49 Popular Anime Girls With Red Hair

Anime Girls With Red Hair

Anime is a popular genre that has captivated audiences with its visually stunning animations, compelling storylines, and diverse cast of characters.

Among these characters are anime girls with red hair, who have become beloved by many fans. 

These fiery-haired heroines are often depicted as strong-willed, confident, and independent, making them stand out in a sea of anime characters.

This article will explore the world of anime girls with red hair and closely examine some of the most iconic and memorable characters gracing our screens.

1. Kallen Stadtfeld (Code Geass)

Kallen Stadtfeld (Code Geass)

Kallen is a young woman with a lean but sturdy build and a fair complexion; she is one of the most beautiful anime girls with red hair.

Her big blue eyes and fiery red hair, which she wore pulled back for school but let loose for combat or self-defense, are her most striking features.

Lelouch isn’t your favorite character for no particular reason in this show. The Code Geass protagonist, Kallen Stadfeld, maintains his cool under pressure.

She is a fair and reasonable young girl who should be able to triumph over anyone under pressure, regardless of their grace.

However, she is unyielding in a fight and may shatter the ground beneath her. She should continue to hold the position of Queen.

In CC duels, she comes out on top. Her character perfectly depicts the union of beauty and might in battle.

2. Shaki Kirigakure (Blue Exorcist)

In addition to her wide lips, green eyes (pink in the anime), and long, blurring red hair (which can appear as hot pink), which she wears in a high braid, Shura also possesses a pair of piercing blue eyes.

Shura, one of anime girls with red hair, appears extremely calm and socially aloof whenever she appears as Yamada, preferring to spend energy playing on her PSP rather than focusing on the lesson.

Blue Exorcist, also known as Ao No Exorcist, has a strong female lead in the form of Shura.

You may trace her calmness back to any one of several sources. Her hair, which has hints of red and yellow, looks like flames.

This young woman may benefit from facing facts instead of avoiding them. When she has an opinion, she will share it openly.

There are other anime where she would be the perfect waifu. Nevertheless, she’s someone you could hang out with if you wanted to.

3. Akane Sakurada (Joukamachi No Dandelion)

You could pick a hundred timid anime girls, and Akane Sakura da, one of the most popular anime girls with red hair, would still be the most reserved.

While she has a sizable fan base, she is extremely private and wants all cameras removed from the city.

She may be one of many modest people you encounter in your region, but after meeting her, you’ll probably think of her as the first truly timid person.

Akane is a caring person who will undoubtedly provide a hand if you truly need her to. 

So, it would help if you surrounded yourself with like-minded young women. Akane is petite for a high school girl, but she has a normal body type.

Akane is described as having a normal chest size but is nonetheless quite talented. 

Despite her vital role in the royal family, Akane is the most reticent member of the imperial family, and she will go to great lengths to avoid the cameras while they film around the city.

She could pinpoint the exact location of all two hundred municipal surveillance cameras if she had to.

4. Edward Wong (Cowboy Bepop)

Ed is an emaciated kid with bright red hair that sticks up in tufts. As a nod to her youth, she has rosy cheeks in the illustration.

Every once in a while, we need a very astute friend who can research the situation, and Edward Wong fits that bill.

If you see an oddball, you should probably follow him, and if you hear Wiener Bun, not extremely young, then you can assume that she was the one who coded it.

The young girl with fiery hair is a valuable addition to any group.

But then again, she’s crazy and childlike, so she’ll poke you occasionally, but if you ever need a high IQ, just remember the name Edward.

She’s not the waifu kind, yet her personality nevertheless makes us imagine red-haired anime heroines.

Ed is an extremely bright, imaginative, giddy, naive, weird, curious, and giddy young man.

Ed possesses various peculiar mentalities, typically displayed by erratic virtuosi, such as extreme sensitivity to interruption and a penchant for talking to herself and singing nursery rhymes or other material well-known to children.

5. AE3803 (Cells At Work)

One of the most underappreciated characters is AE3803. From the perspective of the anime cubicles, she is a waifu.

We all know how important red platelets are to the human body, and the anime girl portraying this concept is spot on.

This cutesy teen plays the role of a red platelet in an anime about cells, depicting the human body as a kingdom ruled by cells.

