30 Anime Like Demon Slayer

Anime Like Demon Slayer

If you’re a Demon Slayer fan and looking for anime like Demon Slayer to watch, you’re in luck.

Other anime series feature similar action, adventure, and supernatural themes. One such anime is Attack on Titan. 

This dark and intense series follows the story of humanity’s struggle for survival against a race of giant humanoid creatures, Titans, who are driven to devour humans.

The story focuses on a young man named Eren Yeager, who joins the military to fight the Titans and protect his home.

Along the way, he uncovers dark secrets about the Titans and the true nature of his world.

Like Demon Slayer, Attack on Titan features epic battles, complex characters, and a gripping storyline that will keep you on edge.

Similar anime series include Fullmetal Alchemist, Fire Force, and Avatar: The Last Airbender.

1. Fire Force

An anime like Demon Slayer Fire Force narrative is about Shinra Kusakabe, a third-era pyrokinetic adolescent who picked up the moniker Villain’s Footprints for his power to touch off his feet freely. He will be joining Company 8 of the Special Fire Force.

Shinra is making progress in his investigation into the disappearance of his younger sibling during the blaze that took their mother’s life 12 years ago.

He believes this disappearance was orchestrated by a shadowy Apocalyptic sect responsible for the Infernal assaults.

The White Cloaks and their Knights of the Ashen Flame, who were searching for certain people like Shinra and his sibling (Sho), are stopped by Organization 8 and their allies.

Shinra and Sho were looking for a way to devise a strategy to overcome the Great Catastrophe.

2. D.Gray-Man

Katsura Hoshino is the sole creator of the manga series D.Gray-man, an anime like Demon Slayer set in Japan.

It takes place in an alternate version of the nineteenth century and tells the story of a young man named Allen Walker, who becomes a member of the Black Order. 

They engage in combat with a man from the Millennium Earl who possesses the ancient material and his evil horde of Akuma, who intend to wipe out humanity.

Many characters, such as Zone, have been modified from earlier works and drafts by Hoshino.

The arrangement is notorious for having a boring plot, and Hoshino once rewrote a scene because she gave it too much care to impress her younger pursuers.

3. Ushio and Tora

The anime’s plot like Demon Slayer, follows a young man’s adventures after encountering a monster.

The young man’s name is Ushio, and Tora is the demon’s name in the temple’s basement.

Tora’s chest contains a spear, which maintains its position within the chest cavity.

Because of the high concentration of monsters and demons in that area, Ushio is compelled to set Tora free to engage in battle against them.

They both work together to combat a variety of supernatural dangers.

4. Soul Eater

Anime like Demon Slayer and Soul Eater is set in a fantastical universe populated by monster hunters.

There is a special school in which all students are equipped with a weapon that can switch between several forms. 

The pupils’ ultimate goal is to become demon hunters, and the narrative centers on Maka and her partner, Soul.

Maka wields a scythe as his weapon. Every one of the hunters has a companion that they can transform into a weapon. 

So, the two of them will have to battle together. Soul Eater is an action anime with elements of dark comedy, dark fantasy, and the genre, and it will appeal to lovers of the Demon Slayer series.

5. Akame Ga kill

Tatsumi, a young local inhabitant, is shown at the beginning of Akame ga Kill making his way to the Imperial Capital to gather money for his hometown.

After he arrives, he discovers that the region has been contaminated with something undesirable. 

Night Raid is a professional assassination group recruited to fight the Empire and stop its degradation. Tatsumi is now a part of Night Raid.

This group also includes Mine, a self-proclaimed virtuoso marksman; Sheele, a kind-hearted woman who can become a relentless executioner to accomplish her goal of getting rid of society’s garbage; and pioneer Najenda, who spent years serving in the Empire prior to becoming a member of Night Raid.

6. Tokyo Ghoul

This reality of Tokyo Ghoul, in which demons live among humanity, is virtually identical to that of regular people; the one exception to this rule is the demons’ insatiable appetite for human flesh.

Modest Ken Kaneki finds out the most difficult way to do it when he goes out on the town with gorgeous Rize, who he merely inspires to eat him. This is the most difficult way to do it.

