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Originals Cast

The originals is a supernatural drama television series that premiered on October 3, 2013, on The CW and concluded on August 1, 2018.

The series aired 92 episodes in five seasons with a total of 475 The Original casts.

Additionally, the series got some award nominations, including an Emmy nomination, with Joseph Morgan winning a Teen Choice Award for Favourite Actor in a New Series.

The series is the first spin-off from the series, The Vampire Diaries. It follows the life of a vampire-werewolf hybrid, Klaus, and his family as they become involved in the supernatural politics of the French Quarter, New Orleans.

The series starts with the original vampire siblings return to the French Quarter for the first time since 1919, a city where a werewolf pregnant with Klaus’s baby, Hayley, settled.

The original family built the French Quarter but had to run from the city because of their vengeful father, Mikael. Marcel, Klaus’s protege, took control of the town in their absence.

The series shows how Klaus takes back control of the city while protecting the city from a war between witches, werewolves, and witches.

This article offers a preview of the originals’ cast.

1. Joseph Morgan

Joseph played a significant character in the originals’ cast. He played Niklaus “Klaus” Mikaelson, the original vampire-werewolf hybrid and self-proclaimed king of the French Quarter.

Klaus is a witch and a werewolf and one of the first original vampires created with magic.

This makes him one of the most powerful and feared supernatural beings in history.

Also, Klaus has a soft spot for his family, and he is the father of Hope, Hayley’s daughter, and is the adoptive father of his protege, Marcel.

Moreover, Klaus returned to the city he founded after abandoning it because of his vengeful father.

Klaus returned because a group of witches informed him that Hayley Marshall, a werewolf with a one-night stand, is pregnant with his baby.

However, the witches deal with him to protect his child if he overthrows Marcel as the ruler of the city.

Throughout the series, Klaus deals with betrayals, personal growth, learns the meaning of family, and eventually develops feelings for Cami.

Additionally, Klaus and Elijah, who decides to die with Klaus, stake each other to save his daughter, Hope, from the Hollow.

2. Daniel Gillies

Daniel Gillies also portrayed an essential character in the originals’ cast. He played the role of Elijah Mikaelson, an original vampire and Klaus’ older maternal half-brother.

Elijah is seen as sophisticated, always seen wearing a three-piece suit and level-headed compared to his siblings, which led to him being known as the “Noble Brother.”

Elijah follows Klaus to the city with the determination to keep his vow that they are a family forever and always.

However, on seeing Hayley, Elijah develops romantic feelings for her but tries to subdue it out of respect for Klaus.

Elijah has the Hope that Hayley’s baby will save Klaus from his insanity and repair their broken family.

Eventually, Elijah becomes the De Facto king of the French Quarters because Klaus does not bother himself with rules.

Elijah tries to broker peace between all supernatural beings in the city.

Furthermore, Elijah dies with Klaus to save their family from the Hollow.

3. Claire Holt

Claire Holt played Rebekah Mikaelson in the originals’ cast. Rebekah is an original vampire and Klaus’s younger maternal half-sister.

She is Klaus’s favorite sibling. Initially, she returned to the French Quarter to find and assist Elijah, who came for Klaus.

However, on getting to the city, she is forced to stay and reunite with their family. Over time, she grew fond of Hayley and the unborn child.

At a time, she was in a romantic relationship with Marcel.

She desires to find love and start a family of her own, but that is complicated due to her vampire status and family name.

At the end of season 1, Rebekah leaves the city with Hope, Klaus’s child, to live a simpler life but had to return because she believed their mother found them.

Although Claire Holt as Rebekah died in season 2, she appeared in some episodes throughout the series.

4. Phoebe Tonkin

Phoebe played an essential character in the originals cast.

She played Hayley Marshall, who was initially a werewolf but later became a hybrid and was also the mother of Klaus’s daughter, Hope.

Later in the series, she revealed that she was the long-lost alpha of her werewolf bloodline.

Eventually, she became the alpha of the entire Crescent pack when the other bloodline’s alphas bowed down to her.