We should meet someone with her integrity when it comes to WBCs and conquering novel elements. She ranks among the most impressive anime girls with red hair on our list.

6. Karin (Naruto Shippuden)

Karin’s personality is inconsistent; she may appear dominant and forceful at times, leading to the most extreme manifestations of her nature, such as being cruel and necessary.

On the flip side, she can be quite flirtatious at times.

Karin possesses the typical red hair of the Uzumaki tribe, which she wears in a peculiar hairstyle, blood-red eyes, and fair skin.

One side of her hair is short and spiky, while the other is longer and straight.

Throughout the series, Karin is a self-observant social butterfly who can’t take her eyes off Sasuke.

She’s the young woman who wants to help heal Sasuke if he ever gets hurt in battle.

Sasuke initially uses her as a healing tool, but she eventually succumbs to Naruto’s warm chakra and helps injured shinobi.

She is the perfect waifu and even more attractive with her glasses. Karin is there to help Sasuke and Sakura convey their message to her child.

It’s fair to argue that, even compared to Kushina, she’s the most impressive young woman with red hair in the Naruto Shippuden anime.

7. A. Mito Jujo (Owari No Seraph: Seraph Of The End)

This waifu is just as gorgeous and adorable as any other anime waifu, plus we all know how amazing women in uniform look.

Given that she is a member of the Guren Squad, it is safe to assume that as one of the gorgeous anime girls with red hair, she is well-prepared and capable of defeating even the most powerful criminals.

In addition, she comes from the extraordinary Jujo family. This obsession with Luitinent that she has is rather funny.

Yet, she gets the chills whenever she engages in combat activities. She’s the most promising young girl with red hair and can alter the situation.

Guren represents Mito with dark red hair, pale complexion, and ferociously evil purple almond eyes. Ojisama Mito is a good tsundere.

She exhibits excellent conduct, as seen by her desire that Shigure, not herself, be recorded as the winner of a sparring session with her teacher.

8. Miia (Monster Musume)

Miia is a beautiful Lamia with golden eyes and slitted snake pupils in her long, flaming red hair. She had a big tongue, sharp fangs, and enormous, red ears.

Miia has a very lusty personality, which is to be expected given that she is an international student from the race most associated with sexual allure and strong sexual desire.

The finest moment in each waifu’s story is when she reaches a stage where she is equally twisted and shy.

You can see the supplied statement in action using this waifu as an example. She’s crazy, sure, but she’s also too possessive of her husband, Kimihito.

She is jealous when Kimihito is seen talking to other young women, who she views as potentially hazardous.

She’s a stunning young girl, but her booming voice and observant nature have earned her a spot on our watch list of anime girls with red hair.

This person has the type of personality that will participate completely. You should check out this anime to learn more about this character.

9. Uzumaki Kushina (Naruto Shippuden)

The stunning beauty was one of Kushina’s many distinguishing traits.

She had the typical Uzumaki red hair and violet eyes of a refined woman, which makes her one of the most elegant-looking anime girls with red hair. 

Kushina was an unyielding, incautious, unusual, and uncompromising young girl; according to what she remembers from her chiJiraiya, reportedly Jiraiya that Kushina had Jiraiya’s voluble and acerbic personality.

She is a powerful figure in the show, having tamed Kyuubi herself.

Despite Naruto’s intense pain, she persuaded him to keep fighting. She possesses the binding power of a thousand chains. She is the model housewife and mother because she does neither.

10. Morgiana (Magi: The Labyrinth Of Magic)

Morgiana, like all Fanalis, has red hair and eyes (albeit they are pink in the anime adaptation). She is in a short white dress cinched at the waist with a rope.

The great length of her eyelashes is a telltale sign that she is a Fanalis. Morgiana is a shy, reserved young woman.

Strange things fascinate her. She considered two sinister-looking manifests to distract herself from decorating the Household Vessel.

She’s a young woman with great intensity and remarkable composure. 

But, having spent so much of her life in servitude, she struggles with inadequacy.

She doesn’t accept anyone as one of her own and sees everyone else through a lens of alienation.

Yet, she is a fearsome frontline fighter who will confront you without mercy. 