As a result of an unethically questionable action, Ken became the primary half-human, half-devil crossover, which thrust him into the dreary, nasty universe of demons that existed close to the universe of humanity.

Whenever an anime fan is asked for recommendations for other anime like Demon Slayer, Tokyo Ghoul is the first name that comes to mind.

7. Ninja Scroll

Ninja Scroll, an anime like Demon Slayer, is a good choice for viewers still deciding what show to begin watching even after being presented with such a long range of options.

It is an anime movie that emerged in the 1990s and portrayed Kibagami Jubei engaging in bloody and action-packed bouts against Ninjas who possessed a wide range of unique and terrifying skills.

This particular anime is not appropriate for viewers under the age of 16.

Yet, fans of the series Demon Slayer are almost guaranteed to appreciate this movie, and viewers should take advantage of the action sequences.

After the conclusion of this anime series, which served as the film’s sequel, no further seasons of the show or other films were produced.

8. Inuyasha

The opening 36 volumes of Rumiko Takahashi’s manga work of the same name serve as the basis for the anime adaptation of the Inuyasha series produced in Japan.

It follows a half-demon named Inuyasha and a high school student named Kagome Higurashi.

They go on an adventure with their companions, a young fox evil presence named Shippo, a lustful priest named Miroku, a devil slayer named Sango, and a devil feline named Kirara.

Their objective is to recover the pieces of the broken Jewel of Four Souls, an incredible gem that had been concealed inside Kagome’s body, and

9. Fairy Tail

The protagonists of this popular anime like Demon Slayer, are all members of Fairy Tail.

Despite their challenges, they are driven only by the desire to succeed in their mission.

The themes of faithfulness and companionship also run throughout the anime.

Although no monsters or demons exist in this anime like Demon Slayer, the fight scenes are tense and exciting.

10. Claymore

Clare is a young woman with the appearance of silver working for the benefit of an organization that educates female youma mutts to become heroes with the ability to eliminate these dangerous demons in a planet overrun with dangerous demons called you.

She is constantly relegated to fairly dangerous tasks because she is considered a maverick for acquiring a wanderer juvenile and nearly losing herself to her youma side by Arousing.

11. Golden Kamuy

Another anime like Demon Slayer is Golden Kamuy, which may be found on this list.

The events shown in this anime take place at the turn of the twentieth century after the Russo-Japanese war. 

Now that the conflict has ended, Saichi is doing everything he can to put the past behind him.

Saichi is on the hunt for a golden treasure, and the directions to get there are written in ink on the backs of several different men. 

The anime’s atmosphere is incredibly realistic, and sometimes it feels like one is watching a travel show in which ideas on survival are being discussed.

Yet, the anime has some great action sequences and other entertaining moments.

12. The Rising of the Shield Hero

In this scenario, Naofumi Iwatani is called upon by a fantasy world about to be put under lethal strain by monsters and the undead.

It is an isekai series, and the main character has magical shields at his disposal. The remaining three heroes each have a spear, a bow, and a sword.

Since Naofumi is an outsider among these monsters, it will be challenging for him to go up against them alone.

Nevertheless, time is running out for him, and he must find a way to combat the adversary before it is too late.

13. Re: Zero

A young man named Subaru, who lives in our world, is suddenly thrust into a more fantastical one. Re: Zero recounts his experience.

Whenever Subaru passes away, he learns he will have the opportunity to start his life again. 

Even though there is only one season available so far, anime fans should try Re: Zero at least once.

The idea behind the anime is completely original and includes a stellar cast of characters.

Without a shadow of a doubt, it is one of the top anime like Demon Slayer.

14. Bleach

Ichigo Kurosaki did not ask for the ability to see apparitions at any point in his life. The blessing accompanied him into the world when he was born.

When Ichigo’s family is attacked by a Hollow, a foul lost soul, he transforms into a Soul Reaper to protect them (Demon Slayer). 

He devoted his entire life to protecting the blameless and assisting tortured spirits in finding peace within themselves and the world around them.

Whether they are interested in the tale of the young guy or the characters, there has always been something for every one of the show’s fans. 

From Ichigo’s position as the demon slayer to the rest of the demons in the world. It has some connection to Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba).

15. Black Clover

Black Clover is a popular anime like Demon Slayer in the manga series that was adapted into an anime series of the same name.

