26 Best FPS Games for PS4 to Play Right Now

Best FPS Games For PS4

This article discusses some of the best FPS games for PS4. The PlayStation 4 is one of the most popular consoles of all time, and it’s home to some of this generation’s best shooters.

Shooter games are undeniably popular, with Call of Duty, Overwatch, and Fortnite at the top of the list. Not only have the stories in these games become more intricate and the characters more varied, but additional locales and activities have added to the game’s versatility.

It’s no secret that first-person shooters are popular on the PlayStation 4, but there are fewer of them these days, with most studios preferring third-person over first-person in recent years.

In the seventh generation of gaming, you couldn’t go more than a few steps without running across a Modern Warfare clone.

Every other first-person shooter was a gritty, depressingly brown journey into the near future, where everyone was magically healed and sat behind cover for the rest of their lives.

However, We’ve produced a list of some of the best FPS games for PS4, spanning from the realistic to the ridiculous.

Destiny 2

Yes, it’s not a game that many people agree on, mainly as a live service release. But if you want to shoot objects in space, you’ll get it with Destiny 2.

Bungie has worked hard since the game’s first release to make Destiny 2 into a game that people will want to play for years. And it’s safe to say they’ve succeeded.

Hunt for loot with your buddies or yourself, participate in life-threatening raids, and experience Bungie’s fluid FPS action.

Even better, with the addition of First Light, it’s now free to play on PS4. Just in case you don’t want to pay to say goodbye to your social commitments.


Say hello to Ghostrunner from the brains at One More Level if you liked RUINER but wanted it in first-person or just want a more basic, action-oriented Cyberpunk 2077.

Ghostrunner is a one-hit murder-action game in the manner of Hotline Miami, in which you must climb Dharma Tower while slicing and dicing your way through its bleak, colorful floors.

It’s tricky, but Ghostrunner is an FPS that you might find difficult to put down because of the near-instant restarts and tools at your disposal. Yes, it’s arguably more at home on PC, but don’t let that stop you from playing it on your PS4.

Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4 didn’t need to reinvent the wheel after Far Cry 3, but did it have to? Also, Far Cry 4 may be described as a pinker, more mountainous version of the third game if you’re pessimistic.

However, that’s a big part of what makes Far Cry 4 so enjoyable. The fundamental Far Cry 3 experience (liberate camps, climb towers, shoot bad dudes) is still present.

But with new additions like abseiling, a captivating villain in Pagan Min. And a large map to explore and expect to spend dozens of hours in Kyrat. This is one of the best FPS games for PS4.

Killzone: Shadow Fall

Shadow Fall isn’t a good game, but it’s still a lot of fun. Treat it as a stunning display of the PS4’s potential, and attempt to work your way around its jammed-in mechanics to coincide with the console’s new features.

We’d want to see another Killzone, but this could be the franchise’s final chapter given how well Guerrilla is doing with Horizon. It’s not the worst way to leave.


Blizzard’s Overwatch, one of the most important games of the decade, didn’t pioneer the “hero shooter,” but it did take the concept and polish it to a brilliant sheen.

The level of variability in a regular multiplayer match is unrivaled, while seasonal events like “Lucioball” offer fun twists on the traditional game fundamentals.

Overwatch has all of the Blizzard charms we expected, but how the game’s classes are balanced to create a competitive team game astounds us. Also, we have a lot more Overwatch to look forward to, as the game’s sequel is coming soon.

TitanFall 2

Titanfall is the first game from Respawn Entertainment. Was a fantastic multiplayer game with an exciting mix of first-person shooting and mech-based warfare.

But it lacked substance and a campaign mode. Also, Titanfall 2, which combined a time-traveling plot with a surprising amount of heart and lots of robot-destroying action, handled this entirely.

However, its competitive aspect didn’t let you down with various settings and a progression system that made your character seem important in each fight.

Unfortunately, Titanfall’s poor sales may prevent a complete sequel, but the Titanfall name lives on. Furthermore, this is one of the best FPS games for the PS4.

Apex Legend

Taking the Titans out of Titanfall and making it a battle royale game appears to be the most cynical thing an EA-owned business could do. Perhaps it is, but Respawn Entertainment has created the most exciting battle royale game. 

Furthermore, Apex Legends is similar to Warzone or even PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in gameplay. Still, the option to respawn and redeploy discourages players from feeling too comfortable in late-game situations.

It also helps maintain Titanfall 2’s unrivaled shooting and provides players with various characters to pick from in each round.

Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2, a one-time free PlayStation Plus game may be the closest console players will ever come to a new Left 4 Dead game.

While it lacks the chaotic intensity of Valve’s legendary game, Killing Floor 2 is still a great way to unwind while firing up zombies’ brains.

It’s a touch strange at times, especially with its scheduled events and bosses. But make no mistake: Killing Floor 2 isn’t an FPS PS4 you can just walk into and expect to win.