She values her history and doesn’t want to erase it since it makes her confident and resilient. To me, that is her greatest strength.

She’s one of the most inspiring young women in red hair from anime because of her optimistic outlook.

11.Yona (Akatsuki No Yona)

In appearance, Yona could pass for a royal. She has a beautiful disposition and is a decent person. She loves making new friends, and her tale about the show is amazing.

She’s a one of a kind character that can grab your attention from anywhere in the room.

As her anime moniker suggests, Akatsuki is as bright as the sun. Her Kawaii forte, reflected in her violet eyes and drab red hair, will raise your blood pressure.

12. Vermilion Mereoleona (Black Clover)

Once the previous skipper was defeated, she was appointed vermillions’ new crew commander.

One of the most prominent anime girls with red hair, She is reliable and gave us the scoop when the mana zone was first established.

Despite Rhya’s mythological makeup, she was still able to defeat him.

She uses fire magic, and her hair is orange, but when she explodes, it flashes a brilliant crimson. She is an enthusiastic person who always looks for the best in others.

You wouldn’t want to get into an argument with her. If she’s ever mad with you, even once, please accept me.

There is no hope for you now. You’re a Goner, that’s for sure. Regarding redheads in anime, she is hands down the greatest of the bunch.

13. Shirayuki (Snow White With Red Hair)

Shirayuki is, without a doubt, the most impressive teen heroine in anime.

She didn’t like either music or fighting and could do without either. Yet, her character is consistent with reality and is fair. Her actions are so endearing that they increase our affection for her.

Moreover, she’s got a strong bond with Zen, which makes sense, given how unwelcome it seems in her nightmare world.

When you see her in this anime, you’ll realize she’s someone worth looking up to. Her Tsundere charm and Kawai points may melt even the hardest of hearts.

This anime has gained much popularity, and you should watch it. Being a redhead, Shirayuki is considerably underrepresented in Snow White with the Red Hair.

Yet there’s no denying that she’s busy and genuinely interested in the well-being of the customers who stop by her Botanics business.

She cuts off her red hair when it becomes a commodity and runs away to seize the moment.

Starting a new life from scratch is tough when you have nothing. She may be stubborn, but she has the flexibility to adapt to any circumstance.

She is undoubtedly one of the most amazing anime girls with red hair you could ever think of. 

14. Stella Vermillion (Chivalry Of A Failed Knight)

Stella is a pretty young woman of average height with a beautiful face, fair complexion, and fiery eyes. Her long, crimson hair is braided into yellow-striped twin tails.

She had a lovely shape, with big, round breasts and a curvy form.

One of them is to see an inert depiction of the attractive Stella. She is shy and Modest, so she fits the stereotype of a passive waifu.

Nonetheless, the experts carelessly capture her arcs and fiery locks and eyes.

She’s perfect for Ikki, and their relationship is always entertaining. You’ll have to see this anime because of this young lady.

15. Chise Hatori (The Ancient Magus’ Bride)

Tragic events have often befallen Chise Hatori, one of the best anime girls with red hair. She was a little child when her parents abandoned her.

The anime is quite depressing because the essayists give her little attention.

Yet, as she matures, she begins to inquire more deeply into herself, which is satisfying. She is an inspired young woman who pushes us over the hurdles of life so that we can reach our goals.

She has a heavy, thoughtful heart for her age. She has remarkable social skills and no trouble conversing with strangers.

16. Asami Lilith (Trinity Seven)

The teacher of this girl and a member of Trinity Seven has a harsh personality. She gets a little funny if you give the anime a few more minutes.

As she becomes frustrated, she turns flushed and crimson, which is quite cute and interesting.

She’s a smart young girl who wonders about her long-gone relatives. You will always look at this individual on television.

Her Tsundere smile is one of the most endearing aspects of her character.

17. Mr. Rias Gremory (High School DXD)

While Rias’s disposition is often upbeat and friendly—much like that of a real redhead and a villain—he is also prone to sudden bursts of fiery rage.

She is a penchant for photographing redheads because of their inherent allure and wickedness.

You couldn’t have brown nosed on this waifu if you’ve seen this anime.

She’s a stunningly beautiful princess, and her closeness to Issei is enough to turn us green with envy at the thought of the world’s many eligible bachelors.

