21 Best Valentine’s Day Movies on Hallmark

Best Valentine's Day Movies on Hallmark

Valentine’s Day movies on Hallmark and the Hallmark channel go together like chocolate and roses.

It’s that time of year again when you can snuggle up beneath a blanket with a special someone, drink some tea or hot chocolate, light a candle, and watch a romantic love movie

Additionally, whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with a particular someone or a group of friends this year, it’s never a terrible idea to watch a touching romantic film in honor of the occasion.  

Sure, plenty of romantic movies are available to stream on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. Still, the Hallmark Channel has you covered when it comes to gushingly touching love stories.

Some of the best Valentine’s Day movies on Hallmark are;

1. The Lost Valentine (2011)

The Lost Valentine is a Hallmark Hall of Fame film widely considered one of the best. Caroline, Lucas Thomas’ grandmother, visits the station every Valentine’s Day, where she was waived off to the Pacific war theater in 1944 on their first wedding anniversary.  

Neil, a naval pilot, is still officially lost in action. Lucas, a former baseball player, preparing to write a book, relays the story to a station manager, who assigns the item to Susan Allison.  

She becomes interested and befriends Caroline, but she suppresses her feelings for Lucas due to an existing soulless relationship with international reporter Andrew Hawthorne.  

Caroline’s minor heart arrest appears to have ruined everything. Starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sean Faris, Betty White, Meghann Fahy, Billy Magnussen. 

2. Beverly Hills Wedding (2021)

Beverly Hill Weddings is one of the best hallmark valentine’s days movies. When Molly’s baby sister gets engaged, she enters the budget-conscious couple in a contest and wins a fantasy wedding.  

It is an all-expenses-paid, celebrity-worthy extravaganza given by “planner to the stars” Terrence Roquefort at a historic Beverly Hills hotel. However, it all appears to be going swimmingly.  

Still, when the engaged pair seems uncomfortable with the revised plans and Molly’s maid of honor duties draws her closer to the best man, her ex-boyfriend Cory, she reconsiders whose dreams she is trying to achieve.

Starring Brendan Penny, Brooke D’Orsay, Emma Johnson, Matthew MacCaull, Ben Sullivan. 

3. Dater’s Handbook (2016)

Cassandra Brand turns to relationship expert Dr. Susie and her latest self-help book, “Dater’s Handbook,” for help with her ailing love life after realizing she has a repeating pattern of picking the incorrect type of guy.  

However, she evaluates potential suitors using Dr. Susie’s book recommendations. And then must choose between dependable George and fun-loving Robert. Starring Kristopher Polaha, Meghan Markle, Christine Chatelain, Jonathan Scarfe, Zenon Brown.  

4. All Of My Heart (2015)

All of my heart is one of Hallmark’s best Valentine’s Day movies. Jenny Finley, a caterer, inherits part of a country property, and the other half belongs to Brian Howell, a successful Wall Street trader.  

Despite their disagreements, the two are compelled to collaborate to rebuild their shared house. However, they develop affections for each other along the process, which is somewhat unsurprising.

Starring Lacey Chabert, Ed Asner, Brennan Elliot, Greyston Holt, Daniel Cudmore. 

5. Playing Cupid (2021)

A newly single middle-school teacher is secretly matched up with a divorced parent in the hallways of Austen Middle School when his daughter – one of her students – starts a matchmaking service for a school assignment she assigned her class.

Starring Nicholas Gonzalez, Laura Vandervoort, Latonya Williams, Mia Quaranta de la Rosa, Aria DeMaris. 

6. Just Desserts (2004)

Just Desserts is also one of Hallmark’s best Valentine’s Day movies. Marco Poloni’s family operates a bakery in the Bronx, and it appears that they are having financial difficulties, with the bakery being considered for sale.

Furthermore, Marco then enters a baking contest to win money and gain notoriety. But he needs a partner, so he approaches Grace Carpenter, a restaurant baker, who agrees even though they got off to a bad start.

So they go to the tournament, and everything appears to be going well, except for a few snags.  

Additionally, Jacques du Jacques, one of the other contestants, is Marco’s former Academy classmate, whom he accuses of betraying him.

Starring Costas Mandy, Lauren Holly, Dorie Barton, Brenda Vaccaro, Andy Laurer.  

7. Valentine In the Vineyard (2019)

Valentine in the vineyard is one of the best Hallmark Valentine’s days movies. Frankie Baldwin and Nate DeLuca have successfully bridged the Baldwin/DeLuca family feud.

The families are significant players in the grape-growing/winemaking business in St. Madeleine, California.  

Not only by making a success of Sorrento in their first entire season, it is their winery where Frankie is in charge of the winemaking and Nate is in charge of the grape growing – but also by falling in love.  

