5 Scooter Games for Android and iOS

Scooter Games

Fun scooter games are sure to get your heart racing and get you smiling brightening.

Before playing any of these scooter games, make sure you go over some fundamental scooter guidelines to help you play like a pro.

Some of the most engaging scooter games for Android and iOS are; 

1. Scooter FE3D 2

In this scooter simulator game, you will feel like a pro freestyle scooter rider. At the same time, you are skating in the skate parks and performing spectacular and intense feats and tricks.

Such as wheelies, wallrides, flips, and grinds. Ride ramps, streets, and anything else.  

Choose one of the three-game modes, such as Arcade mode, in which you must earn as many points as possible in three minutes. S-C-O-O-T, a game in which you must perform special tricks to win.

Or there’s Free Mode, where you can skate around without any restrictions or interruptions and have a good time.  

Furthermore, customize your character with many different shoes, clothes, hats, accessories, and more. And customize your scooter with other pieces and paint it any way you want to. 

2. King of Scooter

King of a scooter is one of the best scooter games for iOS and Android. Imagine a brand-new skate park with dozens of your pals riding scooters and performing pro freestyle feats on the dirt.  

Additionally, extreme sports and extreme sports are in their blood! You hold a lime drink in your hand and inhale the tart, sweet liquid. (Lime, for example).

And you feel how much you want to show all the great rides. Nothing is worse than you.  

You ride your scooter to the racing track and begin performing incredible tricks. Only with us can you experience the extremity that comes with scooter stunts.  

Furthermore, go into the app and demonstrate what you can do with various scooters, ten spectacular maps, over 25 different accomplishments, and more. 

3. Street lines: Scooter

Get on your scooter and cruise through the streets of world-famous skate destinations. It includes San Francisco, Miami Beach, London, Barcelona, and more. 

 However, this arcade-style game allows you to become a pro scooter rider by using an intuitive control system that is simple to learn yet challenging to master.  

With stunning graphics and a laid-back gameplay style, you may perform some impressive acrobatics and tricks with only your creativity and skill serving as the limit. 

4. Scooter Freestyle Extreme 3D

Scooter Freestyle Extreme 3D is one of the best scooters games for iOS and Android.  Intense 3D freestyle stunt scooter game.

Scooter FE3D has it all, including street skating, massive ramps, bowls, and half pipes, and it’s all free.  

Additionally, ride quickly, perform manuals, slides, flip tricks, grabs, wall rides, and any other trick you can think of, and line them up like the pros to create incredible combinations.  

Furthermore, skate one of the nine great pre-built skateparks, or build your custom park with over 40 different ramps, rails, and funboxes.

In addition, customize the clothes and scooter of your character. Earn skill points to improve your character’s leap height, spin speed, and other abilities. 

5. Scooter X

On your phone, want to hammer out an incredible 360 or bri flip into a bar whip like a pro? Consider a buttercup or a smidgeon of flare from the couch.  

Additionally, Scooter X, the ultimate in skate park scooter simulation deliciousness, lets you do just that! You’ll be in a new world of scooter fun with tricks, grinds, and plenty of ramps.  

However, take control of your deck and bars with a single swipe using straightforward finger controls. Enjoy performing amazing freestyle stunts and personalizing your ride.

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