You will respect her for being brisk and a touch confusing. Her character is what brings the entire anime together.

18. Karma (Assassination Classroom)

Another great addition to our list of anime girls with red hair is Karma. Karma is just as sassy and untamed as fire, and there’s something tantalizing about looking into his discerning eyes.

In several episodes, Karma is shown acting of his own volition. No living person is completely in command of his actions.

Nonetheless, he can back up his words with brutality if necessary. Among all the redheads on our list, Karma might be the finest embodiment of the fiery intensity accompanying her distinctive hair color.

19. Grell Sutcliff (Black Butler)

Grell is among the gorgeous looking anime girls with red hair. She is perhaps the craziest girl here.

From a sane person’s point of view, she is bonkers, charming, passionate, and sincere.

She’s outgoing and doesn’t know how to express her feelings. These young women are notoriously difficult to catch, so if you find one, hold on to her for dear life.

20. Suno (Dragon Ball Z)

Suno, a young girl, is a local of Jingle Village. As Goku was out looking for the Dragon Balls following the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament, that’s when he met her.

Suno, a young woman of eleven years old, was introduced as having medium-length red hair. 

Omen of the most loving anime girls with red hair, She wears warm clothing most of the time because of the weather where she lives.

Suno, a very kind and kind young woman, risked her own life to defend Goku.

While she has just met Goku, she is very concerned for his safety as he launches his attack on Muscle Tower.

21. Dola, Stephanie (No Game No Life)

I adore Stephanie, one of the most amazing anime girls with red hair, because of her bright personality.

She is so unbelievably alluring and lovely that even the most jaded anime hunk can’t help but have a soft spot for her.

She has incredible insight and honesty. She has set an example for an entire country by being trustworthy without becoming naive. She looks very alluring in her traditional Japanese garb.

22. Little Kushieda Minori (Toradora)

As far as anime goes, Minori is a must-watch. She is one of the most beautiful anime girls with red hair.

She is a driven young woman with laser-like intensity and the loyalty of a tree.

She has an irrational obsession with her appearance, so she is too protective of her face.

Watching this ( to learn about Kushieda and her fascinating belief in UFOs would be best. Just go with what I say. Indeed, it will appeal to you.

The young woman Minori is of standard height. Her red hair is shoulder length, her fringe is medium length and covers a bit of her temple, and her body is noticeably slimmer after Episode 20.

Very athletic, Minori leads the school’s all-female softball team and, in the last installment of the series, a mixed male and female softball squad.

23. Baccarat (One Piece)

One of the most important Gild Tesoro’s squad members, Baccarat, works as a porter on Gran Tesoro. You may see her in the One Piece film Gold.

Baccarat is a tall, slender woman with a pale earthy complexion, long red hair, dull green eyes, a nose like Robin’s, and a red tattoo of a winding serpent with a star in the middle located on her lower left hip.

Baccarat is kind and helpful to tourists in Gran Tesoro, guiding them about the city and giving them the means to increase their income so that they may indulge in lavish lifestyles.

However, notwithstanding, she does this to motivate people to lose everything and feel obligated to try to repay their debt.

24. Kurisu Makise (Steins;Gate)

Superior ability, rudimentary understanding, impartiality, and strong motivation characterize Makise Kurisu, one of the most powerful anime girls with red hair. Her ruby red hair looks like Kawai’s as she dons sterile clothing.

Her feelings for Okabe are so clear and genuine that you may cry at least once during the program. In the realm of scientific discovery, she makes for the perfect lab partner.

Through a sequence of unfortunate events, she finds herself in an incredibly confusing period that will have you glued to your seat until the end.

Unlike several of the anime’s supporting cast, she’s a poised and refined heroine.

25. Kukumila Kurena (86)

She’s the kind of smart young woman who can analyze a situation and figure out what’s going on.

She has a strong personality and occasionally becomes petty when her friends harass her from a high vantage point.

She’s got beautiful dark red hair, a sweet, sad face, and formidable fighting skills.

She is well-known as a cutting-edge fighter, despite being 86 years old. Kurena has Topaz eyes and chestnut hair. She wears her hair in a short swoop.