The narrative’s protagonist is a young kid named Asta, who is abandoned in front of a church. 

Around Asta, almost everyone besides him possesses some level of magical ability. He embarks on this adventure because he is determined to rule as Wizard King one day.

16. Dragon Ball Z

Five years after winning the Martial Arts Championship, Gokuu has a peaceful family life with his wife and children.

He also has a career as a martial artist. This, however, changes when a mysterious adversary named Raditz comes and claims that he is Gokuu’s long-lost brother.

Gokuu’s original goal when he was transported to EarthEarth newborn was to conquer and destroy the world, but he was fostered as a loving and well-mannered youngster, and now he is fighting to save others. 

Gokuu is a character from the Dragon Ball franchise. Only the most resilient warriors in Dragon Ball Z will emerge victorious from a fight for seven fabled and mythical dragon balls.

17. Natsume’s Book of Friends

When his peers were having a good time at fifteen, Takashi Natsume, also fifteen at the time, was living a mysterious and thrilling life. All manner of ghosts and spirits relentlessly pursued him. 

They tried to get in touch with him and talk to him. It was a mystery to him! One day, he finds out that his grandma has given him a book almost a century old called the Book of Friends.

Recently, he has been taking on a greater amount of responsibilities.

In the book, every one of the characters of the spirit in which his grandmother played a role is described. Because of this, spirits tend to congregate in Natsume. 

They yearn for freedom and tranquility. Is Natsume able to fulfill that requirement for us? Peace is wanted not only by the demons but also by Natsume.

This is a great anime like Demon Slayer fans of Demon Slayer can watch.

18. Yu Yu Hakusho

This anime like Demon Slayer was released in the 1990s, placing it among other relevant topics. It is also quite old.

On the other hand, this anime is essential to the list’s compilation because it shares themes with both Naruto and Bleach. 

Yusuke Urameshi is a high school student involved in an accident in which he loses his own life but manages to save another child’s life.

Because the underworld leader was so impressed by his performance, he was tasked with investigating strange occurrences. He will join forces with others to battle against evil.

19. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Since its debut in 1987, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure has become one of the most popular manga series in the world.

The first episode of the anime Demon Slayer, to be adapted into an anime, was broadcast in 2012.

This anime has not just one hero but the entirety of the Joestar family as the protagonists. 

Characters in this story are truly one of a kind, and many of the settings are enchanted.

This is an excellent animation, and it also contains comedic elements; as a result, it offers something entertaining for viewers of all ages.

20. Princess Mononoke

This point may be open to some debate. However, the overall tone of this anime series is very different from that of the other anime series described in the entire article.

Even though the demons are not put to a brutal end, they are vanquished like in Demon Slayer.

Demons are present, and their presence alone is sufficient to maintain audience interest.

The story in Princess Mononoke, an anime like Demon Slayer, is excellent, and the animation and characters will stay with you for a long time.

21. Rurouni Kenshin


It is a fantasy action anime like demon slayer kimetsu no Kaiba, and the story takes place in the Meiji era in 1878. Himura Kenshin is the main protagonist of the story.

He is sometimes referred to as Hikokiri Battosai. Fans of the video game Demon Slayer will almost certainly grow to like this anime series.

22. My Hero Academia

The Japanese manga series My Hero Academia is set in a fantastical universe including superhuman beings.

Bones make the anime adaptation of Bones. The titles of the books are the same as those of the anime shows with anime titles. 

The plot of this anime like Demon Slayer revolves around Izuku Midoriya, a young boy born in this reality without any extraordinary abilities because superpowers have become commonplace.

Even with this, who truly entertains the idea of being a superhero for themselves?

Izuku Midoriya was the recipient of the skills given to him by Japan’s most famous saint, who, having reached his full potential, passed them on to Izuku Midoriya.

After that, he played a role in helping him get accepted into a prestigious secondary school for the preparation of legends.

23. Dororo

The Osamu Tezuka manga of the same name serves as the basis for the plot of the 2019 anime adaptation of Dororo.

The version departs from the original source material in a number of significant ways; however, it adheres to the manga’s overarching logic.

A young ronin named Hyakkimaru, accompanied by an equally young imp.