Furthermore, Killing Floor 2 is one of the best zombie games out there. And it’s a terrific way to bond with some pals. It’s packed with material, including more maps than you’ll probably need and monster kinds you’ll have to face up against intelligently.

Star Wars Battlefront 2

Remove Battlefront II from its many controversies for a moment, and you’ll find that it’s competent. If not fantastic, shooter at its core.

The contentious microtransactions that may have provided in-game advantages have been deleted, and cosmetics have taken their place. You have to ask why they didn’t just do it from the start.

In addition, the multiplayer delivers significantly more material than the original reboot. Battlefront II has a single-player campaign that, although not perfect, offers an engaging enough tale to justify the game’s lower price of admission.

Furthermore, It looks like a Star Wars game, but you’ll want to play it with some pals or wander off to other PS4 FPS games.


While it isn’t the next Prey that fans were hoping for, and it looks nothing like the original Prey, Arkane’s sci-fi vision for the series has received a lot of praise.

It’s like a new System Shock that we’ll almost certainly never see. Prey might be your best pick if you want to get immersed in a deep environment with RPG mechanics.

Prey succeeds in giving hours upon hours of frightening exploration as evil monsters lurk around every corner. Despite not being flawless (the opponents are relatively ordinary, and the story takes its sweet time to do anything of significance).

Nobody will ever forget their first brush with a homicidal coffee mug or any of the game’s other bizarre and unforgettable moments. This is one of the best FPS games for PS4.

Call Of Duty: WWII

While the game’s promise of “boots on the ground” went to hell in a handbasket after they included leprechauns, Call of Duty: WII was a much-needed fresh air for the series.

It’s still a Call of Duty game, down to the hilariously inaccessible multiplayer, but WWII proved that You could still revive the old dog.

It’s everything you’d expect from a Call of Duty game: tight shooting, simple to pick up and play. And obscene amounts of bombast.

Also, while WWII does not pose a danger to the franchise’s first few attempts at recreating World War II, it is a fun method to slaughter Nazis. That appears to be a recurring trend throughout this list.

Battlefield V

Battlefield V didn’t entirely turn out the way fans had hoped when it first came out. But it has evolved into a superb large-scale multiplayer shooter.

Also, Battlefield V seems like the next generation of online multiplayer, with iconic Battlefield destruction on massive maps and multi-stage events putting a new spin on the series concept.

The campaign wasn’t a significant step forward, but the franchise has never been known for its emphasis on that area.

Doom Eternal

Id Software focused solely on what matters in a Doom game — slaying demons — to revive its legendary first-person shooter franchise, and it paid off handsomely.

Shotguns, rocket launchers, assault weapons, a chainsaw. And the iconic “BFG” are all at your disposal to murder the hellspawn, which you will do.

In every manner conceivable, the sequel amplified the firearms and gore. And the heavy metal, making it one of the most thrilling FPS adventures available on the PS4. This is one of the best FPS games for PS4.

Rage 2

Nobody wanted or asked for the post-apocalyptic sequel, but we’re delighted you did it regardless. Rage was a weird beast with no good finale that tried to accomplish too much at once without doing anything particularly well.

But you corrected that in time for Rage 2. Anyone who was turned off by the first Rage would probably think the sequel makes up for it.

Furthermore, We’ll be dammed if we know the story in Rage 2 — something about a peanut head guy in a suit? Who knows what will happen. We understand that the game’s gunplay is as addictive as you’d expect from a game with the name Id.

Shadow Warrior 2

If you haven’t yet discovered the pleasures of the Wang, I strongly advise you to do so as soon as possible. Shadow Warrior 2 is a silly joy to behold once you discover its loot and gratuitously gratuitous world.

Also, It may not be an obvious contender for the top PS4 FPS games. But once you get going and discover its riches and gratuitously, erm, gratuitous world, it’s a crazy joy to behold.

Shadow Warrior 2 is like a lighter-hearted Destiny with samurai swords, embracing its treasure systems and rewarding the grind. Also, there’s a lot to like about it, whether the ridiculously obnoxious protagonist or the breadth of stuff on offer, so don’t miss out.

Metro Exodus

While it’s debatable whether Metro needed to go the open-world path in the first place. It makes perfect sense in Exodus, the series’ most ambitious entry to date and one of the year’s surprise hits.

There’s a reason why this drew so much more attention than Anthem. Metro Exodus, a PS4 FPS with a collapsing environment to explore, puts you in the shoes of series veteran Artyom.

Veteran Ar as he makes his way above ground and boards a train to prove once and for all that life survives outside of the Russian subway system. At least in real life, plenty of irradiated creeps want to eat your spleen.

Firewall Zero Hour

First and foremost, if you want to play Firewall Zero Hour, you’ll need a PSVR headset. This pulse-pounding FPS is a great reason to get one if you don’t already have one. It uses virtual reality and is an all-around solid shooter focusing on teamwork.