She was identified as a member of the Spearhead Squadron by her choice of attire: a desert-cover combat suit over a soft olive tank top.

Republican Alba warriors killed her family; therefore, she has nothing but contempt for the whole people of Alba.

26. Grimm (Combatants Will Be Dispatched)

The character of Grimm, one of the most popular anime girls with red hair, is one of the more entertaining aspects of the anime.

She enjoys lounging and imagining how things might be spelled if misspelled. She may be harmed, but she can repair her body.

She is mysterious, and that intrigues you enough to snag your screens. Grimm is a curve cleric by trade, but she worships a God who is only hinted at being honest.

Nonetheless, she rejects any suggestion that her deity is a Malevolent Deity. 

The color of her hair and the fact that she uses a wheelchair are the first things people notice about her.

Grimm can’t improve her socks or shoes and has trouble walking even though she isn’t disabled.

27. Eris Boreas Greyrat (Jobless Reincarnation)

Eris is a key character in one of the most mind-blowing Isekai anime ever made.

As one of the gorgeous anime girls with red hair, she fits well with the aristocratic elite of the empire, and she grows into a complex character as the show progresses.

As a result, she is naive and lazy and would never make any sacrifices to achieve her goals.

Later in the series, she develops her identity and perspective, and the results are much more satisfying.

28. Serara (Log Horizon)

Her beautiful red hair complements the white and yellow stripes on the scarf wrapped around her neck.

She’s also decked up in an orange top, a white and blue dress, a pink cloth knotted on one side, and a couple of earth-toned shoes.

Serara, one of the most popular anime girls with red hair, is submissive and easily swayed by romantic notions.

Serara is a beautiful person with great energy for fixing things and keeping things tidy.

She is very humble for her age (15) and gets upset when you discuss an adoration marriage in front of her.

She looks stunning no matter what ridiculous clothing she’s wearing. Her gorgeous red hair and quick cleaning skills make her an intriguing prospect.

29. Torii Itsuka, Kotori (Date A Live)

Kotori is a cute middle schooler with bright red eyes and long, pale coral hair that she wears in a style known as the twin-tail haircut, which is secured at the back and sides by strips of varying shades of the same color.

Depending on the situation, each of Kotori’s three personalities will emerge. First, the color of the strips she’s wearing reflects shifts in her human nature.

As the anime progresses, your feelings about Kotori will change from love at first sight throughout the first few episodes to distaste by the finale as she turns cranky and bit**hi.

When they were younger, she was a kind sibling. But after a while, she went to work at the Fraxinus Airship’s office, and her demeanor shifted slightly. She looks like any other student, with stunning red hair and eyes.

30. Liz T. Blood (Blood Lad)

Liz is a young lady in the age range of eleven to thirteen years old. Her medium-length, fiery red hair is styled into twin tails at the crown of her head, with the rest loosely falling down her back.

Liz is a very shy child, but she is also a very kind and charming one. On the other hand, Braz’s increased attention to Staz has made her resent him and dislike him even more.

This individual first annoys you, but you grow to love them as the program progresses. She is constantly seeking attention and praise because of her cute appearance.

She acknowledged that if someone is good to her, it must be because the forces of darkness have blessed them.

Her long, red hair makes her seem adorable and small, it’s no surprise that she.

Makes her way to this list of anime girls with red hair. Her ruby eyes were the icing on the cake of her beauty.

31. Alexandra Magritte (Tada Never Falls In Love)

Alex is a stunning young woman with golden eyes, and shoulder-length red hair parted on the left.

Her unique fashion sense sets her aside as a wonder among Mitsuyoshi Tada’s friends and travel partners, as well as one of the most elegant anime girls with red hair.

Alex is usually reserved, yet she will take action to ensure Teresa Wagner’s safety.

In the opening sequence, when Alex first meets Ijin, the anime’s supporting character, Alexandra Magritte, has a solid foundational composition and character.

In anime, she belongs to a small yet distinct subset. She doesn’t feel connected to them; therefore, she maintains some distance. Her red hair, hazel eyes, and skinny frame look great physically.

She accomplished her goals in a very elegant way, she is also one of the fascinating anime girls with red hair.