To retrieve the many parts of his body that have been abducted, Dororo must go up against several demonic-like entities in Japan during the Sengoku period and fight them. 

The number one recommendation on the list for people who enjoy watching anime like demon slayer kimetsu.

In the fantasy world of human people, together with their foes and the primary characters.

24. Samurai Champloo

Although it is a short animation, Samurai Champloo is comparable to longer series such as Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

Anime is a work of art in every sense of the word and teaches various important lessons. To locate the lost samurai, three heroes set out on a mission. 

This anime has a story that takes several surprising turns. There are multiple battle sequences.

As a consequence of this, it is appropriate to classify it as an action anime.

25. Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball Super are continuations of the popular anime series Dragon Ball, from which they descended.

In this popular animation, Goku and Gohan are depicted engaging in battle against monsters native to outer space. 

Characters in this anime like Demon Slayer, such as Goku and his family, serve as sources of motivation and inspiration.

Once these heroes are present in the globe, there will be no way for evil to triumph.

26. Beserk

The Berserk manga has been adapted into several different anime series, but the first one that everybody should watch is the 1997 adaptation of the same name.

The series’ run only lasted from 1997 to 1998, although it was quite successful. 

Many people acclaimed the mature subject matter of the anime, and many others considered it one of the best—the most impressive examples of their kind within the canon of dark fantasy anime titles.

27. Jujutsu Kaisen

Demon Slayer and Jujutsu Kaisen are two of the world’s most well-known manga and anime series.

Each of these phenomena saw a surge in popularity during the same period, likely leading to their being associated with one another. 

In both of them, the human world is one in which men are vulnerable to the influence of the supernatural.

Several of the Curses in Jujutsu Kaisen are said to be born from an inner force that most people cannot control.

Jujutsu Kaisen and Demon Slayer are examples of some of the most impressive shounen anime to have been produced recently.

Regarding its action scenes and challenging battles, Jujutsu Kaisen can give Demon Slayer a run for its money. 

People who enjoy Demon Slayer’s genre should try Jujutsu Kaisen, as the show is entertaining and worthwhile. Both of these anime have very high-quality animation throughout.

28. Attack on Titan

Another popular anime like Demon Slayer is Attack on Titan, 100 years before man-eating Titans were initially said to have existed.

They could find health and safety hidden behind massive walls, which rendered the goliaths speechless.

Whatever the case, the safety and security they have enjoyed for a significant amount of time are jeopardized when a massive Titan breaks through the barriers.

As a result, a wave of monsters pours into the area that had previously served as the people’s haven.

During the chaos, Officer Eren Jaeger’s anime character witnesses one of the beasts devouring his mother.

This compels him to swear that he will take the lives of every Titan.

He takes on a few associates who are specifically trained to assist him. The gathering is humanity’s final hope of avoiding destruction at the hands of the animals.

29. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

The Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood television series is an anime adaptation of the manga of the same name.

An action-packed fantasy anime like Demon Slayer, in which the protagonists, two brothers named Edward and Alphonse, search for the Philosopher’s Stone.

They want to get their bodies back in working order. They got into a lot of trouble when they tried to use their expertise in theoretical chemistry to bring back their mother, who had already passed away.

Edward, who was only missing a few of his appendages, enlisted in the State Military.

This enables him to proceed with the investigation even as he works to reestablish contact with his sibling. 

His spirit is secured to this world by a suit of armor that provides protection.

Yet, Edward and Alphonse are by no means the only ones seeking the magnificent stone. There are a great many others.

In addition to this, as they search, they come across information about a plan to alter the entire nation for reasons they cannot comprehend.

The most excellent animated series is Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. 

Similarly, demon slayer kimetsu no Kaiba has incredible sword fights and action sequences.

An anime series that improved significantly in quality with the second season.

30. Avatar: The Last Airbender

The fact that it is produced by Western studios and has been a fan favorite since the 2000s further adds to the show’s appeal.

Avatar, one of the most iconic anime like Demon Slayer, has mastery over the four classical elements, and his mission in life is to make the Earth peaceful. 

According to the elements, the world’s nations can be divided into four groups.

There are a lot of fun activities and important life lessons. Throughout this anime, such as in demon slayer kimetsu, no Kaiba.

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