However, you can look around corners and hide behind cover while communicating with your squad using your headphones. It’s remarkable when you have people working together to pin and take down your opponents.

It’s also totally playable with the DualShock if you don’t want to spend the extra money on the Move controllers. This is one of the best FPS games for PS4.


After decades of killing bad guys, the FPS genre required a reboot, a new hook that felt wholly original. With its unique movement and temporal dynamics, SUPERHOT was eager to oblige.

The action takes place without your involvement, although at a very sluggish pace. It accelerates whenever you move. Also, if it doesn’t sound appealing, give it a try.

Your opponents should be concerned if you’re up against a room full of red men, and all you have is an ashtray. You can toss the ashtray at the nearest opponent. Snatch their firearm in mid-air, and then dispatch all of his companions.

Fallout 4

Some may argue that Fallout 4 favors the FPS over the RPG. While they may have a point, it’s still an exciting way to go through a post-apocalyptic wasteland where everything is out to kill you or force you to join their cult. I’m not sure what to say if that doesn’t sound like a good time.

While you can switch to third-person mode, Fallout 4 is most immersive when you’re in first-person and can see all of The Commonwealth’s gruesome sights.

Because of its patented Bethesda faults and quirks. It’s arguably not the most refined of all the games on this list, but you might find it difficult to care when it sucks you in. This is one of the best FPS games for PS4.

Resident Evil 7

Surprisingly, we foresaw the significant changes in Resident Evil 7 before it was even released. Changing the action from the over-the-shoulder third-person perspective used in previous entries to a first-person perspective was a risk, but it actually paid off handsomely.

You added new horrors and ideas to the franchise. Including a deranged redneck crashing through the goddamn wall to assault you.

Also, Ethan, the protagonist, seems powerless and vulnerable against the Baker family in the early goings. Still, once the meatier armament becomes accessible, the action takes up, and the corpse count begins to rise.

Call Of Duty: Warzone

While Modern Warfare, a soft relaunch for the franchise, was a decent FPS game on the PlayStation 4. Warzone, it is battle royale spin-off, has garnered the most attention since its March 2020 release.

You don’t need to be informed that there are five million battle royale games. Yet Warzone manages to stand out from the crowd.

Warzone is a notch above the rest, whether it’s the innovative payment system. Battling for your life in the Gulag, or the traditional Call of Duty gunplay.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft scrapped its ambitious Rainbow 6: Patriots game. Which was set to focus on economic strife and the dark side of capitalism, but the series was not abandoned.

Instead, it built Rainbow Six Siege, a multiplayer-focused shooter with destructible terrain that compels players to look in all directions as they one-by-one eliminate the opposition squad.

Every shot counts and the satisfaction of executing a winning strategy is enormous when squads work together in harmony. Of course, getting murdered two seconds into a round is awful.


DOOM is the game for you if you seek a PS4 FPS with a strong emphasis on “shooter.” After a multiplayer beta that flattered to deceive, few people gave the franchise’s reinvention a chance.

But DOOM has always been about you, Doomguy, and slaying demons. That is certainly provided in spades. Furthermore, DOOM is the opposite of the modern shooter.

As it does not need you to wait behind cover or engage in a self-important tale. On the other hand, DOOM is about a single man and his ridiculous arsenal of weapons on a journey to Hell.

DOOM is straightforward and fun. Allowing you to stomp demons’ heads in while feeling like you’re playing a modernized version of the classic.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 presents a beautiful, melancholy story of the end of outlaws. And there’s so much to see and to do over its enormous duration that we almost forgot it was a shooter.

However, most of that time, you’ll be involved in one or more entertaining and tense shootouts. While the shooting occasionally takes a back seat to the plot and characters.

It’s satisfying and entertaining to experiment with various period-appropriate armaments. Also, you may spend hours just exploring how well you can hunt with multiple weapons.

Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village is horrifying, to be honest. So, while it’s a shooter waiting with a lot of action and satisfying moments. There are a lot of times when you’re out of ammo or weapons and things get a little too scary.

However, if you love a bit scary, this is a combo that you might enjoy. And we had a great time with Village. 

Furthermore, it’s schlocky in all the right ways and doesn’t take itself too seriously. But it also understands when to get creepy. This is one of the best first-person shooter games on the PlayStation 4.

Hunt: Showdown

Check out Hunt: Showdown, a multiplayer game set in a gothic Bayou riddled with zombies and other creatures that is far more vicious and unforgiving than others, yet offers tremendous rewards.

You’re dropped into a map with the mission of locating and killing a high-value monster while other teams search for the same targets.

It’s also one of the most terrifying gaming experiences. It includes a fantastic sound design that transforms every movement into a tactical decision.

As well as shooting that can kill you with a single bullet. However, if you give it some time, you’ll discover a cult classic.

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