32. Pina Co Lada (Gate: Thus The JSDF Fought There)

Pina has dull red hair and eyes that are the same color. She always looks to be wearing a light protective covering with bulky shoulder watches and a blouse that only slightly reveals her cleavage.

While Pina Co Lada’s personality is real and harsh, she was profoundly changed by her exposure to otaku culture after befriending Itami.

Pina Co Lada considers herself imperial, has lofty goals, and wishes to bring about change in her native country.

She started as a nice, ambitious young girl, but after talking to Itami and learning about weeb culture, she took on some of their traits.

Her dull red hair and blood-red eyes make her a stunning beauty. On top of that, she was dressed differently from the other waifus.

33. Shane Sala (Charlotte)

Sala isn’t even a popular figure in the show. Despite this, she has a massive amount of support from her audience.

In the Charlotte multiverse, she is known as a determined young artist who thinks deeply about life.

If we’re talking about her appearance, she’s charming with blue eyes and dark short red hair.

Sala, one of the most powerful anime girls with red hair, is a young woman with pale blue eyes, a fair complexion, and long fuchsia hair pulled back in a ponytail.

Sala is a mellow and typical vacationer. A trip to Japan, however, has captured her imagination.

She starts the relationship with high intensity and eagerness, asking Yu to portray Modern-Yaki, a Japanese cuisine she assumes he can get.

34. Fana (Black Clover)

Fana, accompanied by her flaming lizard, was the major enemy of the Eye of Midnight Sun storyline.

One of the most fearless anime girls with red hair, Fana is a skinny kid, yet she speaks clearly for her age.

Her thick, wavy, pinkish/reddish hair falls below her shoulders, and her large ocean-green eyes look worldwide.

A purple, multifaceted mage stone is framed in crimson on her temple.

She now possesses a third eye thanks to this mystical stone. Fana is a kind, polite, thoughtful, and respectful young girl.

35. Kyoko Sakura (Madoka Magica)

Kyoko is a powerful young woman skilled in sorcery; she tries to aid Sayaka.

She is a young woman who cannot bear to witness the pain of others. Overall, she stood for excellence, and many saw a kind of golden calf in her.

On the other hand, she may be stubborn and self-centered at times. She has blood-red eyes and a braid of raspberry-red hair.

She feels most comfortable in her mystery attire, allowing her to go without other people’s clothing.

Kyoko’s hair is long and a vibrant shade of raspberry red; it is typically pulled back and secured with a black stripe.

Her rose-colored bangs are an identifying feature, much like her crimson eyes.

There’s no denying Kyoko’s fiery and untamed nature, yet she can be a real challenge at times.

When necessary, she can be rather egotistical. Yet this is only a front she created to fool herself and others.

Kyoko is caring and considerate when observing those around her through tough times.

36. Kahono (Black Clover)

Kahono is a mystical being that lives in the land of black Clover. Kahono is a young woman with red eyes and a slim build.

Her pigtail of dull red hair is decorated with shells. She’s accessorizing with a gold chain choker with a whale charm.

Kahono finds relaxation in the ocean’s lullaby. In addition to being happy, her demeanor is upbeat.

Her solidity shines through in her conversation with Noelle about her enchantment, demonstrating that she is more than just a force of nature.

The Seabed Priestess is assured and certain that her dream will play out as planned, most evident in her conversation with Noelle over the latter’s throat problem.

37. Ryoko Sakaki (Food Wars!)

Despite being a supporting character, she has an amazing backstory in the anime.

In addition to her beautiful red hair and orange eyes, her small frame will captivate you. This persona has the potential to become your all-time favorite waifu.

Ryko is a thin woman with orange eyes, a large bosom, and fuchsia hair that falls to her stomach and is parted by bangs that touch her chest.

Originally from the Polar Star Dormitory, Ryko has a kind and generous soul.

As one of the most amazing anime girls with red hair, Ryko is much more mature and rational than her more eccentric dorm friends, and she responds to most situations with a perfectly relevant response.

38. The Devilish Kurumizawa (Gabriel Dropout)

Despite being the demon king, Satanichia Kurumizara is arguably the most interesting character and one of the most powerful anime girls with red hair.

She’s a soft devil who’s always being caught out when she tries to be sneaky.

