25 Best Indie Games for iPhone

Best Indie Games For iPhone

Who doesn’t enjoy playing games that are considered to be the best? But this time, try playing some of the best indie games for iPhone.

A single person creates these. This isn’t to say that these games aren’t enjoyable. These are incredible, contrary to popular belief.

Everyone enjoys playing games for a few minutes or hours. And if you enjoy playing games and want to try something new, the internet has led you to the correct place.

Do you have any questions about what Indie games are? On the other hand, indie games are created by a single person.

Hundreds of such games are available in the app store, just like the other games. However, not all Indie games are equally enjoyable to play.

Some may be missing key features, while others may be overly clunky. What distinguishes these games from others? Why did you pick these?

All of this will be revealed in this article. The following is a guide to the features, benefits, drawbacks, size compatibility, etc.

So, if you’re looking for a way to get off the beaten path. Check out some of the best indie games for iPhone and iPad that will keep you entertained!. Let Go

Table of Contents

  1. Gris
  2. Limbo
  3. Among Us
  4. Iron Marines
  5. Playdead’s Inside
  6. Alto’s Adventure
  7. Traffix
  8. Wilderless
  9. Mini Metro
  10. Game Dev Tycoon
  11. Dead Cells
  12. Sky: Children Of The Light
  13. Monument Valley
  14. Threes
  15. Hade’s Star
  16. Spaceteam
  17. Desert Golfing 
  18. Two Fold
  19. Papers, Please
  20. Brothers: A tale of the Sons
  21. Pavilion
  22. Spring Fall
  23. WitchEye
  24. Dear Reader
  25. What The Golf


Gris is a fantastic animated platformer that immerses you in the world of Gris, a naive female heroine.

Because it is free of death, danger, and frustration, the game provides players with an exciting and memorable experience.

Also, Players will have the opportunity to explore a careful and fading universe that has been built. And brought to life by a captivating piece of art, complex animation, and an attractive score.

Furthermore, there are times when the game feels like a complex of emotions that uses its stages as a canvas for a beautiful platformer design.

And other times when it feels like a sophisticated game that demonstrates its aesthetic aims through gameplay.


Limbo is still making waves in the independent sector as one of the most beautiful and outright breathtaking indie games ever produced.

Even though it was released more than ten years ago on mobile. Also, Players can go on a journey with a boy in quest of his sister in this game.

The game does not directly disclose or give the player more indications beyond the basic controls. The game’s hazy plot is told through the game’s exhilarating and intriguing locations.

Creating a compelling story with an emotional conclusion that will leave players astonished and satisfied. This is one of the best indie games for iPhone you should try.

Among Us

Check out one of the best indie games for iPhone that has exploded in popularity in recent years. The plot of Within Us revolves around locating an imposter among a spacecraft crew. For limitless amusement, it’s best played with friends.

However, the cute retro graphics in this game inspired us to make some unique Among Us-themed iPhone wallpapers. It will take some time to get used to this game, but you will be hooked once you do.

Each game is unique and fascinating, whether you’re exploring the spaceship and making speedy repairs or serving as the imposter who targets fellow players and crucial systems. Also, It’ll put your strategy and wits to the test while keeping you interested.

Iron Marines

In this massive strategy game, prepare to fight hard sci-fi conflicts on exotic planets. In a far-flung galaxy, your mission is to command soldiers.

And aliens against swarms of space monsters and mysterious extraterrestrial forces. It’ll keep you hooked with 21 campaign missions and 17 special operations to test your mettle.

Furthermore, there are several difficulty levels to select from and eight special weapons to help you unleash hell on your enemies. I especially enjoy the impossible mode, which will test even the most experienced gamers.

Moreover, It’s also visually attractive, with an excellent sound design to improve your enjoyment. This is one of the best indie games for iPhone you should try.

Playdead’s Inside

Playdead’s Inside is one that is new, but I’m convinced it’ll be one of the iPhone’s best indie horror games! After all, it’s received over a hundred accolades, including BAFTAs for game design, visual excellence, and storyline.

It’s a beautifully brutal, story-driven platformer with challenging puzzles and fast-paced action. Also, the melancholy art style, dark graphics, and ambient audio create an exciting, frightening environment, which you’ll like. It draws you into the plot and holds your attention for hours.

Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Adventure is a never-ending snowboarding game that takes players across the beautiful alpine hills of their home environment and long-abandoned ruins.

A fun fact about the game is that, unlike the vast majority of endless runners. The developers of Alto’s Adventure did not go to great lengths to make the game challenging enough for players to die frequently.

However, it does become difficult when you come across a mountain elder who will stop at nothing to put you down.

Furthermore, you’ll save fleeing llamas along the journey. Leap over terrifying chasms, scrape roofs, do backflips, and soar across the mountains as time passes.


