22 Anime of January 2023

Anime of January 2023

Welcome to the wonderful world of anime of January 2023! If you’re an anime lover, you’re in for a treat because this January’s lineup is breathtaking.

From heart-wrenching dramas to action-packed adventures, there’s something for everyone in the anime world this January.

With so many incredible anime titles, knowing where to begin is hard.

From the latest season of your favorite series to new releases that are sure to become instant classics, there’s no shortage of must-see anime content to explore.

Whether looking for a heartwarming romance or thrilling action, this month’s lineup has it all.

So grab some popcorn, settle in, and prepare to be transported to a world beyond your wildest imagination!

1. Aldnoah.Zero

Aldnoah.Zero is a game that is both excellent and a squandered opportunity.

It has some fantastic climax moments, sound direction, and sound design but lacks story and character development.

The excellent moments strike hard and are tremendously effective, presenting enormous scenes of destruction or upheaval with a level of delicacy that is seldom seen in A-1 Pictures.

Despite its many problems, the show is still amusing and enjoyable and one of the best anime of January 2023, so you should try it and see how you feel after watching the first few episodes.

2. Guilty Crown

Most of what I have just said is eligible for the Guilty Crown competition hosted by Production I.G.

The plot could be better, and there are few exciting characters, but the audiovisual production in Aldnoah is. Zero is outstanding.

It has stunning backgrounds, and the music is epic in the same way that Hiroyuki Sawano’s tunes are.

Even if it breaks apart at the end, it gives a satisfying conclusion, even though the filmmakers and team are not holding back any punches in the early episodes.

It’s like a combination of Geass, Future Diary, and Eureka Seven. Although it doesn’t quite live up to most anime of January 2023, it’s still enjoyable and well-created.

3. Darling in the FranXX

The people in control create huge humanoid mecha that are operated in pairs by youngsters when they realize humankind is on the verge of destruction.

They have been tasked to board these FranXX and fight the Klaxosaurs, risking their lives.

Nonetheless, although the program has several well-directed Studio Trigger action sequences (with matching music design by the illustrious Hiroyuki Sawano), it is mostly a coming-of-age drama focusing on feelings and love.

It is ridiculous, but not necessarily in a positive sense; yet, it is one of the most exciting anime of January 2023!

4. Gargantia On the Verdurous Planet

The odd and wonderful Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet is an anime of January 2023 only a few people have seen.

Gen Urobuchi wrote it, and Production I.G. was responsible for producing it. It has some killer story turns, and the animation is superb.

The primary mecha in this program is called Chamber, an independent individual with a wonderful and bright personality.

The protagonist, Ledo, is an interplanetary soldier forced to hide in a bit of civilization floating over a wholly blue planet. 

He is built in some extremely 3DCGI, particularly for its 2013 release date, and the scenario is original.

Everyone who likes mecha and wants something different should watch this one-of-a-kind show.

5. SSSS. Gridman

One of the oddly-named anime of January 2023, for which there is an explanation.

Yuuta, a man with no memory who finds himself unexpectedly in possession of a virtual mecha that can suck him in through a computer to defend against approaching Kaiju invasions, is the protagonist of Gridman. 

Gridman follows Yuuta as he fights against incoming Kaiju invasions.

All rolled into one in this unapologetically camp love letter to Mecha, Ultraman, Power Rangers, and Kaiju. 

He unites up with a few buddies who can also see the monsters to construct the Gridman Alliance.

While Studio Trigger also produced many of them, it relied less strongly than its other works on the signature look of the studio.

6. Voices of a Distant Star

Makoto Shinkai, known for his work on Garden of Words, Your Name, and Weathering With You, debuted as a director with Voices of a Distant Star, which he developed virtually alone.

It’s one of the short anime of January 2023, just 25 minutes long, about two star-crossed lovers who cannot see one other again because of the distance between them that can only be bridged through interstellar travel.

Despite their increasing physical distance, they continue to communicate via the exchange of communications.

It’s a tragedy, a terrible story that anybody can relate to. It looks gorgeous when you realize how it ends.

7. Robotics; Notes

For several years, the Tanegashima High School Robotics Research Club has been diligently toiling away at repairing and developing the GunPro1 Mecha.

As soon as Akiho Senomiya joins, she states that it has always been her desire to be the one to restore it.

Thus she and the rest of her team immediately begin working toward achieving that goal.

One of those members is receiving a warning about the potential of artificial intelligence, and a conspiracy is now taking place.

It is set in the same worlds as the Chaos; Head, Steins; Gate series. Also, It has many characteristics that define both series, but it avoids delving too far into the macabre realm.

It tells a mecha story without many of the genre’s gimmicks, making it adorable, so check it out if you want that ‘behind-the-scenes’ look.

What makes it a lovable anime of January 2023 is how it tells a mecha narrative.

