20 Fun and Exciting Party Games for VR

Party Games for VR

There are many party games for VR for game lovers that you can try. When your friends come over to your place, you can play some fun VR party games with them.

In these games, the VR wearer takes on one role while their gamepad buddies collaborate or compete with them in real-time. This guide will go through the most incredible virtual reality multiplayer party games.

These are some of the most enjoyable and unusual VR games available today. So put the glasses away, make some room, and maybe bring the dog into the kitchen.

Though virtual reality provides an immersive experience and is one of the unique types of gaming now accessible, donning a headset and entering a virtual world may be a lonely experience.

There are terrific party games for VR to play with friends and loved ones when you’re in the mood for some merry companionship and lighthearted communal gaming to spice up an evening or your next social gathering.

Asymmetrical gameplay, in which one player wears the VR headset while the others use the screen, is available in several VR games, and this can be a great setup for some fun parties.

Some of the most innovative developers attempt to break into this genre; here are some of the most excellent VR games for your next gathering (in no particular order).

So please read on as we discuss some of the best Party games for VR.

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1. Beat Saber

Beat Saber is a virtual reality rhythm game in which players slice a sequence of blocks with a pair of colored sabers. It was published in 2019 for PlayStation 4 and PC, and it supports a wide range of virtual reality headsets.

Also, it was nominated for The Game Awards’ Best VR/AR Game in 2018 (when it was still in early access on Steam), and it won the award in 2019 after the entire game was released.

2. Spaceteam Vr

Players can enjoy a colorfully chaotic cooperative experience with Spaceteam VR. Up to six players are tasked with preventing a frail spaceship from exploding by completing a series of progressively tricky tasks in Spaceteam VR.

Each player receives their own set of instructions and set of controllers. Furthermore, this entails simply turning a switch or adjusting a dial to a specific reading most of the time.

The only problem is receiving instructions for a control panel controlled by another player. Instead, you’ll have to communicate the directions for them to follow. This is one of the best party games for VR.

It appears simple at first, but it becomes increasingly complicated as problems arise. As your spaceship crumbles around you, you’ll soon find frantically screaming commands over your teammates.

Furthermore, your ship will fall apart if commands are not entered on time. Buttons start breaking, fires start blazing, and minor gas leaks turn everyone into walking bobbleheads. Fortunately, each player has a set of disaster-prevention tools at their disposal.

3. Werewolves within

Werewolves Within is a multiplayer VR game developed by Red Storm Entertainment and distributed by Ubisoft, launched in 2016.

It’s partly inspired by the renowned Mafia hidden role game, with a group of players attempting to figure out which among them is the titular werewolf in disguise.

In 2021, you can turn the game into a film starring Sam Richardson, which earned positive reviews from reviewers and moviegoers alike.

4. Keep Talking, and Nobody Explodes

Keep Talking, Nobody Explodes is a song from the album Keep Talking, And Nobody Explodes. One participant will put on the virtual reality headset and enter a room with a bomb in front of them.

The timer is ticking away, and the person wearing the VR headset must defuse the bomb. The only issue is that they have no notion of how to do so.

Outside of a virtual reality headset, everyone has the 23-page bomb-defusing manual, but they can’t see the bomb.

The player confronting the bomb must report what they see, and the player with the handbook must carefully assist the player in virtual reality.

Consider it like an action movie in which a regular Joe is tasked with defusing a bomb using over-the-phone instructions from an expert, in this case, your pals.

5. The Playroom Vr

Persuade your buddies to bring some additional PS4 controllers because The Playroom VR includes a plethora of mini-games to enjoy. Some games allow up to five players, while others allow you to have as many as possible.

Furthermore, there’s a ghost problem to be solved, a kitchen full of mice to be caught, a monster roaming the streets, and a whole lot more.

This game has a lot of potentials and a lot of replay value, and it would be a lot of fun to play with a group of friends. This is one of the best party games for VR.