She presents herself to the world as kind, but her true nature—compassionate and not remotely evil—lies hidden beneath.

When Satanichia wears her school uniform, she is cute and looks Wonderful. She’s adorable, with her red hair and eyes.

If crazed female characters are your thing, this redhead may be your new favorite from anime.

Satania usually wears her school uniform, except for the bat-shaped barrette she sometimes puts in her fiery hair. Her eyes are a beautiful shade of red, almost pink.

The fact that Satania and her family are successful bakery owners with a high sense of moral superiority may have shaped her personality.

39.Yona (Yona Of The Dawn)

In Yona of the Dawn, Yona, one of the anime girls with red hair, is at the center of a narrative of resilience and triumph. Her trust is betrayed, and she loses everything she knows.

Nothing is left for her, and on rare occasions, she has very low expectations. Nonetheless, she keeps going, although with help from those around her.

But even as she holds her own, seemingly unstoppable, she grows and expands until she is a raging inferno.

Yona is known as a remarkable young woman, and people often remark on how cute she is.

She is petite and has a fair complexion for a young woman. She took like her mother, Kashi, in many ways; the two had the same large, violet eyes and facial features.

Nevertheless, Yona was born with red hair instead of the straight tresses her mother sported.

Also, she has a natural aptitude for learning throughout her journey and maintains optimism even in the face of adversity.

40. Shana (Shakugan No Shana)

The very nature that red hair is meant to show makes it a natural fit for a tsundere persona.

Conversing with Shana might be challenging since she seldom shows affection, and her disdain can be painful.

You’ll appreciate those little bits of pleasure more if you have to strive for them.

Her true colors shine most in a battle, and she must rely on her brute strength and will to survive.

Little Shana has jet-black hair that’s almost as long as she is.

In addition, the wire hair on top of her head is a telltale sign that she was raised in anime.

At first, Shana’s demeanor is cold and brutal; she doesn’t care about anything beyond fulfilling her duties as a Flame Haze.

While she did defend mankind from the Crimson Denizens, she only cared about maintaining global peace and harmony.

41. Miu Amano (Blend S)

Miu is a petite young woman with greenish-blue eyes and braids of rosy pink hair.

Every time you look at her, you’ll feel a mixture of sweetness, tenderness, and fear.

After getting to know her more, you learn that she is a downtrodden but hopeful young woman looking for new subjects to sketch.

Miu is also a responsible young girl who avoids unnecessary shenanigans leading to important events. She is a lovely young woman who has a balanced blend of qualities.

She’s the kind of friend you want at your side. Our list of anime girls with red hair includes her because of her dull red hair.

Miu’s regular personality is warped since she spends so much time and effort on her doujinshi.

As if that weren’t enough, she frequently uses the other employees and customers as models for her djinshi.

42. Yoko (Gurren Lagann)

Yoko does and says strange things, but as she deems fit, of course.

Her hair color, red, is a fitting tribute to her aggressive personality, and it complements her fashion choice. She needs guidance from someone.

That said, she can’t afford to be too aggressive while under such intense pressure; fortunately, she’s never let adversity break her spirit.

One of the anime girls with red hair, Yoko’s red hair, which reaches her thighs, is her most recognizable physical trait.

She has large golden eyes, a voluptuous body, a notable butt, and incredibly large but partly concealed bosoms that are visible even in her toddler years.

She wears her pigtails connected to hits on the right side. Yoko is a very mature and capable woman, especially in terms of stamina and intelligence.

43. Ayano (Kaze No Stigma)

Ayano is a wonderful young lady; she is of standard height, with long dark red hair and gleaming golden eyes cut in a homely fashion.

Ayano is a young woman who takes her role as the next head of the Kannagi family very seriously while being impulsive, moody, thoughtless, and highly pretentious.

As one of the anime girls with red hair, she tends to charge blindly at whatever is before her without considering the matter.

Ayano’s fiery personality and red hair are a perfect match since she is fire in every sense of the word.

Yet in Kaze no Stigma, her abilities aren’t limited to using fire. But she also needs to work with the tsundere’s fiery personality.

She is very loyal to her family and its traditions, but when she falls in love, she demonstrates shocking erratic behavior, including violent outbursts and intense sexual desire.