8. Giant Robo

In each episode of this anime of January 2023, the animation is comparable to a short film in which some of the most creative and innovative examples of conventional animation are shown.

It takes aspects of Western storytelling and adapts them to the genre and format, including fantastic designs for the characters and the mecha they pilot, all wrapped in a thrilling and action-packed journey.

It is still as camp, poppy, and childlike as it was when it started to premiere in 1992, and it only grew better during its 7-episode 6-year run. The odd stark, somberness is still there.

This is one of those underappreciated works within the genre that, without a doubt, calls for wider publicity.


Very few other anime of January 2023 have a fanbase that is as devoted as the one for FoolyCooly.

It offers a brief and varied coming-of-age narrative with all the craziness from a Studio Gainax production.

But with just six episodes published before the beginning of the millennium (let’s disregard those cash-grab subsequent sequels).

Even though it has a relatively short runtime, this is one of the most highly regarded mecha shows for reasons such as the soundtrack and the animation. 

The subtextual story and the characters are also very good; however, I highly recommend you give it a shot and make your impression on it!

10. Eureka Seven

Eureka Seven is one of the anime of January 2023 with an enormous cult following.

This is because the program combines the modern and cool features of culture from the 2000s into a single episode.

It’s one of Sunrise’s most endearing products, from the music to the character designs, to the hoverboard robots, adolescent love, and wacky narrative, and it’s one of my favorites.

The story focuses on Renton, a naïve and impressionable young man who falls in love with the mysterious Eureka and chooses to join the Gecko State due to their recruitment efforts.

Even if certain parts are more silly than others, it’s still a product of its period. And it reminds you of simpler anime you saw as a child since it’s vibrant and beautiful.

11. Bokurano

The storyline in Bokurano is peculiar in every manner. It has a drab, depressing atmosphere, and the art style is also drab and depressing.

The characters look wonderfully designed, but they are still rather generic.

It is constantly shrouded in mist or has a hazy quality, and by the time each episode is through, you have an odd sense of contentment.

This is because it depicts a group of fifteen youngsters who sign a contract.

The contract is to control a single robot during an extraterrestrial invasion.

It is a magnificently designed and lethally effective machine. Still, there is a catch: if you use it, you will be destroyed.

This is one of the most creative anime of January 2023, and it merits recognition for its level of creativity and the fact that it needs more viewing time.

12. Promare

Promare is Studio Trigger’s love letter to Studio Trigger. Oh, yes, that sums it up.

It combines the early work of Gainax (Diebuster, GurrenLagann) and the latter work of Studio Trigger (Kill la Kill, Kiznaiver, FranXX). 

It smashes it into one energizing, colorful eye buster of spectacle and action. This results in a fascinating and eye-busting experience. 

The main character, Galo (who looks like Kamina from TTGL), is trying to discover a cosmic and political conspiracy connected to enraged aliens’ appearance. The narrative is relatively straightforward since it is a movie.

It’s not complicated, doesn’t take up much time, and is one of the anime of January 2023 that will make you laugh like crazy.

13. Gunbuster and Diebuster

To the Top: Gunbuster and To the Top: Diebuster are two extraordinary and underappreciated anime of January 2023, essential to several other mecha series that have been released.

They popularized the bombastic, dynamic, space-traversing absurdism seen in later shows (again, FranXX, Gridman, TTGL, Kill la Kill, Promare, etc.), which later would find inspiration from, with its simpler stories that always end up going in completely outlandish directions towards the later quarter.

The first is an OVA from 1988 that, despite its age, continues to be relevant.

The delayed sequel from 2006 was published just before Gainax shut down to demonstrate how much the genre had progressed by that point.

Since they are two historically significant programs that are as stupid as all, I suggest giving them a go.

14. Knights of Sidonia

Long after the destruction of Earth, Knights of Sidonia shows an interstellar struggle between an extraterrestrial race known as the Gauna and the final vestiges of the human species, primarily made up of clones. This fight takes place in an alternate universe.

Our main character, Nagate, was born and reared in the bottom portions of the enormous space-faring structure that houses humanity. He had only just learned about the millions of other exiles.

Nevertheless, not long after that, he is coerced into becoming the pilot of a mecha and bestowed with the title of Knight to assist in protecting the others from the Gauna.

It has excellent production quality, especially in terms of the soundtrack.

Even while the 3D CGI animation may be a little challenging to get used to at first, it makes up for it in the fight scenes, which move and burst across space with accuracy and energy.

15. Ghost in the Shell

The television program Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex debuted in 2002 as a spin-off of the critically acclaimed film of the same name. It has garnered generally comparable levels of praise.

It is remarkable how little this presentation’s audiovisual and narrative aspects have changed with time; it is still just as timely and stunning as it was when it first appeared.