In that love, Frankie and Nate, who are opposed in their approaches to working by intuition and science, respectively, attempt better to understand each other for professional and emotional reasons.  

Additionally, Frankie has returned to college to take her final required course, biochemistry. While Nate and his younger brother Gabe DeLuca are taking an organic gardening class to learn about the art rather than the science of gardening. 

8. Mix Up in the Mediterranean (2021)

Mix up in the Mediterranean is one of Hallmark’s best Valentine’s Day movies. Furthermore, a small-town cook competes in a culinary competition in Malta as his estranged big-city chef twin and falls for the event’s organizer.

Jessica Lowndes, Jeremy Jordan, Edward De Gaetano, Callum Blue, Mitchelle Martin. 

9. All Things Valentine (2016)

When Avery, a blogger who has had a streak of evil Valentine’s Days, meets attractive veterinarian Brendan, she is ready to give up on love.

However, when Avery discovers that Brendan is the one who blames his recent breakup on her blog and is the one who leaves her furious comments.  

She begins to wonder if the link they’ve formed is genuine love or just yesterday’s news. The top cast includes Sarah Rafferty, Jeremy Guilbaut, Sam Page, Heather Doerksen, Kimberly Sustad. 

10. It Was Always You (2021)

It was always you is one of Hallmark’s best Valentine’s Day movies. When Elizabeth’s fiancé’s free-spirited brother David arrives home, her engagement plans are thrown into disarray.  

Furthermore, with her engagement party approaching and a million things to accomplish, Elizabeth’s unexpected impact causes her to reconsider her life choices. 

Tyler Hynes, Erin Krakow, Elysia Rotaru, Giles Panton, Nelson Wong. 

11. A County Wedding (2015)

A country wedding is also one of the best Hallmark Valentine’s days movies. A prosperous country singer returns to his small-town roots after marrying a glamorous Hollywood lady.  

However, when he runs into his childhood girlfriend – and is finally motivated to write songs again – he reconsiders his life, ideals, and understanding of true love.  

Meanwhile, he must decide if he has chosen the proper woman to be his wife as his wedding day approaches. Starring Autumn Reese, Jesse Metcalfe, Aaron Craven, Laura Mennell. 

12. Before You Say I Do (2009)

Before you say, I do one of the best Valentine’s Day movies on Hallmark. Jane Gardner, George Murray’s fiancée, gets the creeps after receiving his ring, haunted by her prior wedding with Doug, who cheated on them on the same day with their wedding coordinator. 

After a vehicle accident, George woke up ten years ago, just days before Doug’s birthday. And before sleaze-bag, Jack Harrington cheats him and his colleague-friend Harvey Clinton out of a good advertising job.  

Furthermore, on the other hand, every modification to the past sets off a chain reaction, not always for the better. Starring Jennifer Westfeldt, David Sutchliffe, Lauren Holly, Brad Borbridge, John Boylan, Jeff Roop. 

13. Very Very Valentine (2018)

Very Very Valentine is also one of the best Hallmark Valentine’s days movies. Helen Russell is a florist in New York City who owns and operates her own business.  

She enjoys her job because many of her orders are filled with affection, especially now that Valentine’s Day is approaching.

In addition, she aspires to have that kind of magical love one day, similar to her now-deceased parents’, when they just felt they were meant to be together.  

However, when her best friend from college, Henry Hart, invites her to a masquerade party in the botanical gardens where he works as the chief botanist, she believes she has found love.  

Additionally, she meets a disguised man at the ball with whom she has an emotional, love connection. Starring Cameron Mathison, Danica McKellar, Mary Long, Damon Runyan, Andrea Runge. 

14. A Brush with Love (2019)

A brush with love is also one of Hallmark’s best Valentine’s day moves. Jamie Spellman, the owner, and operator of Canvas Creations, a kid’s art school in Seattle, encourages her children to express themselves through art.  

However, she started school a year ago after a devastating breakup, and it was only supposed to be a side business while she focused on painting. Still, it has turned into her leading company, with her not having painted or dated at all this year.  

She is expanding the school with the help of her retired father, David Spellman, who is doing much of the contract work, and he appears to be as excited if not more in it preoccupying his time.  

Additionally, Jamie entered the Cherry Blossom Art Festival every year, with the winner receiving a one-person show in Paris. Still, she opted not to this year because she hasn’t painted anything in a long time. 

15. Smooch (2011)

Smooch is one of the best hallmark valentine’s days movies. It is a romantic comedy that is a modern reworking of the classic Frog Prince story.  

Additionally, a rakishly gorgeous “English Royal” arrives in America for an arranged marriage, only to be mugged and left with amnesia in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.  