You may classify her as the archetype of the stereotypical anime redhead. She protects her family and friends from harm because of her compassion.

44. Rebeca Scarlet (Black Clover)

The black clover anime has been popular with fans for a while, and for a good reason: the show’s protagonists are thrilling.

It’s also true that Rebecca is just as impressive. Rebecca, one of the most beautiful anime girls with red hair, is an average-height young woman with a trim, attractive physique.

She is tall, with long, flowing red hair and icy blue eyes. She puts on an act of being far away and saved while challenging Asta from the very first time they meet. But, after being protected by Asta and earning her confidence, she blossoms into a lively, generous teen. 

She contemplates her family deeply, maybe to the point that her offspring are confused.

Thus, at the tender age of 16, Rebecca will become a housekeeper so they can all live comfortably.

45. Coronal Flare (Fairy Tail)

If you’re a fan of crazy, beautiful young women with terrifying expressions, this is your waifu. She seems genuinely interested in everything going on around her.

She has long, scarily red hair that reaches her midsection and exudes a perpetual aura of unease.

Yet, she doesn’t see how her logic follows and can’t use any uncalled-in implications to guarantee victory.

It’s hard to stare into her eyes without feeling utterly enchanted and amazed. She’s a great addition to the series since she gives us another waifu to love.

Flare is a normal-sized, clean-shaven young woman with long, dark red hair that she wears in a pair of gigantic, interwoven plaits down to her belly.

Whenever we see Flare, she has this absent, extraordinary look that makes it seem like she isn’t interested in what’s going on in the world and causes her to act in a probing manner.

46. Yatorishino Igsem (Alderamin On Sky)

From a brutal military anime, she emerges as a stunning woman and one of the most elegant anime girls with red hair. No matter her circumstances, she always provides 100%.

Yatori has beautiful features: dull red hair, bright purple eyes, and average lips.

She is brilliantly presented as a combatant, and she truly is a master of close-quarters combat. There is no question that she will keep your interest at all times.

Yatori was a beautiful young woman with striking red hair that reached her thighs (it had reached her abdomen when she was a child), bangs that covered her temples, and two chest-length locks pulled tightly to either side of her face. 

She also had extremely delicate eyes of a reddish hue, full lips, and a petite but sturdy frame.

In most cases, Yatori would do her utmost to finish the job without slacking off or displaying signs of incompetence.

Of course, ever since she met him, Ikta Solork has been doing her best to rein in his unusual behavior.

47. Sylvia Sherwood (Spy X Family)

Sylvia, one of the most stunning anime girls with red hair, is a major player in her group and the leader of Twilight.

She’s a young lady with a slender build and blue eyes that droop slightly at the outer corners.

In addition, she has long, wavy, orange-red hair. Sylvia has been on both sides of this debate previously.

She addresses a group of college students trying to start a war between the East and the West angrily.

She also lectures them about the consequences of war and the experiences of combatants while scolding them for doing little to advance the battle at their school.

48. Maki Nishikino (Love Live! School Idol Project)

Maki is quite slim. Her shoulder-grazing red hair and violet eyes make her striking.

Maki has tsundere tendencies and difficulty admitting her true feelings to her friends. She also has immature convictions that stem from her sheltered upbringing.

A young girl who, if she became flushed, might easily kill you. Yet her cuteness and charm make her a perfect waifu.

The Kawaii and absurdly endearing quality of her grin are undeniable. She looks like bread ginger, and her family is a highlight of the anime.

When you watch the show, you will get it. She sometimes acts like a mature young woman and is pretty stubborn overall.

Your heart will beat a little faster just thinking about her.

49. Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)

You could have mixed feelings about the show but can’t help but like this girl, one of the best anime girls with red hair.

You won’t find a more amazing woman in all anime than her. She is a young girl with strength and a serious demeanor.

Like him, she has a good heart but must fight another foe to achieve a basic aim. Her combat style is always interesting since she constantly switches between shields, abilities, and capacities.

But, if you suspect she is inebriated, you should not go with her for this very good reason. What I mean isn’t lost on you.

She is formidable and refuses to accept assistance from anyone. Erza is not afraid to push herself while being aware of her limitations.

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