Traffix is a highly addicting game in which you control traffic flow in a novel way by deciding when cars should pass to avoid a collision.

Players take control of an ever-bustling highway in major cities such as Tokyo, Paris, Las Vegas, and Istanbul. And it’s up to them to keep the traffic flowing and the cars safe.

The game is based on simple rules, minimum features, and surprisingly addicting gameplay that will captivate you in no time. Without a doubt, this is one of the best indie games for iPhone you should try.


Another stunning show from Protopop Games, the creators of Nimian Legends. Wilderless is an open-world game that shows its unquestionably beautiful setting with many things to see and do.

Players who prefer open-world games will particularly enjoy Wilderness’ universe, which is devoid of opponents, missions, or any form of a quest. It’s a full-fledged open-world game where players can do nothing but explore.

Furthermore, You’ll be left wondering where to go or what to do next after watching Wilderless. You can utilize your shapeshifting powers to transform into various land animals. Or you can choose to get through the air like a bird to take in the sights from above.

Mini Metro

Have you considered constructing your public transportation system? It seems strange, but it’s a lot of fun! Try this game out for yourself in this fun game about creating a metro map for a rapidly expanding city.

Drawing lines between stations and getting your trains to operate is all there is. Then you have to redraw your lines as new stations appear to keep things working correctly. Keep the city going by wisely allocating limited resources.

Furthermore, You can put your planning skills to the test in one of three scenarios throughout 20 real-world towns. Also, the normal mode keeps things moving along quickly, while the infinite method is ideal for unwinding.

Alternatively, raise the stakes significantly, which is the ultimate test! It’s captivating, fulfilling, and highly addictive.

Game Dev Tycoon

Have you ever considered creating your own indie game? That will take hours of study, but you can get a taste of the thrill with this business simulation game, one of the best indie games for iPhone you should try.

You’ll need to build your game firm, design some games, and work your way up the corporate ladder. It all hinges on your ability to be innovative, exploratory, and strategic.

Moreover, we like that there are no further in-app purchases in this game, so you may play it ultimately after purchasing it.

Also, it pays attention to detail, and you have many options. From employing and managing your crew to eating for reviews, getting admirers, and becoming a global tycoon! Finally, the plot hooks you and makes you want to play more.

Dead Cells

Prepare to face strange and fantastic creatures in this action platformer that requires you to master frenzied 2D battles with various weapons and talents.

You’re a participant in a failed alchemic experiment, and you’re allowed to explore a vast castle filled with surprises and ruthless adversaries.

Furthermore, you can go at your own pace to figure out what happened on this bleak island. Moreover, this game is described as a roguevania in which you explore an interconnected universe progressively. You’ll never get tired of replaying it!

In addition, if you play the game, you will like the custom controls, which allow you to customize touch gestures, button size, and location to your preferences. Dead Cells is one of the best indie games for iPhone you should try.

Sky: Children Of The Light

The sky is a visually stunning social adventure game where players can travel freely on earth or soar over the air in a setting reminiscent of heaven. And it didn’t take long for fans to fall in love with its breathtaking gameplay.

Furthermore, the game features realistic character movements and, most all, a one-of-a-kind mobile experience. Sky also has a relaxing soundtrack and a fantastic multiplayer mode that allows you to fly with your family and friends.

Monument Valley

Monument Valley is a popular puzzle game that would never go missing from any list of the best indie games for iPhone you should try. It distinguishes out thanks to its stunning, captivating graphics that will keep you engrossed for hours.

The game aims to guide a silent princess through a breathtakingly gorgeous environment by manipulating magical structures. Also, you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported into a storybook!

It’s made simple and appealing to everyone, and each screen is a work of art. Minimalist 3D design, clever optical illusions, and beautiful monuments worldwide inspired this game. If that isn’t an original idea, I don’t know what is.

Furthermore, the audio reacts to your manipulation of the environment, so use a good pair of headphones when playing. This is one of the best indie games for iPhone you should try.


This small card game is, in my view, one of the best independent games of all time! It appears simple – combining numbers to make more significant numbers and repeating to avoid gridlock – this challenge pulls you in and activates your brain cells.

It’s a commendably unique game that promotes strategic thinking and provides limitless opportunities to expand your mind.

Threes gives an exceptional experience that will keep you coming back, from the charming design to the quirky music. This is one of the best indie games for iPhone you should try.

Hade’s Star

If you enjoy space games, you’ll enjoy this one-of-a-kind space strategy game that puts you in charge of a rapidly expanding empire.

Also, you start with a single planet and work your way up to commanding a fleet. Researching new technology, taking on various missions, and forming relationships with other players.

Furthermore, it’s a long-term game with structured gameplay that you can play in your spare time while maintaining your life.