She was resistant in trusting and being close to the Mikaelsons but later accepted them.

Even though she had romantic feelings for Elijah, she married Jackon Kenner, who was later killed, to unite their packs.

In season 5, Hayley is tortured for being a hybrid, and a witch using magic turned her into a vampire.

Hayley killed herself when she deliberately ran into the sun with her torturer, killing both.

Later, when Hope was unconscious, she sees that Hayley is at peace with her parents, Jackson, and other family members.

In the series finale, Hayley is seen watching over her daughter, Hope, as Klaus sacrifices himself to destroy the Hollow for good.

5. Charles Michael Davis

Charles played another essential character in the originals cast. He played Marcel Gerard, a former slave, and vampire.

Klaus is his adoptive father and former mentor since Klaus turned him into a vampire.

He has a complicated relationship with the Mikaelsons due to his history with them and their philosophical differences.

Later on in the series, he had a romantic relationship with Cami and Rebekah.

Throughout the series, he is at odds with Klaus due to their constant struggle for power and control over the French Quarter.

In season 1, he rescues a witch named Davina from being sacrificed as part of the Harvest and takes her under his wing as his adoptive daughter.

In season 3, he becomes an enhanced original vampire, who is stronger than the Mikaelsons, hence fulfilling the prophecy mentioned at the beginning of the season.

However, he had to join forces with the Mikaelsons in season 5 to destroy the Hollow.

In the series finale, Marcel resumes his relationship with Rebekah, and he leaves New Orleans for good with the remaining vampires.

It was suggested that Marcel and Rebekah would get married, even though Rebekah plans on taking the cure in Mystic Falls.

6. Daniella Pineda

Daniella plays the villain in season 1 of the original cast. She played Sophie Deveraux, a powerful witch in the French Quarter and antagonist of season 1.

Initially, she did not take witchcraft seriously, but after seeing her niece, Monique Deveraux, died eight months before the series started, she got serious.

Her niece died in a sacrificial ritual that allows the witch in the French Quarter to draw power from their ancestors.

The ritual is called The Harvest. In her quest to resurrect her niece, she got obsessed with killing Davina to complete the ritual.

To reach her goal, she was determined to do anything, which made her dangerous.

She even linked herself to Hayley when Hayley was pregnant, meaning anything that happens to her would happen to Hayley.

The link made it impossible for the Mikaelsons to harm her. However, Davina unlinked them, and Monique killed her, Sophie.

7. Danielle Campbell

Danielle Campbell also played an essential character in the original cast. She played Davina Claire, a 19 years old powerful witch with a dark side.

Due to her age, she is yet to learn how to control her powers, leading to disaster when they get out of control.

Marcel rescues her from the witches of the French Quarters, who want to sacrifice her to complete the Harvest.

Even though she was later offered for the city’s good, her power did not go back to the earth at her death because Celeste already stole them.

When Celeste died, Davina came back to life.

Because she does not like the Mikaelsons and wants to destroy them, she resurrected their vengeful father, Mikael, and tethers him to a bracelet so she can control him.

However, she ends up falling in love with Kol Mikaelson. In season 3, she resurrected Kol, but when the Ancestors were controlling Kol, they made him kill her.

Additionally, a powerful witch called The Hollow resurrects her again; she and Kol Mikaelson leave the French Quarters, get married, and live together in Belize.

8. Leah Pipes

Leah Pipes also played a primary character in the original cast. She played Camille O’Connell, a human bartender with a psychology degree.

She tries to prove that humans are not born evil. During her search, she developed a bond with Klaus and had a romantic relationship with him.

Also, she had a brief romantic relationship with Marcel. Klaus killed her uncle, Kieran when he tried to kill her because he was under a hex.

On his death, she inherited his apartment, which had a secret room filled with supernatural weapons and books.

That was how she found out that her family has been in charge of protecting humans from supernatural beings for centuries.

In season 3, Aurora De Martel, an ex of Klaus, turned Cami into a vampire. Later, Lucien Castle, an enhanced original vampire, killed her.

