12 Best Books for 7 Year Olds

Best Books for 7 Year Olds

School-age kids, just like teenagers, are in growth spurt stages where there’re multiples of things to ingest, digest and assimilate.

Most 7-year-olds guard their screen time jealously, and only a few care about reading outside the classroom.

However, I believe as a parent, you know better, so you’ll do better to help your kids make the most of their time after school.

A good book is one of the most valuable possessions your young one can have. Books keep your children entertained and also improve their reading skills.

The following are some of the best books for 7 year olds that will set your children up for a reading binge.

1. Magic Tree House

Written by Mary Pope Osbourne

Which 7 year old doesn’t enjoy some adventure? This series by May Pope will definitely make one of your kids’ favorite series if it isn’t already.

The author combines magic, fun, and adventure in stories that feature siblings Jack and Anne.

These two kids have a special liking for mythical creatures, and that’s how they end up befriending and riding flying dinosaurs. Your children will also love the great graphics in there.

2. Stick Dog

Written by Tom Watson

Even kids need to distress after a long day at school. This comic book will leave your children in stitches as they go through the hilarious illustrations about stray dogs.

Also, Tom Watson exposes his poor drawing skills; your kid will feel better knowing even adults struggle with drawings.

The other funny side of the story is that the stick dog also loves sticks hence its name. Help your 7 year old unwind by buying them this one and other funny books. 

3. Egg or Eye Ball? Chick and Brain

Written by Cece Bell

This is a story about three friends who argue back and forth about the identity of an object found by one of them.

The brain collects the eyeball, but Spot and Chick try to convince him that the object is actually an egg.

They argue back and forth about the same thing, and it’s more about who can argue better and less about facts.

Children enjoy silly books, and this awesome read by Cece Bell makes it to the top of the list, so you may consider getting it for your kid.

4. The Hundred-Mile-An-Hour Dog

Written by Jeremy Strong

In this comical book, Jeremy Strong narrates a story about Trevor and his dog Streaker.

If your child is a dog-lover, this book has got him covered. The story also covers Trevor’s hilarious adventures with his friend.

The former is supposed to train his dog during summer, and there’s a bet to win or lose. If Trevor loses the bet, he risks having a not-so-amazing frog spawn encounter.

It’s a story of friendships, challenges, and mischievous humor.

5. The Case of The Weird Blue Chicken

Written by Doreen Cronin

This comic book is one of the best books for 7-year-olds who appreciate humor and adventure. It’s about chickens and a bluebird.

In its usual escapades, a wacky chicken squad finds itself in the middle of a situation after a blue bird’s house is stolen.

The chickens are supposed to find and catch the thief and what follows is an eventful search.

The entire mission is all kinds of funny, and it climaxes when the squad finally unveils the culprit. 

6. Dory and The Real True Friend

Written by Abby Hanlon

Does your child have imaginary friends? Most do. It’s their way of getting creative and learning how to make and sustain friendships.

However, this mostly happens if the kid is an only child, has few to no friends, or is the youngest among older siblings.

Whichever the case, having imaginary friends is normal, and that’s why Abby tells Dory’s story.

This girl has three imaginary friends, but she later meets a real friend who evokes a lovely friendship story. 

7. Lost Treasure of the Emerald Eye

Written by Geronimo Stilton

This book is part of a hilarious series by Geronimo Stilton. He writes funny mouse adventure stories, and this one here will leave your young one asking for more.

Laughter is medicine for the soul, and children need it too. After all the school work and assignments, your kid deserves a good laugh.

Availing this book or any other from the comic series will be amazing!

8. Rabbit and Bear. Rabbit’s bad habits

Written by Julian Gough and Jim Field

At the age of seven, children understand the basics of friendships.

This comic friendship book will make an excellent read for your child. It’s also good for reluctant readers who need a little nudge to flip the pages.

The authors use this perfect story to show how flawed friendships can heal and thrive in kindness and repentance.

It begins when the rabbit is rude and inconsiderate to the bear but later, their friendship blossoms after the rabbit becomes more thoughtful. 

Your child will also get a good laugh from the hilarious rabbit diet.

9.Book Uncle and Me

Written by Umma Krishnaswami

Book uncle is a kind gentleman who owns a book lending library in India. He helps children find their favorite books, and they form a special bond.

In this sweet story, a girl named Yasmin is ready to fight corrupt politicians who are conspiring against Book Uncle.

Your 7 year -old isn’t too young to fight moral decadence and advocate for community justice.

This book will encourage your kid to stand for what’s right, not just for themselves but also for others.

10. George’s Marvellous Medicine

Written by Roald Dahl

This is one of the best independent reader books by Roald.

Your child will enjoy this read that gravitates more towards the adventurous and naturally mischievous ways of a typical 7-year old.

George is sick and tired of his grandmother and desires to put her in her place.

He doesn’t have many options for achieving his mission, so he opts for a herbalist’s concoction that he believes will do the magic.

The plot is humorous and has enough twists to keep your young one entertained all through.

11. Dotty Detective

Written by Clara Vulliami

Dotty isn’t your regular kind of kid. Apart from her interesting food likings, she also loves adventure and uncovering mystery. 7-year-olds aren’t a boring lot; they always have something cooking.

Out of the many chapter books available, this one will be a perfect night read for your child, especially if they love pets like Dotty.

In this story, this little girl is always on a mission to sniff and expose any form of mystery. She does all this with the help of her trustworthy sidekick dog, McClusky. 

12. Pancho Rabbit and the Coyote

Written by Duncan Tonatiuh

Most 7 year-olds understand quite a bit about the diversity of life and how people go through different experiences.

Therefore, this story by Duncan Tonatiuh is a perfect symbolic illustration of the Mexican immigrants’ life.

In this case, a rabbit is going through that experience, and there are numerous lessons to pick from a child’s perspective

Bottom Line

Books are invaluable to children, especially between ages 5-10 years. This is where most of them establish their reading. That said, your choice of books for your child is very crucial.

It’s not enough to buy a children’s book; get one that suits your child’s reading level. Also, consider book recommendations on authority sites to find the best books for 7-year-olds.

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