as a great boxing champion. Various playable fighters are available, and you must choose one to begin your boxing career. There are several matches in which you must face a new fighter in one. You can use your fighting skills to strike your opponents. And combine different moves to build a deadly combo during the game.

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7. Boxing: Fighting Clash

Boxing: Fighting Clash for Android is an Action, Fighting, and Single-player Boxing video game developed by Imperium Multimedia Games. This is one of the best Boxing games for Android. The game delivers outstanding gameplay for people who enjoy dynamic fighting video games. It includes new methods as well as different ways to defeat the opponent. Various playable combatants are available, and the player must choose his favorite before entering the ring to confront his opponent. It offers a dynamic gameplay system in which each punch has its purpose, damage, stamina, speed, and knockout potential. The player must collect points and use unique combos to counter his opponent during the fight.

8. EA Sports UFC

EA Sports UFC combines martial arts, sports, fighting, and boxing elements. The game is only available in single-player mode and is based on the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). It features a 3D world where the game takes place and various playable characters from whom the player can choose his favorite to battle legendary boxers. Throughout the game, the player must progress through the rankings and master his wrestling, striking, and submission skills to realize his dream of becoming a champion. In Single-player mode, the player can fight an opponent and defeat them with his punching and kicking talents. Also, the player has a limited amount of time to complete each round, and both fighters in the ring have health bars.

9. Boxing Amazing

Fundamental Boxing Physics produced Boxing Amazing, a physics-based Sports, Single-player, and Multiplayer Boxing video game for the Android platform. It features beautiful gameplay based on physics and real-world boxing components. The game features stunning scenery as well as simple-to-learn but difficult-to-master gameplay. 

Furthermore, there are various playable characters from which the player can choose and then enter the ring to demonstrate his boxing skills. In Single-player mode, the player fights an AI-controlled character that is highly cunning. While in Multiplayer mode, the player fights his friends and feels fantastic when he punches them.

10. Real Boxing 2 Rocky

Vivid Games S.A. created and distributed Real Boxing 2 Rocky, a multiplayer online sports and boxing simulation. This is one of the best boxing games for Android. The game immerses the player in an enhanced universe. It allows him to assume the position of Rocky Balboa, a famous boxer who must compete against Clubber Lang, Apollo Creed, Ivan Drago, and others to become the most OK fighter and world champion. However, the player can immerse himself in the boxing experience and fight for glory to have infinite enjoyment. At first, the player can enter the ring as a boxer, unleash his fighting skills, and knock out his opponent in a limited number of rounds. To defeat the enemy, the player employs his punching abilities.

11. Punch Boxing 3D

CanadaDroid’s Punch Boxing 3D is a Sports, Boxing, and Single-player video game for Android. The game puts you in the shoes of a boxer who must fight his way to the top by defeating countless opponents. It is based on the fighting genre and features action-packed combat gameplay. 

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Furthermore, you must sharpen your abilities before entering the ring, where you will confront an opponent determined to defeat you. Also, It takes place in a 3D world where you can demonstrate your incredible combat skills by grabbing your opponent and punching him till you win the round.

Additionally, Over 120 uniforms, a realistic fighting experience, the ability to choose your character, and more are all included in Punch Boxing 3D. You’ll enjoy it if you give it a try.

12. Real Boxing Manny Pacquiao

Boxing how it should be Vivid Games S.A. created and published Manny Pacquiao. A Fighting, Sports, and Single-player Boxing video game for Android and iOS. The game features stunning graphics, realistic combat mechanics, and realistic effects. It features 3D surroundings in which the game takes place and a chance for players who aspire to be the best boxer. There are several locations from which the player must choose his favorite to represent his country. And improve his abilities in practice mode by learning new moves. This is one of th best boxing games for Android. Furthermore, after selecting a playable character. The user can personalize his avatar with various options and alter the boxer’s name to his own.

13. Boxing Champion 5: Street Fight

Boxing Champion 5: Street Fight is an Android game that combines action, fighting, and single-player gameplay. The game blends Street Fighter, Sports, Karate, and Martial Arts elements to create an entertaining gameplay experience. The game is played from a side-scrolling perspective, and the player must choose his character at the outset. The main objective is to go through numerous levels in which the player must battle opponents in one-on-one contests utilizing his boxing skills. The player can use several punches, kicks, and other moves to take down his opponent within the time limit.

14. Fight Of The Legends

Virtualinfocom’s Fight of the Legends for Android is an Action, Fighting, and Single-player video game for those who enjoy fighting games. Karate, Boxing, Martial Arts, Sword Fight, and more disciplines are incorporated into the game. There are various playable characters, and each has a distinct personality and fights in a different fighting style. It takes place in 3D worlds and tells an exciting story about two opposing forces: light and darkness. Narakasur has murdered Lord Indra, but he casts a spell on his companion Koko at the last moment. The player can engage in one-on-one, hand-to-hand combat against different characters and defeat his opponent to destroy adversaries.

15. Real Steel Boxing Champions

Reliance Big Entertainment developed and published Real Steel Boxing Champions, an action-adventure and fighting video game for many platforms. The game is set in a three-dimensional world, and the player characters are detailed robots. Each robot has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Furthermore, to enter the gaming universe, the user must choose a robot from among those available and compete against competitive opponents worldwide. The player can do various activities to defeat his opponent and win the match to improve his reputation. Also, after earning enough points, the player enters a versus league and a global tournament to demonstrate his skills.

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