Mechas (which are mostly unpiloted, but there are many other subtypes) are often introduced into the storyline of action thrillers during the siege or warfare sequences. 

If you want an anime of January 2023 with a compelling story, this is an excellent option for you to consider.

16. The Count of Monte Cristo

Studio Gonzo’s The Count of Monte Cristo is an anime version of the historically famous book The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas.

The novel tells an evocative saga of retribution and aristocratic corruption across France.

The captivating storyline of the original novel has been preserved in the anime adaptation, which takes place in the future during a period of revolutionary technological advancement.

The superb KlimptUkiyo-e textured animation and graphic design make this much more enjoyable, making each scene lively.

This is one of the anime of January 2023 with an amazing display of creative talent.

17. Mobile Suit Gundam Series

Because there are already so many Gundam anime of January 2023, I will continue watching the U.C. series, particularly the mainline franchise that stars Ray Amuro.

The conflict starts with a full-scale attack on the Zeon Principality, where Ray resides. He swiftly stows away and finally steals a Mobile Suit Gundam mecha robot. 

He discovers he is a natural at it, fighting off several attackers before leaving the area with his friends and family.

From anime and manga to the enormous Gunpla sector, it is one of the most significant intellectual exports Japan has.

It has inspired the creation of restaurants, colleges, and even a life-size Gundam Mecha Robot.

It was shown to the public for the first time this year after being in the works for many years.

Before continuing to Origins, you should see the movie trilogy based on the original series.

It sometimes streamlines and reorganizes what may be a convoluted and confusing program.

After that, navigate your way through the history of the United Kingdom!

18. Neon Genesis Evangelion

The angst-ridden, introverted Shinji Ikari from Neon Genesis Evangelion is presented as a character in the series.

Shinji’s father has always ignored him, and in the series, Shinji is given a chance to reconnect with his father.

When he finally gets there, he is thrown into an Evangelion, a gigantic, insanely awesome mecha with specific synchronization rates depending on the pilot. 

He is tasked with fending against the second coming of extraterrestrial invaders known as the Angels with his companions.

The story is a deconstructive nightmare, and it has just as much lore behind the scenes as it does topically; nonetheless, there is something about NGE that makes people want to keep playing it.

Whether it be the people, the action, the dramatic moments, or the profound metaphysical or philosophical or nonsensical lore, this anime of January 2023 has it all.

19. Code Geass

Following the assassination of his mother, Lelouchvi Britannia was forced into exile along with his disabled mother. 

During this time, he solemnly vowed to one exact day take revenge and create a world in his image, free of corruption and monarchal subjugation and suitable for powerless people.

The storyline of Code Geass, which is based on conventional Sunrise mecha traits and has elements reminiscent of both Gundam and Hamlet, is one of the reasons why so many people like this anime of January 2023.

That’s in addition to the fact that Lelouch is such a powerful and captivating protagonist that one can’t help but cheer for him even when he’s at his worst.

20. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Tengen Toppa, It doesn’t matter what your expectations are for Gurren Lagann since the show will defy them anyway.

That is dumb, ludicrous, and not even close to being realistic, but oh my GOD, it is so cool!

It takes everything a fan of the mecha genre could enjoy and amplifies it to a level 21/10.

There are no other situations with stakes as high, fight sequences that are more expressive and ludicrous, or emotional moments that work as well as they do in Gurren Lagann.

It is a one-of-a-kind classic in every imaginable aspect, and it has already gone down as one of the finest.

It has inspired many video games, anime, comics, manga, and other forms of media. Fight the authority.

21. Legend of the Galactic Heroes

Playing Legend of the Galactic Heroes calls for an investment of time, focus, and perseverance.

It is a lengthy, intricate, and character-filled drama played out over decades in the show’s world and over 100 episodes in our own.

We follow two opposing sides in a large-scale cosmic war: Reinhard von Lohengramm, a member of the monarchical, aristocratic Galactic Empire, and Wen-li, a member of the democratic Free Planets Alliance. Both sides are vying for control of the galaxy.

On the other hand, there is no such thing as a bad man or good guy in Legend of the Galactic Heroes.

The story is far more nuanced and intricate than most anime of January 2023.

It’s the anime equivalent of A Song of Ice and Fire or War and Peace, and I have no clue when it will be dethroned from its throne.

Therefore,  I suggest anybody wanting to put time into an anime check out this one since it’s the best one out there.


The Anime of January 2023 promises to be exciting and captivating for all anime enthusiasts.

With a wide range of genres and themes, there’s truly something for everyone to enjoy. 

From the intense action scenes to the heartwarming moments of tenderness, each anime title offers a unique experience leaving you on the edge of your seat. 

So, don’t hesitate to dive into the anime world and explore what it offers.

You never know what incredible stories and characters you might discover that will leave a lasting impression on you.  

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