6. Puppet Fever

Puppet Fever is a unique and exciting experience for up to four players that enjoy VR party games with friends.

In Puppet Fever, the player with the VR headset assumes the role of the puppeteer. The rest of the group must find out what word or phrase is being enacted.

As for in-game characters, up to four people can actively engage by shouting out recommendations as the situation evolves.

The person who should be having the most incredible fun inside the head. Furthermore, Puppet Fever’s colorful, vibrant cartoon aesthetic makes it feel almost strange.

It’s as if you’re inside the television, looking out at everyone, and it’s up to you to keep them entertained.

To begin, you are given a few cards from which to choose. Acting out any number of phrases, words, events, or films is possible. You can swap out these cards till you discover something you like.

Puppet Fever provides you with a few items to assist you in getting started once you’ve been picked.

7. Acron: Attack the Squirrels

Acron: Attack of the Squirrels throws a squad of squirrels against a towering tree in a fun, competitive game.

The squirrels are controlled by an iOS and innovative Android smartphone versus a single VR headset player that is a tall tree.

The squirrels must harvest the golden acorns from the big tree’s base using a range of unique talents and tools. Squirrels must take them back to their base.

Meanwhile, the tree player throws rocks, sap balls, and other valuable projectiles at the invading squirrels using their motion controls.

Before time runs out, the tree must prevent the squirrels from gathering all acorns. This is one of the best Party games for VR.

8. Black Hat Cooperative

When a phone call comes through, you’re seated at your desk. “Hello, Neo,” a voice says… Okay, so it’s not the same, but it’s close enough.

You and a pal are entrusted with escaping a building crammed with murderous robots in Black Hat Cooperative. Furthermore, the VR headset player attempts to flee the building, with the VR view placing them inside.

The player watching the television/monitor has a bird’s-eye view, similar to a map, of the entire structure and any objects and opponents therein.

9. Ruckus Ridge

In Ruckus Ridge, the player who wears the VR headset has the enjoyable task of shooting their buddies with an alien blaster.

Everyone except the VR player is in the middle of the map, with a top-down view of the map and its character. They can see where the VR player is looking at all times, and they must stay alive until the timer runs out.

However, It’s a fundamental notion that can lead to entertaining outcomes, especially if players become competitive.

10. Rec Room

Rec Room has raised the bar for multiplayer virtual reality. Also, Rec Room is a game that consists of highly competitive mini-games and user rooms that provide the player with a unique experience.

There isn’t a plot thread, so don’t anticipate one. Hours of nonstop fun await you in the Rec Room! You don’t have to do anything is one of the best aspects of Rec Room.

Instead, you can relax, make new friends, or go exploring. Rec Room is a massive chat room where you can do whatever you want.

Rec Room also permits cross-play with any other headset, a fantastic feature. Also, you can play with someone who owns a PlayStation 4 or a Vive, Rift, or Windows VR headset. This is one of the best party games for VR.

11. Mass Exodus

Suppose you’ve had your fill of chasing down your pals after Ruckus Ridge, attempt Mass Exodus. The VR player takes on the role of an enormous android in the center of a future android factory.

There is a slew of other miniature androids all about you, going about their business in the factory. Is that the case?

It comes out that some of them are your buddies who are plotting against you. Your duty is finished once you’ve chosen your friends from among the horde of other innocent androids.

It’s time to refresh the résumé if you can’t get them out before finishing their work.

12. Hide and Spook

A lone alchemist goes about his business. A candle suddenly goes out near them. A mysterious mist obscures their view. Are there too many fumes? No. Your laboratory appears to be plagued by ghosts.

In Hide and Spook, the VR user takes on the role of the alchemist, while the other two players take on the functions of the ghosts using the Vive motion controllers.

The ghosts’ goal is to put out all of the candles in the room. You’re done if the alchemist gets a good look at you, and you might have a chance if you keep moving and being quiet. Furthermore, the laboratory adapts to the size of your play area, so no matter how big or tiny your room is, the game will fit your demands.

