10 Best Movie Games for iOS to Play

best movie games for ios

​We all know that most movie-based video games suck. Indeed, it’s great that we found the ten best movie games for iOS for this list.

All of these selections vividly represent their films and cover a diverse selection of game genres.

Plus, it’s a lot of pleasure to play them! Here are the ten best movie games for iOS that do not suck!

1. Jaws Revenge

The original Jaws mobile game was a pleasant diversion in which you keep the swimmers away from the shark.

In Jaws Revenge, you are the shark, and your goal is to eat as many swimmers and boats as possible. It is absolutely amazing!

Jump in, jump out of the water, earn achievements and keep eating. Who would have thought that Jaws: The Revenge would be a good video game all these years later?

This bad boy shark is climbing to the top of our ten best movie games for iOS.

2. The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man movie may have been bad, but it’s a great video game.

Web Sling controls are intuitive to the touch, just like in the best incarnations of the Spider-Man console.

Try The Amazing Spider-Man: Online Movie Game to jump, swing, and shoot like everyone’s favorite red-blue superhero!

Have you ever wanted to feel the incredible powers of Spider-Man? You can now join him as he makes good use of his unique abilities to navigate the urban jungle of New York! 

Every fan of the Spider-Man movie will fall in love with this exciting adventure game! Can you believe you can recreate some of the best scenes from the film?

Your heart will beat as you experience natural adrenaline with this fantastic platform!

The attacks and special abilities go smoother when The Dark Knight rises, as the superhero game progress, and mini-stories that fill the open world feel more like Spider-Man than the film’s artificial plot.

3. Back to the Future: The Game

Back to the Future: The game is less of a game than the animated sequel; Back to the Future, but heck yeah! Back to the Future IV! haven’t we all been waiting for the past years for this?

The vocals really sound like those of Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd from the 80s (and the original Jennifer, Claudia Wells, came back as her character’s voice).

Back to the Future: The game offers you thrills and occasional puzzles to solve, but mostly it’s the joy of watching a long-awaited sequel, or at least a long-lost alternative, to evil 1985.

4. Thor: The Dark World

It’s time for the hammer (with Thor) if you slap an Asgardian’s ass. If this is your favorite Avenger, have a good time.

In Thor: The dark world movie game, you will battle in the most popular locations of the country Asgard in almost a hundred different missions, where you will meet the villains from the movie, such as Jotun, robbers, giants, and dark elves.

To survive, you will have to constantly upgrade your armor and hammer and learn to unleash your special powers in each battle, as you can earn none of them in the same way.

As you complete missions, you will move up to the weekly high-scoring board made up of all the players in the game. Go above the others and show everyone that you are the real Thor.

 It is not only free, but it is also full of action. Something the film sorely lacks.

5. Fix-It Felix Jr.

Fix-It Felix Jr. is a fictional NES-era game from which the villain Wreck-It Ralph came. They created a rather addictive old-school game in the Donkey Kong tradition.

Simple on-screen controls allow you to jump from platform to platform, repair windows, and avoid Ralph’s obstacles.

6. Jurassic Park Builder

We can’t think of the ten best movie games for iOS more suitable for mobile port than Jurassic Park. Richard Hammond made fatal mistakes, but we can do better.

With Jurassic Park Builder, you have the opportunity to build your own Jurassic Park. Set up enclosures, feed your dinosaurs, and make tourists safe and happy. 

In total, you will find more than 60 different species of dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park Builder program, between terrestrial and marine creatures.

Players can breed and collect them because, in addition to displaying them, they can also increase their level and force them to take part in battles against other dinosaurs.

These dinosaur conflicts, in which players cannot directly control the creatures, are perfectly created in 3D so that Tyrannosaurus Rex can be seen in action in all its glory.

Jurassic Park Builder is an exceptional strategy & management game in which you will not only have to keep up with a good balance of park resources (meat, money, plants…), but you will also have to deal directly with your dinosaurs.

7. Man of Steel

Take control of the new Superman and defeat the aliens within two inches of his life! Or take their lives. Anyway, Superman doesn’t care.

Many of Superman’s abilities are immediately available to the player. Flight and superpower are inherent, a super hearing aid with a radar system in play, X-ray vision is essential for searching for bombs or other weapons, and frozen breath is widely used to put out fires. 

Thermal vision is primarily used for enemies who have thermal sensitivity. Super speed is present during the flight, creating a red-blue trail behind Superman as it flies at the maximum allowed game speed.

The title of this iOS movie game could have been short, but well, it was fun.

8. Men in Black 3

Men in Black is a real-time strategy game! Assemble your weapons to test the Noisy Cricket and other weapons on the enemy, neutralize passers-by, and build a MIB headquarters to stockpile supplies, heal wounds, and gain new and improved achievements.

Although tied to the latest sequel, Men in Black 3 is more than the overall Men in Black experience, making it even better.

9. The Dark Knight Rises

Want to be Batman, beat up thieves, and play with your cool toys all over Gotham City? Here you have it.

The game Dark Knight Rises is a simplified story about a movie with a sense of the open world. When punches and gadgets are of no use, the Dark Knight relies on his vehicles to get the job done.

Drive Bat-Pod for special self-defense missions or pilot Bat for a quick trip around the city. 

Explore the whole city of Gotham and its various neighborhoods spread out on a huge map and enjoy stunning graphics to immerse yourself in the dark universe of Batman fully.

Controls can be uncomfortable, but it’s better than wearing a swimsuit.

10. Pirates of the Caribbean: Lord of the Sea

Publishing our list of the ten best movie games for iOS, Disney has turned its Pirates of the Caribbean franchise into a strategy game with a bit of a fight.

It fits perfectly and is reminiscent of the ancient art of warfare at sea. In the Masters of the Sea, you can attack other ships and look for treasure to control the waters.

Final Words on the Best Movie Games for iOS

Have you ever fantasized about playing games from the movie you’ve ever watched? We handpicked the ten best movie games for iOS with zero lags and high compatibility. We love to know in the comment section which is your favorite.  

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