Furthermore, a precocious 11-year-old girl goes to the park to set a frog free after accidentally kissing the frog’s boo-boo away with a gentle smooch and believes she has converted the frog into a man due to a lucky mistake.  

However, she brings him home and quickly realizes that the only way she can “keep him” is for him to pose as a “Royal Nanny” and persuade her lovely widowed mother to hire him. Starring Simon Kassianides, Kellie Martin, Kiernan Shipka, Nick Ullett. 

16. My Secret Valentine (2018)

My secret Valentine is also one of Hallmark’s best Valentine’s Day movies. Chloe Grange is the general manager of a prestigious restaurant in Portland, Oregon.  

She returns home to Grange Family Wineries in Oregon wine country at her father Truman Grange’s request for a week’s vacation to hear her father’s news, which he wishes to tell her in person.  

However, the time off from work, which falls on Valentine’s Day, will also give Chloe time to consider her boss. Maggie’s job offers, which is a lateral move but pays better. 

Additionally, Chloe already believes she’s gone as far as she can in the restaurant business without becoming a restaurant owner.

Still, she doesn’t know what else she could do for a living. Starring Andrew W.Walker, Lacey Chabert, Tara Yelland, Peter MacNeil, Catherine Burdon. 

17. Chance At Romance (2013)

Chance at romance is also one of the must-see Hallmark Valentine’s Day movies. Samantha, a young woman who has been disappointed by her failed blind dates, stumbles into a photography show and meets and likes the photographer.

She sends him a message via email. Furthermore, the photographer’s son intercepts the email.

He assumes his father’s identity to set up a date for his widower father since he dislikes his father’s blonde manager and is afraid she may become his stepmother. The son invites Samantha in his father’s name.  

However, when Samantha arrives, the identity theft is, of course, discovered, and she turns back and attempts to return home.

Their fate, though, may yet hold some surprising twists and turns. Starring Ryan McPartlin, Erin Krakow, Patricia Richard, Ian Andrew, Jean Louisa Kelly. 

18. Valentine Ever After (2016)

Valentine Ever After is one of Hallmark’s best Valentine’s Day Movies. When socialites Julia and Sydney (in their early 30s) abandon their comfortable – if unfulfilling – lifestyles in Chicago to go on a road trip, they find themselves on the wrong side of the law in a small Wyoming town.  

Additionally, Sydney finds that there’s more to life than gold cards, while Julia realizes that her “perfect” life back home might be a lie.

And what she thought she wanted isn’t what she wanted at all after being forced to complete 30 days of community service. Starring Eric Johnson, Autumn Reeser, Damon Runyan, Vanessa Matsui. 

19. Matching Hearts (2020)

Julia Palmer is a professional matchmaker attempting to persuade Daniel, a dashing newcomer to the town known as “Mr. Stay Single,” to join up for their services. Getting him as a customer would be a massive coup for her, allowing her to take over the firm.  

Furthermore, Julia develops a love for Daniel while working with him, who hesitantly agrees to be paired. She must, however, remain professional and keep her sentiments to herself while assisting him in his search for love because he is a customer.  

She must determine if she’s finally found her match when she discovers that hers is the only heart he’s wanting. Starring Ryan Paevey, Taylor Cole, Osric Chau, Donna Benedicto, Debs Howard. 

20. Be My Valentine (2013)

Be my Valentine is also one of Hallmark’s best Valentine’s Day movies. Kate meets Dan, the town’s fire chief when her flower shop has a little fire.  

Dan is a widower and Tyler’s sole parent. Kate and Dan begin dating over time, and romance is in the air. But suddenly, Kate’s ex-boyfriend reappears, regretting his decision to leave her.  

Furthermore, Tyler falls in love with Rebecca at school and seeks his father’s counsel on issues of the heart. Starring William Baldwin, Lisa Berry, Natalie Brown, James Thomas, Sadie Leblanc. 

21. The Secret Ingredient (2020)

The secret ingredient is last on our best Hallmark Valentine’s Day movies list. Kelly, the proprietor of a bakery, hasn’t given love a second thought since Andrew broke off their engagement to culinary school in Paris.  

Now that he’s back, their chemistry has returned as well. Kelly is still hurt, and he won’t see Andrew before he goes.

But she has no idea that Andrew will be there when she is chosen for the Valentine’s Day Bake-Off as well. In fact, until the final show, when only two contestants remain, none of the contestants will meet.  

Andrew will be sad to leave for Paris, whether he wins or loses, because he and Kelly have finally identified the critical component of why he should stay – love. The top cast includes Erin Cahill, Cherissa Richards, Brendan Penny, Maneet Chauhan, and Cherissa Richards. 

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