Utilize your abilities to improve trade routes, mine resources, explore new regions, and defend against the alien space race.

Forming diplomatic connections with other players and establishing norms for economic and military cooperation are two of my favorite aspects of the game. Also, it has a fantasy vibe, and the best part is that you’re never pressured to buy anything.


This fun word game will have you feverishly punching buttons and shouting at your pals to get the party started! Also, you can play it on your own devices with 2 to 8 players.

Each player will be presented with a screen with a random control panel containing buttons, switches, sliders, and dials.

Also, your mission is to execute time-sensitive orders issued to your teammates. So, before time runs out and your ship explodes, you must listen to and interpret their technobabble.

This game may turn you into a better listener and cooperative buddy and be a lot of fun! Play it at your next get-together to see what type of Spaceteam you and your friends can put together.

Desert Golfing

Desert Golfing is a brilliant and eternally infuriating game, with one stroke of quiet reflection on the golfing genre. Three strokes of the puzzle game, and 3287 strokes of digital trolling.

The principle is straightforward: Use the same physics drag-and-swipe mechanics as the Angry Birds franchise to knock a golf ball into a procedurally produced hole.

Moreover, the truth is a little more complicated: There is no option to continue the game (unless by removing the entire software), no hole par criteria, and no means to fail.

What about those procedurally produced holes? They’re frequently extremely difficult — so complicated that the creator never designed an actual finale, believing that two near-impossible holes in the 2000s and 3000s would stop all but the most insane players.

Two Fold

Even though Twofold is a new addition to my iPhone’s home screen, it’s creative enough to make this list. In mobile games, tracing patterns for points is nothing new.

But Twofold puts a new spin on it by removing the pressure of a timer and replacing it with a limited number of lives and moves as you shift and trace your way to glory.

Papers, Please

This one occurs, and this one does not. Essentially, we’ll position ourselves as deciding parties on a boundary.

Based on our facts, we’ll determine what kind of people will be given the appropriate documentation to become citizens of the country in which we operate.

It’s a demanding but enjoyable job, and our future will be determined in part by how well we know how to do it.

However, the game contains an element of chance that makes it unpredictable and constantly keeps us on our toes.

Brothers: A tale of the Sons

In this story, we will be in charge of two characters to resolve any challenges while progressing. The reality is that the game becomes increasingly complicated over time, while the information and management skills that we gain over time are valued.

Considering the iOS port, the graphics are pretty good, and the controls are also quite simple. On the other hand, the plot essentially takes us on the search for an element/medicine that is critical to the characters’ and their family’s futures. This is one of the best indie games for iPhone you should try.


The pavilion is a raw jigsaw puzzle game. His complex vistas and the ins and outs that most of his riddles hide left us all in awe back in his day. The developer company gives it to us on the App Store like this:

The game is much more than just a visual experience; you must consider the audio, the lights, and everything surrounding the character.

Without a sure, we are not dealing with a simple game to pass the time, but rather with something more complex to which we will have to devote virtually all five senses, though hopefully not all five; sucking on the phone will not be a good idea.

Spring Fall

Spring Falls is close to being the Platonic ideal of a soothing mobile game. It elevates a simple concept – lowering hexagons of land to allow water to spread, touch neighboring hexagons, and bring seedlings into bloom – with a soothing, seasonal aesthetic, all gentle wind, and rain against lonely, weather-beaten cliffs. It’s better on the couch or even in bed than during a commute.


This colorful “platformer” sees you exploring levels as a witch converted into a flying eye by swiping across the screen to control your flight.

Each level is half Arkanoid and part Kirby’s Canvas Curse, with plenty of monster confrontations and secret goodies. But the main challenge is staying nimble on your feet while keeping your flight pathways smooth.

Furthermore, the bundle is finished out by a catchy soundtrack and plenty of charm, making this one of the most addictive indie games this year, like just about everything Devolver Digital puts out. This is one of the best indie games for iPhone you should try.

Dear Reader

Consider an action-puzzle game in which you must guess and parse classic works of literature. It begins quickly enough: simply complete the apparent completion of a word from a renowned literature section. Make your best guess based on context, scope, and style.

But while you start to second-guess, you’re also analyzing the incredible works of fiction that make up the levels of this fascinating game.

What The Golf

This is the year’s most bizarre game, which no one saw coming and has proven to be a smash hit. What’s the deal with golf? It all begins with a simple putt into a hole on what looks to be a miniature golf course.

But before you know it, the entire world has become the ball, or you have become the ball, or the world has become the hole, or the goal has become something you can’t even comprehend.

With each level, the game becomes more Dada-ist and delightfully creative, resulting in laughter and epiphanies as you figure out how to complete the task. On a tablet, this game is brilliant and fun to play.

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