13. VR The Diner Duo

Even on the stricter difficulty, the early levels are relatively straightforward. More ingredients are included in later levels, and your plain burger and bread have been transformed into a towering behemoth that even Dagwood Bumstead would struggle to complete.

Furthermore, you are also surrounded by goods to use throughout the game. You have a grill for hamburgers, salmon, and mushrooms on one side and a cucumber cutting area.

Reach for plates, ketchup, and mustard with your hands. When the orders start piling up, the game becomes quite a workout.

14. Blue Effect VR

Blue Effect VR has a lot more to offer than just the local multiplayer Hide-and-Seek game, but it’s worth checking out.

The VR headset is used by one player, who must survive the enemies. Are you one of their foes? It’s your pal standing next to you.

Surprisingly terrifying, the VR player’s duty is not for the faint of heart. However, if you can manage the pressure, it’s a worthwhile experience.

That doesn’t imply that the player isn’t having a good time outside of VR. Who doesn’t enjoy frightening their friends?

15. Late For Work

Late for Work is a new game in the asymmetric VR multiplayer genre. One VR player controls a gigantic gorilla that looks like King Kong, and tanks and fighter jets are controlled by up to four non-VR buddies attempting to halt the raging beast.

It includes a variety of maps and a few well-known game variants. Each non-VR player has an item that the gorilla player seeks in the ‘Hide and Seek’ game mode. Meanwhile, the VR player is tearing down buildings and searching for cars.

The game’s locomotion mechanism is another distinguishing element. To walk around as the gorilla in virtual reality, gamers must grab the ground and pull toward them, and this is intended to resemble a gorilla’s knuckle-walking motion.

16. Takelings House Party

Takelings House Party is a local party game that can accommodate nine people. One person is immersed in virtual reality (VR), while eight others can participate through iOS and Android apps.

The VR player assumes the role of Hal, a regular guy who discovers his peaceful suburban house has been overrun by tiny pests known as Takelings. Furthermore, the Takelings are played by mobile players.

Hal needs to get rid of the Takelings running around wreaking havoc. Takelings House Party has three mini-games, a Free Play option, and a Party Mode at the moment.

In addition, this virtual reality party game is simple to learn and play with your pals. It’s different from the others on our list because nine people can play simultaneously.

17. Panoptic

Panoptic is a one-on-one VR vs. PC game. The virtual reality player assumes the role of the enormous Overseer, who wields a slow but lethal eye laser.

The PC player takes the position of the Challenger, a Being who is fighting against the tyrannical rule of the Overseer.

The Challenger must try to dodge the burning glare of the Overseer while destroying its power sources. The Overseer stops the Challenger.

There are now four stages in this VR party game, with a couple more on the way. Panoptic requires two players to share a single PC.

The VR headgear is worn by one player, while the monitor, keyboard, and mouse are used by the other (or gamepad). This is one of the best party games for VR.

18. Eye In the Sky

Eye in the Sky is another two-person game in which the player wearing the VR headset collaborates with the player using a regular screen. Both players have unique viewpoints and must unite to solve challenges.

This game has a fantastic diversity of visuals and can be a great way to spend an evening solving problems.

19. Schlocks

There are over 100 minigames in Schlocks for you and your friends to compete in. Because each game has a ten-second time limit, you’ll need to work quickly to get the feel of it and beat your friend’s score, or you’ll be subjected to some cruel smack-talk when you remove the VR headset.

Furthermore, this game is still in early access, and there will be a slew of new minigames coming soon.

20. The Take

The Take is a VR game in which two players take turns in a hot seat. Each player is a spy, and the first player’s goal is to hide a folder containing sensitive information and set up some traps in a fortress. The second player must locate the hidden information while avoiding hazards.

Because of the vastness of the fortress, the diversity of traps, and the boundaries of your resourcefulness, this game has a lot of repeat potential.

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