In seasons 4 and 5, she makes appearances as a hallucination of Klaus.

9. Riley Voelkel

Riley played Freya Mikaelson in the original cast. Freya is a very skillful and powerful thousand years old witch.

He is the first child of Mikael and Esther, the eldest sister of the Mikaelsons and maternal older half-sister of Klaus.

Freya was able to return to the Mikaelsons after breaking from the control and immortality curse of their Aunt Dahlia.

In season 5, she meets and marries a werewolf called Keelin.

10. Devon Allowitz

Devon played a minor character in the originals’ cast of season 3. He played Henrik Mikaelson, the youngest child of Mikael and Esther.

His death led to his mother, Esther turning the entire family, excluding herself, into vampires so that they can protect themselves against werewolves.

Henrik was not a vampire at the time of his death neither was any member of the Mikaelson family.

In addition, Henrik was killed when Klaus took him to show him how werewolves transform, even though the villagers do not allow people to watch werewolves change.

One of the wolves lost control and mauled him, causing the war between vampires and werewolves.

11. Yusuf Gatewood

Yusuf played Vincent Griffith in the original cast. Vincent is a mighty witch, which Finn Mikaelson, the eldest son among the Mikaelson, possessed at a time.

He is the ex-husband of the witch Rebekah possessed, Eva Sinclair.

Also, he succeeded Davina as Regent of all the witch covens in the French Quarter.

12. Steven Krueger

Steven Krueger plays the role of Josh Rosza in the original cast. Josh is a human who visited the French Quarter and was turned into a vampire.

Later, he became Marcel’s lieutenant and Davina’s friend. Josh remains in New Orleans during the missing years between season 4 and season 5.

He stayed to maintain the peace between witches, vampires, and wolves.
When purist vampires were killing hybrids, including Hayley, he worked with Vincent to keep the city safe.

However, he died trying to save Marcel from a trap. He could later be reunited in the afterlife with his werewolf lover, Aiden, after 15 years apart.

13. Danielle Rose Russell

Danielle Rose played a teenage Hope Mikaelson in the original cast. Hope is sometimes called Hope Marshall.

She is the daughter of Klaus Mikaelson and Hayley Marshall.

Hope is half-vampire, half-werewolf, and the firstborn Mikaelson witch, making her a mythical being and the only tribrid ever.

She is mighty and almost invincible because her vampire side is from an Original vampire, Klaus.

Her werewolf side is from an alpha werewolf, Hayley, and a witch side is from one of the powerful witches, the Mikaelson witch lineage.

She is royalty among werewolves, the Princess of the Crescent pack. Summer Fontana played young Hope in season 4, and uncredited infant actors played baby Hope from season 1 to season 3.

14. Nathaniel Buzolic

Nathaniel played a recurring character, Kol Mikaelson, in the originals’ cast. Kol is an original vampire, the youngest son, and the second youngest child of the Mikaelson family.

Throughout the series, Kol sometimes dies and is resurrected.

In his quest to take advantage of Davina’s powers, he falls in love with her, and they end up getting married and living together in Belize.

15. Shannon Kane

Shannon Kane is part of the originals’ cast in season 1. She played the role of Sabine Laurent, a witch Celeste DuBois possessed.

Celeste and Elijah were in a romantic relationship in the 1800s.

She has been holding a grudge and plotting her revenge against Klaus for two centuries.

She was the reason the Harvest girls did not resurrect when they were supposed to.

Additionally, she could jump into different bodies when she dies, which was how she survived for centuries.

16. Eka Darville

Eka is part of the originals’ cast, and he plays Diego. Diego was a vampire whom Marcel Gerard most likely sired.

He is part of Marcel’s guard and inner circle, having possession of a daylight ring.

Just like Thierry, Diego does not trust the Mikaelsons.

At the end of season 1, a group of werewolves using mystic stones to access their full power ambushed and bit Diego and other vampires.

Furthermore, Mikael drains Diego and the other vampires of their blood while lying on the ground as a result of the werewolf bite.

17. Callard Harris

Callard is part of the originals’ cast as Thierry Vanchure. Thierry was a human living in the 1940s; during World War II, Marcel found him dying from a war injury.

Marcel turned him into a vampire, and he remained loyal to Marcel from that day. He later became Marcel’s closest friend and right-hand man.

However, Elijah ripped out his heart as a warning to Marcel.

18. Sebastian Roche

Sebastian is part of the originals’ cast as Mikael.

Mikael is the father of the Mikaelsons except for Klaus. He has always been vengeful towards Klaus because he initially considered him weak.

When he found out that Klaus was not his son, he hated him and maltreated him worse, and even tried to kill him several times.

Even though he is an original vampire, he feeds on vampires’ blood in order to avoid harming innocent people.

He never intended for the blood-lust of vampirism when he asked his wife, Esther, to create a spell to protect their family from werewolves.

Davina resurrected Mikael in the originals to kill Klaus. However, he failed, and Klaus killed him to use his ashes to kill Davina.

19. Todd Stashwick

Todd played Kieran O’Connell in the originals’ cast. Kieran was a priest of the local church, representing the humans in the French Quarter and Cami’s uncle.

Klaus respected him because he was not scared of Klaus and even stood up to him even though he is only human.

When a witch hexed Kieran, Klaus turned him into a vampire hoping the change will break the hex, but it did not.

However, Klaus had to kill Kieran when he tried to kill Cami during his insanity that resulted from the hex.

20. Natalie Dreyfuss

Natalie is part of the originals’ cast as Cassie. Cassie is one of the witches killed during The Harvest.

However, she resurrects when Genevieve is killed, but Esther possessed her body until she found another hostess.

21. Elyse Levesque

Elyse played a significant character in the originals’ cast. She played Genevieve, a witch that Celeste DuBois resurrected, and she was also a minor antagonist in season 1.

22. Alice Evans

Alice is part of the originals’ cast as Esther. Esther is a very powerful witch, the wife of Mikael and mother of the Mikaelsons.

She was the witch that turned the entire family, excluding herself, into vampires to protect them from werewolves.

Esther comes back to life in the body of one of the resurrected Harvest girls, Cassie; she brings back to life Kol and Finn Mikaelson along with her.

She plans on purifying her sons, tricking them, and killing all of them.

However, she fails to achieve her goal and ends up helping her children kill her sister, Dahlia.

Additionally, it is shown that she reunited with her sister, Dahlia, in the afterlife, and they found peace together.

23. Casper Zafer

Casper is also a part of the originals’ cast. He played Finn Mikaelson, who was an original vampire and the older brother of Klaus. Finn resurrected with his mother, Esther, and Kol.

He possessed the body of a powerful witch, Vincent. He resurrected, intending to help his mother kill Klaus and Elijah.

However, they failed to accomplished that goal. Lucien, an enhanced original vampire, killed him after being taken out of Vincent’s body.

24. Andrew Lees

Andrew Lees is part of the originals’ cast as Lucien Castle. The first vampire, Klaus, sired, who later became an enhanced original vampire.

Additionally, Klaus was the one who killed him as revenge for Cami’s death.

25. Raney Branch

Raney Branch is part of the originals’ cast as Celeste DuBois, a witch and one of Elijah’s greatest loves. Additionally, she possessed the body of Sabine Laurent.

26. Yasmine Al-Bustami

Yasmine is part of the originals’ cast and played the role of Monique Deveraux, a witch. The latter was formerly Davina’s friend, the niece of Sophie Deveraux that was killed during the Harvest and was also a minor antagonist in the series.

27. Tasha Ames

Tasha is part of the originals’ cast as Eve, a werewolf of the Crescent werewolf pack.

The series also had a special guest cast from the vampire diaries, including Paul Wesley, Nina Dobrev, Candice King, Matthew Davis, Michael Trevino, and Zach Roerig.

These are some of the originals’ cast and their roles in the series.

This article gives you a preview of these characters. Also, you can easily use this article as a guide when watching the series.

So you don’t get confused with the names and their roles in the series.

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